RR13b. Important cycles!!

Sunday, 11th December, 2,011.

Cycles,etc. and 2,012.A.D.

I am going to try to explain something very important here:-
We are being told that 2,012.A.D. is going to be CATASTROPHIC.(You know?? End of the world and WIPE-OUT. Things like this…)(Lots of us know a little of what to expect now. But how many of us REALLY believe it??!!)

We also get told that as the day advances we can expect it to get lighter(illumination) and warmer, and then after peaking – that it will get cooler again. Every 24 hours.(Because The Earth rotates on its axis – hiding the sun, then revealing it, in turn.)
I also know that the tides and women’s menstrual cycles hinge upon the moon and lunar months.

And that when winter comes, it will be cooler, and that when summer comes it will be warmer. This annually, every winter and summer.(Because The Earth is more tilted in relation to the sun, or less, seasonally.)
I know that all this is obvious and well known. But bear with me…

The hours, the days, the months, years,…
All due to cycles, Earth’s rotation, Moon’s position,Earth’s tilt angle as it goes around the sun, but we stop there! Why not go on??
Since the events producing the phenomena are regular – due to astronomical cycles, I can predict with a high degree of certainty – when to expect repeats! Of course. And we take this for granted!!

I know that at mid day it will be warmer. And at mid night, cooler.(Earth’s rotational position.)

I know tides will be low or high – according(a lot) to the moon’s position.

I know that in summer it will be warmer than in winter. And so on…(Earth’s tilt angle in relation to the sun, annually.)
The events behind occur at regular intervals. Hours, days, months…

We stop there. But why not GO ON??!!
How about we extend the list!
As the years pass, the ZODIAC changes.(We know this of course, and utilize that(as best we can!).(Astrology being rather unreliable. At least our interpretation OF it – can be.)(Roughly changing zodiacal signs every 2,000 years or so.)

Now,then, every 26,000 years, Sol, our sun, goes around The Central Sun, Alycone(In The Pleiades or Seven Sisters(a group of stars)! Not many know that. I didn’t until recently!!(Not very important to know.)(It is not exactly like next year…But 2,012.A.D. IS!!))(You with me, reader??)
Every 26,000,000 years, our stellar cluster(FOUND by me when I mapped the cosmos using PROPER distances, accurately!)(Not very useful to the average individual.)goes around THE GALAXY!!

(I do not know how often our INNER sun goes around within The Hollow interior.)(Not of much use as a rule.)

Now, there are two other cycles I think we SHOULD know about:-

Every 6,500 years The Earth completes one WOBBLE!
And every 3,600 years, Planet X(Our erstwhile tenth planet) does one orbit around the sun!(Taking a BUZZ at Earth ON THE WAY!!…)(If you want to scream, you just go ahead and SCREAM!!…)(Who will hear you WHERE we are going?! Eh??)
These latter two cycles are VERY important!!

BECAUSE!… When Earth wobbles reach their extremes, centrifugal force occurs – which heave the magma up against the tectonic plates!

Producing disasters! Which increase up to the extreme point, and then stop. Only to start again in the next cycle,and so on, and so on,…
We know SOMETHING about this!(Our increasing DISASTERS! And heat!) But have ascribed it to Man’s Fossil Fuel Burning!!(LOL)(True, we don’t impute our disasters to fossil fuel burning, but are just baffled.)
Now by simply noting that every 6,500 years,we may EXPECT disasters(and heat) to increase, we could PREPARE for such events!!(In much the same way as we may expect days to be warmer than nights, summer to be warmer than winter, and knowing the tides for safer fishing,and so on!!)
Also, KNOWING that Planet X(Now best known as NIBIRU) whizzes by us at one million miles EVERY 3,600 years, we can do our BEST to PREPARE for such events!!(Like get WITHIN The Earth(but not underground!). I mean get onto the LOWER surface!(DOWN The North Geographical Pole!!)(Or find another planet FOR A WHILE!!)(The Earth is neither flat,nor round, but is a double reverse HELIX. In other words IT HAS A CONTIGUOUS INNER SURFACE!! Yep.)

