RR19 STOP the tragedy, NOW!!

Monday, 19th December, 2,011.

Stop the tragedy now!!
A GREAT, VERY GREAT tragedy WILL occur UNLESS you HEED what I am telling you!!

So STOP the tragedy,NOW!!

And AVOID the wailing and gnashing of teeth in HELL at REGRET for not HEEDING me!!
The tragedy is this: That some time next year,2,012.A.D, in the great and terrible year of The Lord, centred on the day 22nd December, 2,012.A.D., FOUR appalling events WILL occur: The maximizing of The Wobble of Planet Earth, The Sighting(by the naked eye) of Nibiru, Planet X(now Planet lX) – which we have found, and which is ABOUT TO FIND US, by passing us(and POSSIBLY(but I do not think so!) HITTING us) some time next year, 2,012.A.D. destroying our present civilization of Arya – even as it destroyed Atlantis,etc. and Poseidon(last time) – wrongly called Atlantis. Plus The Great Alignment with The Centre of our galaxy – by Earth, Sun and The Great Dark Rift all lining up on The Northern Winter Solstice of 21st December, 2,012.A.D. And THEN The start of The Age of Aquarius – evoking a terrible re-action to its high vibrations WHICH THEY HATE, PLUS The Great Tribulation, World War 3,etc. and MANY other dire events.

I am crying out to you to get The Authorities ON SIDE, to ORGANIZE fleets of CRUISE SHIPS – preceded by ICE BREAKERS to carry the best specimens of humans,animals,plants and seeds,etc. DOWN BELOW, via the HUGE tubular entrance near to The North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE. So to get within to AVOID the falling boulders, deadly red dust, Hydrogen Cyanide, AND the terrible discharges of electricity from the sun. Down below we would have an 800 mile shell of The Earth’s CRUST over our heads!! Just go by gyroscope dead due North! And keep going for HUNDREDS of miles PAST the ALLEGED North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE! It is temperate WITHIN, with friendly GIANT HUMANS. Plenty of everything!!
The TRAGEDY IS – that you are disbelieving me, and STOPPING me inform you all! Instead of helping me, you are BLOCKING me, and trapping me – so that I cannot succeed!! You instead prefer to back your wrong DELUSIONS!!

These FOUR huge, basically GOOD events, WILL occur! This is what Jesus was referring to, when he said that NOT ONE STONE WILL BE LEFT STANDING UPON ANOTHER, speaking of The (destruction of The) Temple in Jerusalem! He was referring to the UPCOMING TERRIBLE DESTRUCTION now IMMINENT!!
We are RIGHT NOW in the TAIL of Nibiru. (Because the sun is blowing its tail TOWARDS us!!) Which is laden with debris, dust, rocks, deadly poisonous red dusts, hydrogen cyanide I believe – which is VERY poisonous AND an electrical capacitator – which will enable our OUTER sun to discharge tremendous electrical bolts to The Earth!!(Which would START by throwing us back 200 years, because no electronics functioning, nor electrical appliances,etc.etc!!!!)(That would be THE BEGINNING of woes and sorrows!!)(It is COMING with its six or seven moons, and FLEETS of giant humanoid Annunaki ALIENS!!)

There is STILL yet time, if ONLY you will HEED what I am telling you!!(I am even prevented from reaching ANY bar a tiny few!!)(SO misguided is this world!!)

TELL the people what is coming!!

That they may adjust to the idea, and thus avoid MASS PANDEMONIUM and MAYHEM!!
I am saying: That it is BETTER to have a LITTLE PANIC NOW, a little mass panic, – RATHER than the SHEER TERROR and HORROR – that MUST result when the world sights WITH THE NAKED EYE, the horrible winged Horus, Nibiru! Bringing with it WORLD DESTRUCTION!! For them THEN to re-act IN VAIN, TOO LATE!!!!
NOW is the TIME to ACT!!

Disasters are increasing, the red dust is already beginning to fall, and has done for some time now!

Just about EVERYTHING on the outer surface of The Earth IS GOING to PERISH terribly and horribly SOME TIME NEXT YEAR, 2,012.A.D!!

THERE, I have told you PLAINLY – and SPELT it out to you!!

What will you do? Laugh and ignore me, die EN MASSE, ENTIRE WORLD(!!) and then gnash your teeth in HELL for ever after-wards?!

Are you MAD??!!

The proofs and evidences for these things are available RIGHT NOW in videos and reports EASILY ACCESSIBLY through your computers’ BROWSERS!!!!
The proofs and evidences ARE OVERWHELMING!!!!

Admittedly there are some hoaxes, but why would so MANY lie to us??!!

Check it OUT for YOURSELVES!!!!

It will HIT US suddenly, unexpectedly,while SO MANY are about their ordinary pursuits OBLIVIOUS TO THE COMING DOOM, as it does EVERY TIME!! And TERRIBLE will be the re-action of THE PEOPLE!!!!

I REPEAT, there is STILL TIME to save ourselves!!

But you WILL NEED to LISTEN to me,and a few others IN THE KNOW, AND HEED – to SURVIVE!!!!

It is slightly humiliating to be fooled, I know.
But WOULD YOU PREFER to play SAFE with your PRIDE, only to be horribly destroyed(you and your loved ones) in the NEAR future??!!

I am not doing this for kicks, attention, fame or ANYTHING else, but simply and purely so that we ALL can escape this!!
Take MY WORD for it!!

Or die and GO TO HELL!!
Not by my wish, but your SO STUBBORN DISBELIEF!!!!

Avoid it, NOW!!
In the name of GOD, –

WHY would you SUFFER??!!
WHY would you be IDIOTS??!!



One Response to RR19 STOP the tragedy, NOW!!

  1. Well, if all these evidences rose up from a hoax, they woudn’t be the first ones. The Churches can confirm us! Yes, the soil claims for repay and reckoning. The thief is at our doorstep. It’s time to pray for! But, as well as told that old Yugoslavian saying, “Tell the truth and run away”,

    Cave canes! (Beware of the dogs!)

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