RR21 Here Nibiru comes!!

Thursday, 22nd December, 2,011.



2,012, some good news.

It will bring such things as Ascension, Evacuation, Transition, Rapture, Revivals.(Spirituality is the thing. Being Divine, or BETTER!! is best!!)(Religion is merely a GUIDE CRUTCH to facilitate such, especially in fellowship groups of Mediation, Prayer, Yoga, ETC. ETCS.)(The danger is and lies in making THE CRUTCH superior to the substance of SPIRIT IMPROVEMENT!!)

What is due to happen December 22nd,2,012.A.D. is good. But Nature and low human nature RE-ACT.(The Wobble’s peak and Nibiru spoil the picture, along with what Nature and Man to Man do – that is the trouble.)


Nibiru, which is Planet X, will probably arrive some time THIS COMING(2,012) year! But PERHAPS not until early 2,013.

I see May 20th or 21st for its arrival. And first sighting by naked eye – in March sometime(2,012 in both cases.).(My guessing OPINION!!)
Its moons and what is in its tail(before and after) will also be deadly for us!!
The woes should end in or BY 2,019.A.D.

Physical death is not the end of one, but is birth into The Spirit World. In a finer vehicle much like the physical one!(Which set we NOW HAVE vibrationally(5d-wise) WITHIN US!!)


What IS important – is WHERE you go, because there is a pleasant upstairs and an unpleasant down.
The level of your vibrations(born of your actions through life) will take you to the appropriate place.(Level in The Spirit World.)(Which is at least six dimensional, having the FOUR(sic) dimensions of space, plus time, plus Vibration!!(AND ALSO plus the Higher Density!!))

It is a world more real than the present physical one, NOT less!!

It is NOT a flimsy dream or imaginary world(Our current physical realm is the dream world!)!

We reside there an average 50 years.

As time passes, we rise to a higher mental level there.(At first it may be much like the physical.)


When we physically die we become unconcious for two or three days. With violent or sudden death we become concious immediately.

We then find ourselves in the ORIGINAL of the physical world! So alike that at first we will think that we are IN the physical world. But though you will be able to see the living, THEY(with few exceptions)will not be able to see(ETC.) you!

Immediately head straight for the blue-white light! Do NOT hang around! Nor go near your corpse! NOR your GHOST!!

Dangers are(some of them) being caught by some low spirit and taken down into Hell.(Gone to HELL, literally!!)/Being captured by one’s ghost, and having to go where IT goes UNTIL it dissipates – which can be centuries, even millenia and more!!(Becoming a Phantom, trapped in your ghost!)(You end up haunting some place as a phantom.)/Becoming lost in a limbo of fog(Limbo)/ becoming Earthbound and trapped on Earth trying to gratify your desires via possession(Purgatory)./There are also foul semi-liquid pools to avoid.
Climb 3d and 5d, and get into The Spirit World PROPER!!



Sometime kindred spirits will help you up. Up fifth dimensionally.


You CAN(but have a rest and holiday vacation first)re-incarnate.


Committing suicide or going for euthanasia are the sins of SELF murder, and incur terrible penalties! They could keep you Earthbound for centuries, or longer!!


We existed before birth, and will exist after so called death.(Birth was our death, and death shall be our birth!!)
We live for ever, and already have.
So do ALL the good that you can. Because THAT multiplied will be played back to you!
Also you will get bad karma for ill deeds!!
All is commensurate with the magnitude of your wrongs and sins. You won’t go to any religious hell! Except possibly as in a THOUGHT-FORM world. That is a world created entirely by your own sub-concious mind.


I am telling you basically what is taught in The Egyptian and Thibetan Books of The Dead.(As I have learned for MYSELF. Thus I am not copying what they are saying!)

At first, after physical death, you may get dreams.
There is nothing to fear in death, unless it is before your time, or you have not completed your mission in life.

Deaths are often painful, but this is not because of death ITSELF, but because of the nature of the sickness or accident or WHATEVER(suicide,murder, war, execution) that CAUSED it!!
We may exit through our SIDES, or somewhere, or – more usually – by our spirit set of bodies(vehicles) withdrawing from our physical body’s extremities and reducing to pea size in our heart, then moving along to the pineal gland, before exiting through the suture in the skull.

Exiting then will seem like passing through a TUNNEL, with a white light at the end. That tunnel is the suture in your skull. The original physical of it.

