RR16f, Re-capping,ETC. Bulletin for Dec.16;2,011!

Friday, 16th December, 2,011.

I am 90% certain that Nibiru(Planet X, now IX) has appeared TELESCOPICALLY to view. It has passed the sun, and is approaching Mercury.

I have mathematically calculated(I was only making estimates before.)its due time of arrival. And also of its appearing.

I put it at just past the sun, about 86,000,000 miles away, heading for Mercury. It was to the left of Mercury.

Should appear to the south, at dusk or dawn, to the naked eye in February, 2,012.A.D.

Travelling at 36,000 m.p.h. – that is 864,000 miles per day. So we have 86,000,000 divided by 864,000. Is, 100 days. But allow for slowing down, being pulled back by sun. Say about 120 days. That is about 4 months from now. Which is some time April, 2,012.A.D.
It is coming straight for us.
It should appear(To the naked eye.) about half way along in time. So two months hence(Feb.2,011.) – expect Planet 9, Nibiru, to APPEAR. Even in daylight.

It looks like a great yellow V in the sky. Particles of dust sprayed off, illuminated by the sun. Object itself is red. An ugly mass of erupting volcanoes. Size is HUGE. Anything from slightly smaller than Mars and Pluto size to FOUR TIMES that of Jupiter!!(Four times Jupiter size is most reported size.)(No wonder they are building shelters,and not saying anything about Nibiru’s coming(They deny it.)(But soon will be OBLIGED to admit its presence!). Winged Horus. Looks like a great red DRAGON in the sky.(Will do.))
Followed by fleets of huge UFO’s, laden with Humanoid Annunaki aliens. And preceded by a giant U.F.O. we have been calling Comet Elenin! (It dimmed its lights. Presumably to hide from us!) They are coming to EVACUATE the best half of humanity. So DO NOT attack them!!(It would be FATAL!!))

A space war is already in progress. Fortunately for us – they are just suffering it!! Enduring our foolish resistance.
THEY are giants with long heads and beards.
2. The EU could collapse at ANY time. With disastrous consequences for the rest of the world. Australia should suffer least.

3. Also imminent is war between U.S./Israel and Iran/Pakistan – backed by Russia supporting Iran, and RED China supporting Pakistan. India joining both.

4. Attack by North Korea on U.S.ETC. is possible. Using inter-continental missile/s to lauch EMP attack via a nuclear device exploded high in space.

That would stop nearly all electronic devices, including satellites.

Throwing us back 200 years.(Got your oil lamps and candles ready??!!)

Expect invasion after that. U.S. and Canada taken down. And also Australia and New Zealand.
5. Meanwhile only one good anti-biotic now!
6. Islam is conquering the world.

7. West going out.

8. Christianity(AND Christmas) going out!!
9. New World Order taking over the world.

10. Political Correctness gone mad.

11. As are Multi-Culturalism, Reverse-Racism, Invasion by immigration and boat people, and numerous ACTIVISMS against West, Whites,Spiritual folk and Christians. And, of course, the uprising PIRATES!! And The Taliban. Plus Al Quaeda.

12. Rich taking over poor more and more. But Occupy movement fighting back. Attacking the wrong people.(Wall Street is just a market.)(The rebellion is more an excuse for mayhem than anything else!!)
13. Devil and Pan are being worshipped instead of God and Peter Pan.

14. Sex,drugs,dope(phamaceutical drugs), are being pushed on us. Through media and advertising.
15. Confusion and Mix-up reign.
16. The enemies are The Trade Unions(Leading the Mob via The Extreme Left.), The Big Co-operations – like Murdoch and Sachs(Leading the extreme right. Through Banks dominating governments.).
17. Cyber war and hacking do cause increasing havoc.

18. World Civil war must result. Leading to Police State, Martial Law, Rule by Military and curfews.
19. Many evils now afflict The People.
20. We are not told The Truth, we are told Propaganda, what THEY(The faceless Second Government ones.) WANT US to THINK is the truth!!
Have a good Christmas, and as happy a new year as is possible UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES and worsening CONDITIONS!!!!
We,the people, are being suppressed by evil via negativisms.We are being duped by lies. Robbed by The Fed,etc. And are as sheep for the slaughter!!

Contrails being sprayed upon us constantly, world wide. To reduce the population from 7 billion to half a billion. Because we cannot support the population now!

