RR18 The four coming EVENTS,ETC.

Monday, 19th December, 2,011.


The four coming EVENTS!!


1. The maximizing of The Wobble of The Earth. Should cause a Polar Shift. Some time next year.

2. Nibiru heaves into sight about Feb.2,012. And passes us(by a whisker)due about April, 2,012.(End of age and WIPE OUT.) I expect a JOLT. Then entire Earth FLATTENED.

3. The Great Alignment. Of Earth, Sun and Centre of our Milky-Way galaxy. Result: Unknown. COULD be a cataclysm(That would make the THIRD in 2,012.A.D!) Dead could walk. And people float in the air.

This could mean that creatures who have passed on(“died”)(human animal and plant,etc.) may materialize.(It has been said that the spirit and physical planes are going to MERGE!!)(This means we each see into each others’s worlds!(Hence we see dead walking around. And, because Spirit World so light in weight, we could float into the air!!))
4. Event four is the start of The Age of Aquarius. Bringing higher vibrations. And the re-action to them by those who cannot bear THE LIGHT!!(Of GOD.)

Pisces astrological era will end. And, with it, evil influences.



5. Humanoid Annunaki aliens to land EN MASSE and evacuate the best half of humanity – to another planet. To escape the terrible devastation about to occur!!
6. The Earth,etc. is splitting in half. VIBRATIONALLY. Thus those who love God will be separated from those who work for destruction.(Separation of the goats from the sheep.)


7. We all follow our OWN time tracks. Thus everyone will win!!

8. Expect strange things to happen increasingly quality and quantity wise from now on.

9. A great CLEANSING is about to start.
10. Earth’s population to be reduced from 7 billion, plus. To “a few million”. Animals, plants and structures,too.
11. North GEOGRAPHICAL pole and south will change ends.(Via a Polar SHIFT.)
12. The fact is it may only be 2,009 as yet. Due to Catholic Church altering Georgian calendar!(Advancing it 3 or more years!)(Vide R.C. Priest PEEBLES.)(Which they did to confuse the people. So to keep power!)
IN WHICH CASE, doom,etc. may not come for AT LEAST another three years. Possibly four, or more!!
13. CHRIST will land with The Heavenly Hosts.(To take his own away.)


14. THEN will The Great Tribulation BEGIN!!

Terrible persecution of the people.(By Church, Government, and all worldly authorities. Like Banks,etc. And THE MOB!!!!)

15. Money will become WORTHLESS.(It ALREADY IS!!)
16. After death MANY will be cast into HELL.(For dis-obeying GOD!!)


17. Expect increasing ALL HELL to break loose on The Earth from 2,012. ON.(But note that it may ACTUALLY ONLY be 2,009.A.D. NOW!!)

18. I believe now that planet Phaeton got destroyed completely. And is now the asteroids!!
19. CHRIST will return! Don’t know about Jesus(Jeshua).

Note that CHRIST is Son of GOD. (Jeshua was son of Man.)


20. Hell is VERY real. Take CARE, friends!!(I refer to that horrible place in The Spirit World, far down!)
21. They who do harm now WILL PAY A TERRIBLE PRICE!!
22. They who do good WILL get delivered!!


23. I am here to warn you ALL. TAKE CARE!!
Yes. The SKY is about to FALL!!


24. Enormous financial and economic CRASH is imminent!!


25. We CANNOT go on as we are!
26. Earth’s surface to be COMPLETELY changed!!


27. Monsters will roam The Earth.(Not just money sharks on Main Street!)

28. Man has FAILED the period of Grace!!
29. Men now marrying men? And women,women??

A way to reduce the population!!

Along with contrails and vaccinations!!!!

30. The DEVIL has very slyly taken God’s place!(In The Human Mind!)
31. We speak with our ACTIONS. Not our mouths!!


32. He who has sinned in THOUGHT, has sinned ALREADY!!

33. Next year IS the year. But MAY need to add three(or even more)years!!


34. Vengeance is MINE, saith The Lord God of HOSTS, I shall RE-PAY!!(MULTIPLIED!!!!)




Vic.(They who have it good now, will NOT have it good after death. And VICE-VERSA!!)(The great divide is when we die. But our DECISION via our VIBRATIONS is being made NOW. And ALL through our lives!!!!)







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