RR20b. Some time next year! 2,012. Doom!! Nibiru,etc.

Wednesday, 21st December, 2,011.

Some time next year!(2,012.A.D. The Great Year.

Now many people do not want terrible global devastation NEXT YEAR. That is VERY understandable.

However, we DO need to believe FACTS, not WISHES!!
There is a VERY marked tendency in humans to believe what they WANT to be the truth, rather than the truth!!

Which of course is STUPID!!
Will we, or will we not, many of us, perish terribly and horribly NEXT YEAR?!

THAT is the growing question. It RATHER looks like it! Let us examine THE FACTS:-
About at least TWELVE MAJOR reliable sources REPEATEDLY tell us 2,012.A.D. is the year of doom,etc.(Jesus, Nostradamus, Cayce, Hawkins, Einstein, The Mayans, The Hopi Indians,etc.etc. speak of doom in 2,012 via a polar shift caused by Planet X OR SOMETHING .)
Zecharia Sitchin warned us that The Sumerians, the civilization which preceded The Babyonians, about where Iraq is now, spoke of an extra planet, a huge one.

The hunt for a twelfth heavenly body, Planet X, in our solar system, has been going on for many years now. Nibiru is the name given by Sitchin, via the name given it by The Sumerians, after their god Nibiru.
Perturbations to the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn led to the search for – and discovery of – Uranus and Neptune.(Pluto is now adjudged (Charon is its sort of twin.) too small to be a planet.) So it is actually planet lX, the eleventh heavenly body in our solar system. Sun,Moon, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune – and now Nibiru, Planet X. Eleven objects.
Further perturbations to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto led to the search for STILL ANOTHER large planet – way out beyond Pluto.


NASA decided to search for it in 1982. And in 1983 announced its discovery. Then THE VERY NEXT DAY denied it!(Which, to my mind, indicates that they spilled the beans a little too soon! Their desire to proclaim Planet X(I will call it the tenth planet even though it is now the ninth, for convenience here.) made them make the announcement.

Then, presumably when they learned its SIZE, they DENIED finding it! Since then they have vigorously DENOUNCED the idea!(This smacks of denial. I mean false denial!)
Nancy Leider speaks of Planet X,too.
This astronomical object, Planet X, now popularly called Nibiru, has often looked like a second sun. Now, because it is between sun and Earth(when Earth, Nibiru and sun are in line), it looks like a BLACK DISC silhouetted against the sun. And it is getting larger. Meaning that it is approaching. Coming straight for us(ALMOST straight) at about 32,33 thousand miles per hour.

It is in a VERY elongated orbit around the sun, which takes it VERY close to The Earth. A million miles, perhaps less! Every 3,600(about) years. And each time it does so we get terrible devastation to the solar system, including The Earth. Like Atlantis, Lemuria Mu and Poseidon!(Poseidon was a huge island in The North Atlantic. Wrongly called Atlantis!)(ANTARCTICA was the true Atlantis!)
Some force is causing disturbances to the entire solar system! This is being ascribed to Nibiru(Planet X). However, I think that the Earth wobbles, producing centrifugal force – which I am convinced is the cause of our growing disasters, and heat,etc.(The question arises WHAT is causing the disturbances to the rest of the solar system?!)(I think that the answer is that sun and the entire solar system is currently in a growing wobble.)(Either that and/or it is reaching the extreme point of its orbitting of Alycone on a spiral arm of the closed stellar cluster(found by me)that we are in!)

So we have Wobble, Extreme orbital point around Alycone and the STELLAR spiral arm that Sol is upon, and NOW Nibiru as it speeds along near to Mercury.(I believe now that Planet Phaeton got destroyed(maybe by Niburu), and is now asteroids and comets.)(Land chunks producing asteroids, masses of water producing comets.)
The Solar System has evidently been damaged by SOMETHING. Why do the outer planets take long elliptical orbits?(Study of distant solar systems is revealing this.) I think something to do with WOBBLING. Maybe close exploding stars(novas). Some sort of shock waves from such explosions. Perhaps a bit of both. I favour Wobbling.
Nibiru then would rather be a result of The Wobbling!(The Wobbling of entire solar systemS sending the outermost planets into very elongated orbits.)
Exploding stars(novas) could not send shock waves in air, as there is no air in space! So I think Wobble is a better answer!

Better still, perhaps when the star concerned reaches the extreme point of its orbit around the spiral arm it is centred upon! As it goes around that point we would get a growing CENTRIFUGAL FORCE, to sun-star and all its planets,etc. I think THIS is why Earth is getting increasing disasters and heat,etc.(Nibiru is not the cause. But SOON, VERY soon, will be adding its influence to the disasters!)
Gravity, magnetic, electric,etc. TIDAL FORCES from Nibiru(Probably Planet X(now 9) will impact Earth,etc. and cause TERRIFIC damage. Such as, on Earth, to kill many millions.(500 million, up to THE LOT) even up to almost WIPE OUT. End of The Age. But not end of the world(if by world you mean universe!)!!
SOME TIME next year.