Once out, you float like a feather to the ground.
You will find yourself in a world that LOOKS very much like the old physical realm. But is in fact its ORIGINAL.(Our physical world being ITS carbon copy!)
IF you find that you cannot pass through a wall or door, just raise your vibrations OR WAIT until they rise NATURALLY, and then your spirit form, astral vehicle, can pass through the interstices of the molecules in the door or wall that you are trying to pass through!!
Alternatively you can lower your vibrations until you can turn the knob of(say)your bedroom door! Or open a window – and fly out!!
Best to raise your vibrations, or let them rise, so to avoid the perils in the astral.


You may meet other spirits. Including the spirits of the living who may be out of their bodies in sleep!

Few of the mortals you meet will be able to see,etc.YOU. But they can pick up your THOUGHTS, if you direct them to them!
IF seen,etc. you will appear to the viewer as a GHOST.
This will be due to your vibrations being too low. And/or the viewer being clairvoyant,etc. As with mediums.
I tell you these things to make life easier for you.
Once in the spirit world, you will grow younger and healthier,ETC.(Better)(Though you CAN continue for a while with the afflictions that you had in life!!)


You will find that you can do EVERYTHING that you could in the physical. Plus VERY MUCH MORE!!(Like fly instead of walk!!)
I know these things through study and personal experience.


So many people think that physical death is the end, and that only looking after the body’s desires and needs matters.

But what MATTERS, is your SOUL’S needs and desires!!


Your body will pass away. But your soul WON’T. And THAT lives for ever. So best to LOOK AFTER IT!!


Your soul puts down a new personality with each ROUND of physical births.
If you fail in your goals for this present life, then you may have to return to your birth, and re-live it better!!

We usually in lives alternate male, female. Though remember that it is not just the luck of the draw, but dependent upon your perhaps CHOOSING the gender of the foetus you enterered at its(THEN) QUICKENING!!


It is best to fit your spirit genders inclinations. If male, choose a male foetus, if female – a female one.
Otherwise you will find yourself to be a woman in a man’s body. Or a man in a woman’s body. Which makes it a bit akward. As society will probably misunderstand your proclivities!(Though many humans deliberately are peverse.)
You then become homo or gay, or lesbian, accordingly!!


Life is about EVOLUTION. Improving yourself. Improving your soul and personality.
So we find(I think) that we (usually) have to do a number of lives, beginning at our present birth date, until you(we) GET IT RIGHT!!
THEN our conciousness can move on to the next personality which drops down from our soul!


So life should be VERY MUCH more than keeping the body fed,etc. Though that is necessary, of course.


Apparently we retain our current appearance FOR EVER!!


Moles, birthmarks,etc. are the remnants of old wounds,etc. from your past life.(I mean your last life!)(The life you lived BEFORE the present physical one JUST DEPARTED!!)


Avoid(like the plague) the low pleasures and joys in life. As well as not do wrong and sin!! Because they lower our vibrations, and let in all manner of evils – even in this present life, but also in our after life, and can affect our future lives!!(I am referring to such pursuits as sex, drugs, and even dope(pharmaceutical drugs).)


We CAN go back into our own past and improve our lives! Thus you CAN change the past! Though not the time track you did less than your best on!!

I will try to enlarge: Supposing in life you murdered somebody, but now regret it. Then you CAN go BACK to that point in time, in your personal life, and re-live that period ON ANOTHER TIME TRACK!!
Though you will not be able to alter the time track upon which you erred, you can enter a new one!
We all live upon different time tracks!!
Time is not linear, it is like meandering around in a field!

There is no such thing as time. There is only our journey IN the field we call time!(Time is simply(Imagine a sphere. Now space and time are at right-angles(perpendicular)to each other upon the SURFACE of this sphere.)YOUR pat}}
This is good, because all of us can live our lives WITHOUT impinging upon that of others!(Similar to as in dreams!!)(Because dreams are images from our aura, which we enter when we fall asleep!)(But what I am talking about now is NO DREAM!)(THIS is the dream,now in life. No!! Where we go after physical death IS THE HIGHER REALITY!!(The OPPOSITE to a dream!1)
Time is The Moving Now of God, which GRIPS US and MAKES US move along time! It is too strong for us NORMALLY. We have to go with it. Thus what we call time, is actually THE PASSAGE of time!!(My mission in life is to teach the world these things. But the world hates me and my works, so resists and opposes me ALL OUT, thus cheating their own selves!!)(I am not here so much for myself, as you guys!!)(So killing or blocking me, is only cheating YOURSELVES. As I prefer it in The Spirit World!!)(I am here for YOUR sakes!!)(Principally)


Now I say NORMALLY we cannot break free of The Moving Now. (It is very hard to do. Though CAN be done.)
However! In The Spirit World, we can all break free of The Moving Now of Time’s GRIP, by some god above us. And wander about on our own personal time tracks!!
Thus if we made a mess somewhere in the field, we can go another track – and avoid that!!


