RR15b 2,012.Nibiru.Etc. Some more!!

Thursday, 15th December, 2,011.

I put it to you!! 2,012 and Nibiru,etc!!

As plainly as I can!!!!
We, Mankind, on this Earth, are in the gravest situation EVER!! Including ever to be!!

I try frantically and DESPERATELY to warn you all.

PLEASE listen to me!!

HEED what I am saying!!
You read that all right?? GOOD!!!!
WHY?? Because unless we DO, we ALL face a most horrible and terrible death. About FOUR MONTHS hence!!

There is A LOT to be said for my not saying anything!! BUT!! Our ONLY hope is to get WITHIN THE EARTH. And I DO NOT mean underground(which could WELL be FATAL!!).(Many nations now building underground chambers, bunkers, storing seeds,etc. Why?? Because of NIBIRU,ETC!!!! This is IT,chaps. The hour has come!!)

So, as I see it, the ONLY line I can take, for the BEST, FOR ALL OF US, is to tell as many people as POSSIBLE, of our most dire and GRIM situation, and urge them to get THE AUTHORITIES to get as MANY AS POSSIBLE of the best specimens of humans(take arms!!) DOWN the thousand mile wide TUBULAR ENTRANCE to THE GREAT WITHIN.(Yes! The Earth is HOLLOW!!)(It has a DOUBLE SURFACE. Visualize an 800 mile wide shell. We live on the upper outer surface, BUT, … 800 miles down there is an INNER SURFACE, with its OWN land! A lush,temperate place.(Upside down, but because gravity is UPWARDS down there, it feels right way up!!)


What is the problem?? The problem IS, that a HUGE object(Anything from slightly smaller than Mars – TO – FOUR TIMES THE SIZE OF JUPITER – IS bearing down on us(heading straight for us) – at about 32,000 m.p.h!)
It SHOULD NOT hit us. But it MIGHT!!

It is expected to pass Earth by a WHISKER, (1,000,000 miles, 100 miles. Who knows EXACTLY??!!)

Now the trouble is, this MONSTER, called Nibiru,with its six or seven satellites and enormous tail of dust, including rocks, debris, RED poisonous dust, and even perhaps HYDROGEN CYANIDE!!

Way back in time men searched for an object that was disturbing Jupiter and Saturn. They found Uranus. Later the found Neptune. And then Pluto(with Charon). But STILL the pertubations continue. It seems that there is STILL another object out there!

Planet X! Now given the name of Nibiru, after The Sumerian god, Nibiru.
For 2,000 years we have been warned of the approach of this object. About a dozen REPUTABLE sources warn us. Including Jesus and Nostradamus, Einstein and that man in the wheel chair. Stephen Hawkin(s).

About 95% of Humanity DON’T WANT TO KNOW!!
And there are a majority of sceptics claiming the idea is stupid.(Why??)(WHY is the idea stupid??!!)

Do these critics KNOW IT ALL??!! Do they KNOW that Nibiru is NOT coming. I venture not!!
We need to seek THE TRUTH, NOT what we WANT to BE the truth. There is A DIFFERENCE! Right??(Yes, most of the people I send to are not so sceptical! But I have to put it out!!)

A VAST difference!

I can understand people NOT WANTING to believe this. Who wants a horrible and terrible death in the very near future? Not many!!

However, we DO need to FACE THE FACTS!!
Planet X was knocked out of its neat circular orbit long ago by shock waves of SOME kind from a star which exploded(A Nova). Onto a VERY elongated orbit. Which takes it past(by a WHISKER!!) The Earth.

It took the entire surface off Phaeton! The planet that USED TO circle the sun between Mars and Jupiter.
It badly damaged Mars.
And it makes a mess of Earth. Every 3,600 years.
The time of the next due pass IS 2,012.A.D!!
SOME TIME next year!

I see it becoming visible to the NAKED EYE February. And passing us April(2,012.)

It was found by NASA. But suddenly dropped like a hot potato – when they learned its SIZE. However, The Russians took up tracking it.

It is HUGE. Evidently a PLANET. With six or seven moons.
Now a great confusion exists. The Earth wobbles every 6,500 years. And at peak(2,011,2012,etc.) centrifugal force via Earth’s rotation and revolution causes disasters to increase up to 2,012 – and then die down again.(We are experiencing worsening disasters.)(TWO sets of serial cyclic disasters: One every 6,500 years, the other every 3,600!!)
Those in the know THOUGHT that the cause of these increasing disasters(and heat) was Nibiru. But Planet X(Nibiru) is still too far away to be the cause. No! The cause of our hyperbolically increasing disasters is THE WOBBLE of The Earth.(As it approaches peak.)
The WOBBLE of The Earth ALONE could cause a polar shift. But we have Nibiru soon to cause it,too!!
Phaeton,also,what is left of it, is out there somewhere.

Four big events are imminent: 1. The Wobble of The Earth PEAKING. 2. The sighting and arrival of Nibiru(Planet X). Feb,2,012 and April 2,012, respectively. My guesses. Producing a cataclysm which is best described as Wipe – out and The End of The World!! Expect HORRIFIC damage!!

3. The Great Alignment of Earth,Sun and The Centre of our Milky-Way Galaxy. (I do not know what to expect from this. Maybe nothing.)

4. The ending of the Pisces astrological era. And the start of Aquarius!!

This is a GOOD thing. But those who dominate on Earth are VERY NEGATIVE. And will re-act VERY badly!!