I see April next year(2,012.).

And Nibiru appearing to the naked eye about February, 2,012!!
The ancient Sumerians described the shape of Nibiru. Winged Horus. Red Dragon. Like an elongated V in the sky.

And that is PRECISELY the shape of the object NOW increasingly visible TELESCOPICALLY!

However, a SIMILAR shape gets seen with meteors,etc. some times.
This particular V shape is out in SPACE. It is not in the atmosphere. So it is not due to the air driving off particles on either side of meteors,comets,asteroids or whatever.
The question now arises(to my mind), WHAT is driving off particles from Nibiru? There is no air in space!!
Particles are streaming off Nibiru as it speeds along. Volcanic? Apparently it has numerous volcanic eruptions going on over its surface. Particles coming out of many volcanoes could provide a double stream of such particles!! Am I right??
Nibiru has been seen for many years now. So it is not meteor, asteroid or comet! Nor likely to be an alien space ship.

No need to invoke brown dwarf,etc. And Nemesis, Sol’s twin sun is far too far away to be that!
No. We appear to be looking at a giant planet way out beyond Pluto-Charon. Therefore Planet X(now 1X). Popularly called Nibiru.

NASA,etc. are trying to get the public to think that it is the minor planet Sedna – which is no threat! Anything to deny Nibiru!!
The denials of the sceptics indicates its truth! They are saying, really, “We do not want to believe this. So we deny it!”(Which is DAFT!!)
We MUST face up to FACTS!!


So many people take things TOO simply, and often at face value.
Things are complex, not simple. And overlain with complications.
Stop this jumping on the first thing that comes to mind!!
Anyway, an elongated V shape is rapidly approaching us. One that is NOT meteor,comet, asteroid, alien space ship, etc, Because now seen as V shape for YEARS!! It has to be a PLANET!!
The V shape is therefore not due to our atmosphere’s air driving particles off it on each side!(Such V’s are EXTREMELY elongated. As would be the case in our upper atmosphere!)

No! This PARTICUAR V shape is not extremely elongated, just VERY!! And it has been visible in the same spot(per viewed place) too long for it to be anything other than likely a planet!

That,to my mind, is the most likely explanation.
No to distant star, galaxy,etc.too.
That only leaves planet as most likely object!


What do we do? We NEED to get down The North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!! Pronto!! The best of everything fast! How hard with The Authorities IN DENIAL!!
Get down there(a huge tubular entrance NEAR to The North Geographical Pole) as quickly as you can! The Earth is going to invert!!
Best place is underwater!! The crews of nuclear submarines will be safest!

Deep down in the sea!
No good going into space. You will need to stay up there for YEARS.(The space station, yes!)(But who can send up supplies?!)
Underground is so DANGEROUS!!(Earthquakes all over.)
We are in THE TAIL of Nibiru. Which is full of debris,dust,deadly red dust,etc. Which will translate into falling boulders. choking dust, poisonous red dust, and perhaps Hydrogen Cyanide, a deadly poison.
No building would be safe. Likely levelled FAST!!
I understand tsunamis up to a thousand feet high. So very high ground is a must!
The worst danger will be other humans.(Raving mad. In armed GANGS, smashing down doors,etc.Stealing,raping,assaulting and killing in a MAD FRENZY!!) And animals.(Beserk, and in packs.)
Do NOT commit suicide, nor go in for euthanasia!!(Even though these options are SO attractive in such circumstances and conditions!!)(It is IMPOSSIBLE to destroy yourself! You can kill your physical body,yes. But THAT is only the outermost vehicle of about eight that we have! We would simply find ourselves in The Spirit World, having committed the sin of SELF murder! I don’t rate it!)
ONLY hope apart from down a pole of The Earth, is evacuation by aliens!!


It will be HELL ON EARTH for months,even years.
Chances of survival? VERY slim!!
Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, COLOSSAL thunderstorms, massive hail, and winds and floods of the highest degree. Plus heat. Cold, later!! Ice era. Then ICE AGE!!!!
Absolute chaos, confusion, mix-up, and UTTER BEDLAM!!!!


It will be FAR FAR WORSE than Fukushima ALL OVER The Earth!!
PERMANENT emergency. Martial law, Military rule. Curfews.
It will BUILD UP to the final BANG. And NOT wait for December 21st, 2,012!!
PRECEDING all this, expect nearly all electronic appliances to fail, permanently.

And electricity go down, PERMANENTLY.
If you store or plant food, money, gold, silver, ETC. You can EXPECT it to be FORCIBLY STOLEN by THE MOB. Straight off!!
Death will be THE PREFERRED thing!
Food, water, even air, will be contaminated.
What(Other than GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE as FAST as you possibly can!)can anyone do?!
Am I overstating things? NO!! But FAR UNDER-STATING them!


Roads will be impassible. That means no traffic. Shipping will grind to a halt. As will industry.

People everywhere will be OUT OF THEIR MINDS!!(Remember this THING will be hanging up there in space, like a great red second moon!)
Money will be thrown into the streets. Worthless.
Shops, offices, industries,etc. closed. PERMANENTLY!!


