RR14c The Chop!!

Monday, 12th December, 2,011.

The Chop!!

We stand on the brink of the greatest event that Man on Earth will know for a VERY long time. Thousands of years…

For many years now I have repeatedly tried to warn you all. Prospect is of a sudden terrible horrible death.

I am TRYING to save us all. But the lack of interest is disturbing.

Yes! There IS something we can do about it!! GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!(There is a thousand mile wide tubular entrance to The Great Within(But NOT underground!) NEAR there!!)(Just head DEAD NORTH, and KEEP GOING!!)(Also WEAR special helmets, or dust caps at least, to KEEP OUT THE DEADLY RED DUSTS and Hydrogen Cyanide. Both are killers.)

WHY and HOW are we facing such savage severe problems?

How certain am I of what I am saying? As certain as that the sun will rise tomorrow!!
WHAT is the problem??

There are FOUR reasons for anxiety:-
1. We are about to experience the EXTREME point of the current Earth WOBBLE!!(Due 21.12.12.) This means the peaking HYPER-BOLICALLY of the growing disasters.

2. AND the arrival of The Tenth Planet(Now Ninth) of our Solar System. Nibiru!(Due 21.12.12.) This will bring APPALLING DESTRUCTION world-wide!!(Like with Atlantis.)(This CATACLYSM should START some time within the next 6 months. And last a few years…)
3. Also, The Great Alignment of Earth, Sun and Centre of our Galaxy! 21,12,12, This will produce unknown results.

4. The start of The Age of Aquarius(21.12.12.) should produce a terrible back-lash against the new high vibrations. Because the ruling forces are negative. But these vibrations are POSITIVE!!(Love,etc.)

In addition to the foregoing four, we have The Great Cleansing, The Separation of the goats from the sheep(the bad people from the good), The Great Tribulation(By the rulers to keep the people under their control!!) The Arrival of CHRIST – and The Heavenly Hosts. The End of the current ages and cycles.(Are we to expect a Venusian? And are the heavenly hosts UFO’s??!!)
Yes. It is true that 2,013 shall come! TIME is not going to stop. The Calendar WILL GO ON!! …2,014 and so on…

But what is expected to end is this civilization of Arya! And all current cycles and ages.

Including the current solar quarter cycle.

Also ending soon is The Age of Pisces.

Just over a year to go!

New ages and cycles will occur immediately!

Expect Ascension(Of The Earth and its inhabitants.), The Rapture. Mass Evacuations. Mass Transitions.

What unpleasant things are coming? EVERYTHING – to the highest degrees we can bear. One third to THE LOT are going to perish, horribly and terribly, suddenly.

Meanwhile economic and financial global collapse.

(Plus the failure of just about all electric and electronic systems.(North Korea nearly capable of launching an EMP nucler missile over North America,etc!!)(Knocking out nearly all electric and electronic appliances!! ETC.))

Unimaginable CHAOS,confusion, destruction and INSANITY must result!!(From 2,012. Doomyear,etc.)
With just about everyone going OUT OF THEIR MINDS…
Called The Last Judgement.

God is to punish Man for going against GOD!!

Yet the causes lie in Astronomy rather than Man.

It is NO GOOD killing your body! We have another set of SEVEN VEHICLES within this physical!! 5D wise(VIBRATIONALLY!!)

You would simply find yourself in your Etheric Double, in The Original of The Earth. More alive than ever. But having just MURDERED your own physical body!!

We CANNOT destroy ourselves!!

We live for ever. And ALREADY HAVE!!!!
So wise then to make the best of ourselves, not the worst!!
First we go into The Etheric. And later into The Astral – and moving through The Seven SPIRIT planes!
Destroying your physical vehicle makes as much sense as going scuba diving, and dumping your oxygen task,etc!! When on the sea bed!


First we have this WOBBLE – hitting extreme tilt. Producing centrifugal force peaking in all kinds of disasters maximizing, along with heat. HYPER-BOLICALLY!! (That is steep!)
The Wobble(Its extreme point) should create a PHYSICAL Pole Shift. A JOLT(which should level everything globally) As The Earth inverts, PHYSICALLY, winds of up to 200 m.p.h. should blow. For about 27 hours, I understand. Now WHAT is going to survive THAT??!!
Because we are ALREADY in the TAIL of Planet Nibiru, rocks,stones,dust, including deadly poisonous red dusts, as well as asteroids and comets,meteorites – can be expected to RAIN down, world-wide, upon us.(This is WHY getting down the thousand mile wide entrance(hundreds of miles long)to The Great WITHIN(Yet NOT underground!)
is SO important!!)
No boulders,etc.falling WITHIN there!(Understand: The surface of The Earth is DOUBLE, you see. It bends over and RIGHT around upon itself! Yet FEELS flat!(Though looks bent, were it not so gradual!!))

Humanoid Annanaki aliens are going to land EN MASSE, and evacuate the best half of humanity.(We are their CATTLE.)(They genetically modified our genes long back.)(To mine gold for them.)
Transferring many to another planet/s.
Because just about NO THING will be able to survive what is coming…
The surface of The Earth will be completely changed. Yes, a new Earth, and a new sky!!!!

Oceans and continents will inter-change!!

Massive tsunamis.
Non-stop FEROCIOUS electric storms.(Electric and electronic appliances will fail EN MASSE.)