ALL FOUR of these events are due to happen 22.12.12!! Producing at least two CATACLYSMS. Maybe three. Plus Man going beserk, along with the animals. And finishing off anything that might escape the cataclyms!!

The pre-cursor to a polar shift a few months ago, on top of the increasing disasters and heat, plus the sink holes,and now the cracks opening up in the ground – SHOULD be starting to make us THINK!!

All due to The Earth’s WOBBLE!!
But Nibiru is speeding along TO JOIN THE PARTY!!

We have been told(By The Sumerians,etc.) that Nibiru looks like a(giant V) WINGED HORUS, and a great RED DRAGON. Visible in daylight(when it gets close to us)! Looking like a great red moon!!
I have been studying all this for 12 years. Believe me, this is no phoney thing!

It is COMING!! Nibiru approaches!!
Videos show this THING, as a very elongated V. PLEASE look up Where is Nibiru now,etc. videos and SEE for yourself/ves!!

Being seen all over globe now. The very V shape described by The Sumerians,etc!

Hardly co-incidences!!
Difficult fake jobs!!
You cannot see it until you zoom in. I mean the person taking the video zoomed in.

How do you fake a zoomed in result??
And why would people in New Zealand, South America, Mexico and U.K. all see the SAME V shape?!

Collusion you hope?!
All trying to fool us that some non-existent tenth planet(??) IS coming straight for us – FAST!!
Either Nibiru is coming in OR there is a world wide conspiracy to make us THINK that Nibiru is coming in!
With the VERY shape described by The Sumerians,etc!!

WHICH do you think it is, brother? Sister??
Everyone gone bonkers world wide trying to fake(in Zoom videos) the very thing so many HATE??!!
I have a problem with that. Don’t you??
Either that thing is THERE, and coming in fast. Or, so many have gone nuts trying to fool us it is there!!
I say it is THERE.

Is it possible to fake in zoom video?

You have to zoom RIGHT IN, before you can see ANY shape, let alone a V shape. The VERY shape we are being told Nibiru has!
It LOOKS LIKE a second sun(or did). But when it nears us, it should look like a second MOON!!

What do we DO??!!
At least escape the hail of boulders,dust, two red dusts, and hydrogen cyanide.
It should help! Right??

Not a word about this by Government or Media!!

To avoid panic. Above all TO KEEP CONTROL OF US!!

It is better to tell the people asap, rather than to face PANDEMONIUM at the last moment WHEN THEY DO find out!!

Especially when our BEST HOPE is WITHIN THE EARTH.(Get DOWN The North Geographical Pole(A one thousand mile wide tubular entrance NEAR there! Head due dead north – and KEEP ON GOING!!))

I warn of some other things,too!

The danger of going to Hell after death!

Repent! Then accept CHRIST into your heart. And stop sinning and doing wrong(Those of you who do.)!!!!

Death of the physical body is NOT the end of you!

We are NOT our physical bodies!!

After death we find ourselves in another vehicle! Many in Hades OVER there urge me to warn you all!!
We spend an average 55 years here in the physical, and THEN 50 years AVERAGE in The Spirit World.

But it has an upstairs AND a down! Our vibrations(of soul) dictate WHERE we shall go in The Spirit World!!(Our actions(deeds,omissions,words,THOUGHTS,)… govern those vibrations!)

Low pleasures and joys(like sex,drugs,etc.) LOWER our vibrations. Thus taking us down(proportionately to our wrongs) after we pass on, and here now, AND in future lives(We re-incarnate!! We live for ever, and already have!!!!).
My motive is simply the least suffering for all of you!

I am not trying to SCARE you. Simply to give you a chance to save yourselves. From Planet X, from Hell, bad karma giving you bad future lives and even from suffering in this world!!!!
WHAT can be more important than these things I have just
THINK about, it WILL YOU??!!
ALL of us need to. Because pressure by negative types drive us go for sin,wrong, low pleasures and joys!!!!(Peers urge us to be stupid. One more drink! Have a smoke! Go ahead,do it! Be a devil?! AND SO ON.(Go to HELL like THEM??!!)(Keep them COMPANY in their MISERY??!!) And the non-stop BOMBARDMENT of the adverts!!)

We are CONSTANTLY tempted and urged to do low things, even evil. But the price is HELL!!!!

In proportion to how much wrong and low we do!!

Avoid Nibiru. Get WITHIN The Earth.(But NOT underground!!)
Even more so, avoid HELL!!
And avoid bad future incarnations.

And even suffering in this world and LIFE!!!!

Do I speak wrong? No!

Do I speak in vain? YOU hold the answer to that one!!
I address myself,too!!
Nibiru is not YET in (naked eye) sight. But it IS in telescopic sight!!
It is HUGE. It is VERY destructive. It approaches us FAST. It is should pass at one million miles.

It may even HIT us. But I don’t think so.
A VERY exciting time ahead now. As we rush towards Christmas and The New Year.

I warn us ALL.

TWO months(I think) to sighting Planet X with the naked eye.

And FOUR MONTHS to horrific and terrible DEVASTATION, via two cataclysms{at least}!!!!
THESE things ARE TRUE!!!!

View and EXAMINE the videos of this V shape bearing straight down on us!!

Have I made MY POINT?? ??
I propose to send you videos,etc. Relating to 2,012.A.D.

If you don’t want them, just SAY,please.

I naturally assume you like to be WARNED of coming bad things.

I know I do!!


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