Many will commit suicide, or go for euthansia!!
Heat will take many. Starvation, many more. And thirst. Cold will kill many LATER.
Disease will be rampant.
The air will catch fire.
Corpses everywhere – rotting.

Rubbish EVERYWHERE. And rats,etc.
Crime and sin will rocket to the highest!!
Floods, fires, electric discharges,etc.from the sun.
No. I DON’T rate our future!!
Bit late to pray!!


Expect the sea to rise at least 440 feet!
But GIGANTIC and numerous tsunamis will sweep FAR FAR inland.

MASSIVE floods. Fires everywhere. Carnage and wanton destruction by roaming RAVING MAD mobs and gangs.
Get onto high ground, and FAR from other humans!!
Aliens and monsters.
Fighting all over the place.
Get into THE BUSH. And live off the land!(Best way)

Caves? Could collapse. And be refuge to wild animals. Crazed and completely out of control.
Humans and animals attacking everyone and everything in sight.
I am expecting A GIANT JOLT, followed by The Earth inverting. Physically, geographically!!!!


Remember my four events:-
1. The entire solar system reaching wobble extreme. Polar shift.

2. Nibiru’s arrival – Adding to the polar shift.

3. The Great Alignment of Earth, Sun and Centre of Galaxy on The Northern Winter Solstice of December 21st, 2,012.A.D.

I do not know what that will produce.
4. Event 4 is the beginning of The Age of Aquarius. Higher vibrations, but dominant Earth people HATE them!!


All these things centred upon that date of December 21st, 2,012.A.D!!
However, the disasters will not be waiting for that date!!
We are about to ENTER this period of terror and horror!
It will increase to a peak, and then die down. OVER THE NEXT FEW YEARS.
Nibiru’s arrival will be ONLY ONE of four great events.


Is it true?? Yes. I think it is!
Clinically interesting. But so UTTERLY DEADLY…



I am sorry to have to tell you such bad prospects at the festive season. But we have NO TIME to lose!!

I am more concerned with saving as many as possibly can. Than in any festive celebrations!!
It COULD hit us. But I expect it to just WHIZZ by, at about a million miles or so.
An object anything from slightly smaller than Mars – to FOUR TIMES the size of Jupiter!! No wonder NASA suddenly denied their marvellous find!!


And HERE it comes, folks. SOON to be visible to naked eye. And the it will be UPON us!!


The giant planet out past Pluto-Charon.
I warn you all in the desperate HOPE that we can, some of us, get down The North Geographical Pole. To WITHIN The Earth. It will be less dangerous WITHIN.(But note,NOT underground!!)
But so many resist and oppose me. Not realizing(nor wanting to) THE TRUTH of this thing!!

So I can only reach a few, a VERY TINY few!
I am not the only one to warn of Nibiru of course. But I DO have the PROOF and confirmation that 2,012. is INDEED the terrible year of DOOM,ETC!! Simple arithmetical proof.

But I do not think anyone is bothering to check on my VERY simple calculations!!


NO WAY can the phoney euphoria(In The West, especially, particularly with some groups.) continue!!
It is not really a judgement!
Just the confluence of so many astronomical events!!
It is BASICALLY a SUPER WINTER. That begins December 22nd; 2,012.A.D.


I can only speak roughly.
Putting it to you as best I can.


Very hard to work out exactly WHAT is happening.
One report has it that there was a proto Earth, which got struck by another planet, splitting Earth in two, and creating our moon.

This might explain why Nibiru is slated to pass SO close to The Earth.
Possibly a much earlier pass by Nibiru.

Which destroyed Phaeton, and damaged Mars.
And brings a super disaster to The Earth every 3,600 years.
The next pass is due 2,012. Next year!

SOME TIME next year. I see April.(2,012.) Or near. And expect all to SEE Nibiru, by naked eye, in February, 2,012; or near.
THEY cannot conceal Nibiru much longer!!
Folks, be warned. be ready.

EXPECT a sudden terrible horrible DEATH!!
Not going to mince words!
We need to get real! IMMEDIATELY!!
PLEASE study this on The Internet!
Nibiru IS coming!!
Batten down all hatches? I grimmace. That is fine IF you have a ship to batten down on!
But “ship” will go FIRST!

Hatches? Try caves!
Get DOWN The North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE. TOP SPEED. The best humans. (Take ARMS!!).



Earth is very unevolved.(Spiritually)

So expect UTTER MAYHEM!!
The Authorities(some of them) KNOW. But are denying all these things(Nibiru, Survival after bodily death, Re-incarnation, UFO’s, Ghosts and so on….and on…).
The best thing to do? Spread this message to as many as you can!



Vic.(I am backing flight to WITHIN The Earth(but NOT undergound) – as being the best way for the best people to go!)(Yes! The best way to THE WITHIN is near to The North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!)









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  1. I’ve had a prophetic dream recently of this complete breakdown and violence of society that is to come next year… where exactly is The North Geographical Pole?

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