These latter two events are cycles that depend upon the activities of Earth’s WOBBLE(every 6,500 years), and Planet X’s position(every 3,600 years).
Since both events occasion enormous damage to Earth, it is so VERY important to know when to expect such!!
Finally, because I have found a geometric binomial sequence LAW, I am able to PREDICT with near certainty WHEN we may expect the WORST DISASTERS(to the date concerned)!!!!

VERY handy. Don’t you think??!!
Every 3,600 years is easy IF you leave a time capsule. And similarly with every 6,500 years.(I DO think our successors might be interested(!!). And,furthermore,that our successors might be OURSELVES RE-INCARNATED!! But I must not DIGRESS!!)
With my geometric binomial sequence law, I KNOW when these biggest so far disasters will occur. I am telling you the law(Progressively halve the 6,500 year term, and come forward in time in such jumps!)(And THEN you HAVE the biggest disasters thus far YEAR DATES!!) – so now you can predict record the disaster years FOR POSTERITY!!

If you don’t think those three just mentioned facts are valuable, then I am sorry for you!!
So PLEASE make a NOTE of what I am saying. And kindly INFORM the appropriate authorities – so that they may EXPECT such dire-ties. With me??
All right. Let us begin: BOTH the 6,500 year and 3,600 year cycles are occurring SIMULTANEOUSLY THIS TIME!!

If you are NOT interested in your OWN demise(along with just about every one else’s)then I should retire GRACEFULLY!!
YOUR call!!(vicon2000@gmail.com)(That is one of my e mail addresses.)(We are IN the last days of civilized(or,indeed,ANY…) life UPON THIS PLANET!!…)
In 4488.B.C. Our current timeal local Creation began! That was(come three weeks(!)) 6,500 years ago. What happened then? Came the AWFUL cataclysm that preceded The Sumerian Civilization!(And, if you go back in time in 6,500 year steps you will find similar cataclysms.)

And, in 1,588.B.C.(3,600 years ago) a cataclysm occurred. We know that Joshua stopped sun and moon then.(Because Earth stopped rotating for a few days. We KNOW why now! Right??!!) (And, if you go back in time in 3,600 year steps, you will find similar CATACLYSMS.)
Now wise after the events, we know that the reasons for these cataclysms was the 6,500 years quarter solar cycle and the 3,600 year Planet X orbital period arrival back along-side Earth(at one million miles distance).

The 6,500 year steps backward take us to (going backwards) Poseidon, Atlantis, Lemuria Mu.

And, taking 3,600 year steps backwards we get Joshua stopping sun and moon(Meaning Earth’s rotation stopped for a few days(!!)), and The pre Sumerian cataclysm, Stone Age,etc., and so on…and on….

You really need to refer to my previous articles,…(Sorry, not really able to get everything into ONE article!!)(So I am obliged to do a series of articles!!)

You get my point and drift??
KNOWING when to EXPECT these APPALLING CALAMITIES, we should be able to perhaps DO SOMETHING about them!!
I hope I am not boring you!
We are talking not only about the current life on Earth.

But about the (maybe) failure for any FUTURE life upon this Earth – to get a foot-hold!(Because if I cannot get any of you to go down The North Geographical Pole, then – it is THAT much harder for future life to evolve upon THIS PLANET!!)(Still, may be lucky and have an alien evacuate the most worthy half,…To another planet…for a while…)
Yes! I am afraid 2,012.A.D. DOOM,etc. is a VERY real in prospect!!(As sure as odds of 13 to the power of 250(Or 13 times itself 250 times!!!!) TO ONE!!!!(How would YOU like those odds in your favour? Hmmm??)
If you are not interested, sorry to have troubled you!
Good day.


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