A non-stop SUPER DUPER CLOUD BURST going on and on…
The very air will catch fire!!
Air,water,food,etc. will reduce to very low levels.
Gangs of men gone completely MAD will roam about. SMASHING EVERYTHING…(Oh,yes, grow your own, store water, money,food,supplies. Which will act like MAGNETS to gangs of men gone completely MAD and BESERK… EVERY home will be smashed in and INVADED. In frenzies of murder,rape,assault,torture, scores evened, and everything stolen, homes left in ruins, after being burnt down!!

Packs of wild animals will SAVAGE ANYTHING in sight. Utterly BESERK.

Parents will be eating their children.(To appease their hunger.)

And drinking their blood!(To appease their thirst.)

TREMENDOUS revivals will occur. As men frantically strive to appease GOD!!

Guilt will be condemning.
Going underground will be dangerous. The Gravity,Magnetic, Electric,etc. TIDES from Nibiru will be most severe underground!

Fountains of LAVA will spring up all over the place.
So when I say GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE – Man, I ain’t kidding!!

Nicer giants down there!!

You get the picture a bit now?

Starting up within 13 months.

I am fairly sure.

But going on for years. With ICE ERA.

Followed by an ICE AGE lasting over a THOUSAND YEARS!!

After that – back to The Stone Age!!
But the aliens will help us re-start civilization.

Silver and gold(note the order) will have value. Bank notes may not!
Fiat money thrown into the street!
(Which street?)(I should not joke. It is going to be APPALLING.)
Many will commit suicide. Assisted or not.
Heat should kill many.
And starvation,thirst,suffocation(lack of air),not to mention slaughtered by raving mad humans, and packs of beserk animals.
GET The Authorities to organize(I recommend CRUISE SHIPS)(Preceded by ICE-BREAKERS!!) mass evacuations DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!(Not literally. There is a huge(too big to see!) ENTRANCE near there. Leading through to THE INNER SURFACE of The Earth!!)

I am not flogging my guts out for NO THING!!
I care. I am trying to save us all!!

Death will come from all directions, and every way!!
I am not scare-mongering. I am trying to WARN you all!
So you have a CHANCE to save yourselves!

The approximation dates of 1999 and 2,000 have been taken LITERALLY you see. And because no thing(of note)happened, 2,012 is being POO POOED by many!!


For same reason sun rises each day!
So will wobble peak every 6,500 years.

And Nibiru whizz by every 3,600 years.

Both events are occurring simultaneously THIS TIME!!
Many got born SPECIALLY to witness THE EVENT!!

Trouble is, we don’t know exactly WHEN it will start!

Anything up to about six months hence.

It is ONLY CENTRED upon December 21st, 2,012.A.D.
It need not start,even, until early 2,013!(Finish about 2,018.A.D.)

But SOON it comes!!
THIS is the picture YEARS of close intense study have yielded me.
This is not some overnight lunatic idea!
Yes, expect it to get RATHER rough over the next few years!!
Nature will be bad enough.
But MAN his self is rising against Man!
World War Three seems to be starting up.
And The Eurozone looks set to collapse AT ANY TIME!!
Banknotes will become worthless bits of paper.
Silver and gold will be best.

But watch against their confiscation!!

EVERY imaginable horror and terror will occur!!

Non-stop – for YEARS!!

Only hope is evacuation by aliens!!

CHRIST could come in a UFO!!

A Christmas,etc. TO REMEMBER!!(Or is it FORGET??!!)

Mountains will collapse. Valleys will flatten,…

The meek will inherit The Earth.
The villains will slay each other…
Even I have serious doubts!
But THIS IS the picture I am getting…

Martial Law. Police State. Rule by The Military. Everyone dobbing in his neighbour!!!!
Islam, Political East, Russia,China – all rising fast.

U.S. is broke. What an easy target.
The remaining democracies must crash to invading hordes…(Australia’s boat people spear-heading INVASION!! Its prime minister taking the country to DESTRUCTION!!)
Yet a miracle has occurred with bank notes. The people ACTUALLY think they are of value!!
THEY can be printed without limit!
This is handy, as Nixon noted in 1971!
They are WORTHLESS!!

Do you doubt that sun and moon will rise again,soon?(Actually it IS questionable!!)

Then also do not doubt Wobble’s extreme and Nibiru’s arrival.
Because BOTH are astronomical events, which MUST happen!!
I have spelt it out to you.
Read back on my earlier recent articles.

As there is FAR too much to put into one article each time!! Do you UNDERSTAND??!!

2,012 – 3 should be AWFUL…

I have driven myself into this for the last 12 years! Trying to find out exactly what to expect.

That is so hard!

The only CERTAINTIES are that The Wobble peaks 21.12.12. And Nibiru gets to about a million miles of us.
I say again: Earth wobble’s peak, Nibiru’s arrival, The Great Alignment, and The Start of The Age of Aquarius!!!! ALL centred upon December 21st, 2,012.A.D!!
December 21st, 2,012 is just A DATE.(The CENTRAL date.)

It is the date of the end of all current ages and cycles!!!!

Not ONLY the end of The Mayan Long Count CALENDAR!!
It is The Last Day of everything constituting our present set- up.

Yes, next day starts new ages and cycles. And the biggest CATALCLYSM to hit Man on Earth for thousands of years…

CENTRED UPON that date.

The disaster COULD start within 6 months.
On some date unknown.
And go on for years. I see 2,012/3 to 2,018.A.D.


Enjoy your Christmas. IF you can!!

As The New Year brings surprises!!
Yes, prepare to be suddenly thrown back 200 years. Have tools,etc. that do NOT depend upon electricity!!

HAVE I made my POINT??!!


Note: Expect Nibiru to APPEAR suddenly – at ANY time.

We NEED to get The Authorities on side!!


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