DISEASE is the business of the medics!! Health does not pay!!

Vaccinations give us many of our ailments. Part of the reduce population plan.
Extreme left and extreme right are destroying us!!

Flouride apparently is good for teeth, but bad for system.

WE NEED to get back on to The Gold Standard. IMMEDIATELY!!(Or perish!!)

Better still, SILVER!!
Market is in a big correction. Gold and silver will come back up.

Expect imminent(now occurring)drop of 25% in Dow,etc!!
We MOST URGENTLY need to return to worshipping GOD.

Following Jesus!

Ditching harmful vibration lowering pursuit of low pleasures and joys.(Like sex and drugs.(Pharmaceutical drugs are giving us half of our ailments!)Especially alcohol and nicotonic smoking,etc.))
Fiat money is actually worthless. But by conditioning and brain-washing the people have been taught that IT is of value!(When,WITHOUT PROMISE TO REDEEM IN GOLD OR SILVER, it is WORTHLESS!!)
I am a Briton living in Australia.

Most of you are GOING THE WRONG WAY!!
Divine Will and Love are the true coins, not money and goods!!!!
What matters is our rating with GOD, not Man!

And how much SPIRITUAL good we are doing!!

And how many GENUINE friends we have, not hangers on,etc!

Family and friends are good. But THE ONLY TRUE FRIEND IS GOD!!

We are being brain-washed into getting married and having children to DOTE ON!!

Men chase women for sex. And the women TRAP them by luring them on and on. Into MARRIAGE – to be A STUD!!

Live in HUMAN RACE, not RAT,etc. races!!
Jesus(Jeshua!) had the best idea: SUFFER all that the world throws against you! Even to physical death and torture!!

Mental pain is worse than physical!!
Devil has fooled us you see!

The way to happiness lies NOT in being popular going with the mob and sliding down hill!
Go NOT the broad way that MANY travel(To destruction), but the narrow path THAT LEADS TO SOUL LIFE!!(Physical life does not matter!!)
The attractive looking way only takes you into increasing MISERY.(And HELL after death!!)

The forbidding way of obeying God and following Jesus LEADS TO LIFE ETERNAL!!

Stop eating JUNK food!! It will kill you!!

AND drain your pocket!

BEWARE of Internet Fraud, Identity Theft and deprivation of your wealth and property!!
Evil, deceiving SHARKS abound! ESPECIALLY at Christmas time!

Masquerading as “friends” who can lead you to wealth!!(Ha ha.)
World losing its marbles rating animals above humans! Humans ARE NOT animals!(Kill sharks,crocodiles(and alligators),lions and tigers,etc!!!!)(And BAN dogs!!)
(Though most animals are better than humans. Bar dogs when you pass their owner’s property! (Dogs take on their owner’s personality!)

Cats are the best!

Cats, and birds!!

A pretty face often conceals a CRUEL heart!!

This is the gimme generation.
Spawned by many who should never have married!!

Untaught by their parents.
Vengeance is MINE saith The Lord GOD of Hosts!!(Nibiru cometh – to sort us ALL out!!)

They who laugh now shall weep.

But they who weep now, shall laugh!
And THAT laugh shall ring out THROUGH ALL ETERNITY!!
When times are good, WATCH OUT FOR THE COMPENSATOR!!
Behold! That V in the sky,now!! V for Vengeance. The VENGEANCE of THE LORD!!!!
Australian Federal Government is less hung now, but Rudd eyes the throne!

The faceless ones want Gillard OUT. And Rudd back in power. Or some better prospect than the so often grinning current P.M!!
Out by April? THEY want her out LONG before then!
She is fighing back hard and well.

But she is being deserted!
Can Abbot snatch power in the confusion.
I doubt it.
The mob have it too well wrapped up!
Nibiru will be increasingly seen at dusk. A new star is beginning to appear, folks!!

The MONSTER that brings an Atlantis destroying event!

Do not be fooled. Our present increasing disasters,etc. ARE DUE TO EARTH’S WOBBLE!!(Conjoint with Earth’s rotation and revolution.)(Nibiru is STILL far too far away to affect us yet.)
But it is COMING, fellahs,

And CHRIST is returning – WITH The Heavenly HOSTS!!!!
Your friendly advisor,



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