All of us can do this.
So we all have different time tracks in God’s great FIELD!!


Handy to know these things you see. I chose TO KNOW, and now to TEACH.
But the world prefers ITS follies to the higher wisdom!


So visualize this SPHERE. The surface has Space horizonally upon it. And Time perpendicular to that. Each group dimension having FOUR dimensions!!
Time is thus God’s Moving Finger, holding us in its grip – and moving us along Time. THIS is the PASSAGE OF Time. Not time itself!!


In The Spirit World, we can break free of that! And re-enter our own past! Then take a better route!!


WE think of Reality as three dimensional space, with this mysterious thing called time passing through us! Right??
No! REALITY is INFINITE, FAR greater than that!
There being 8 GROUP dimensions of TWO LOTS of four dimensions!!
64 dimensions, I believe, all together!!


Now this sphere has TWO, not one, RADIALS. One is called Vibration. And the other – Density(Higher density, not the ordinary kind!)
I am speaking in terms far beyond what even Orthodox Science talks in.(Incidentally all RUBBISH. They have the OPPOSITE to the truth!!)

The Vibration radial is what we can descend, OR ASCEND. The SPHERE does not stop at the CURRENT surface!! But we can go on OUTWARDS without limit.
The OTHER radial is Higher Density.
What we are getting into there is two fold: 1. The number of protons in the nucleus, CHANGED to a DIFFERENT number. Thus creating bizarre or strange worlds.

And 2. – the number of electron rings in the fields of our atoms! We can move to other realms where there are more, OR LESS, rings of electrons!!


It just depends upon which world we wish to enter!!
So hard to do these things in the physical. (Some have succeeded) But so easy for all of us IN THE SPIRIT WORLD!!


You see! We have things RATHER WRONG!!


Certainly the orthodox scientists have!!

Everything is alive. The WHOLE universe(one of an infinitude,etc.) is alive. It is a creature in some still greater realm!!
Dual suns are commonplace. And with planets around them. MYRIADS of them!!
Of COURSE, there is life elsewhere.(But LITTLE intelligent or worthy life HERE!!)(Earth being about the most UN-evolved(spiritually) planet IN OUR MILKY-WAY GALAXY!!)



See better now??!!



The body is of little(account) and will die and PERISH.
Look after the soul and personality. And WORSHIP GOD!!(I advise) The INFINITE GOD. Rather than specially chosen or imposed lesser gods!!


Got it??



My message is one of comfort. Especially in view of the impending WIPE OUT coming, probably SOME TIME next year(2,012.A.D.)(The GREAT and TERRIBLE YEAR OF THE LORD!!)
Nibiru is coming all right.

You make NO mistake about that!!

Two ways to learn. 1. The Hard Way of bitter experience.
And 2. By studying these things!!

I am simply trying to get you to study and evolve more for YOURSELVES!!

Have a good Christmas. Expect it to be our last!


I can wish you all a Happy New Year,too.
But how hard to enjoy next year, 2,012.A.D. when it is THEEND OF THIS AGE. Probably our last year on Earth. Alive,anyway!!


Have fun!
But make it HIGHER FUN!!


All the best,
I may not be with you much longer.

The Grim Reaper is sharpening his sickle, and looking at me…


I tried. I did about my best.

But I find SO MANY stopped ears!!





Vic!(Vic boy, yeah.)(Vic is my web name.)(Good hunting!!)(We may get transferred to another planet for a while. And possibly to another planet permanently!!)(Age- ends are SO savage!! So SEVERE!!)

My Christmas Gift to you ALL.
I hope you like it.
I went to a lot of trouble to get it!

And THEN MORE to give it to you!!




Vic.(I was The Terrible VICON!!)(Yuk,yuk.)
Not so terrible AM I??!! (Am I? REALLY??!!)
I speak thus NOW ESPECIALLY because so many of us are going to die soon horribly and terribly.
Enjoy your after life!
Just get those VIBRATIONS UP!!(Cut out Booze, Junk Food, Sex, Drugs, Wrong doing, Sinning, Overcome the FAR MORE than SEVEN deadly sins; Sport and Skiffle. All these worldy immature things!! LOVE, Vic boy!!)

Divine Will is best!!
And now Christmas is ALMOST upon us.


Christmas Eve tomorrow!


Listen to Carols by CANDLELIGHT!!


All the best,










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