RR12 How I know for so sure!

Sunday, 11th December, 2,011.

How I know, for so sure!

That 2,012 is Doom year. The cause basically is Planet X, now best known as NIBIRU!!


1. My geometric binomial sequence law.(I found that if I progressively halved and halved again, the 6,500 year quarter solar cycle term period, and went forward in steps of such years – I turned up ALL of the 13 worst(to that date)disasters to occur during such 6,500 year period!!)(The probability odds in my favour(That 2,012, the NEXT date in line(the 14th step!) – WILL produce a GIGANTIC CATACLYSM!!)(I confirmed(looking for worst(to that date)DISASTERS, each and every date with my BROWSER on The Internet, and CONFIRMED, fitting exactly to the year all FOURTEEN of such predictions by the geometric binomial sequence law that I found!!) are 13 to the power of 250. Or 13 times 13, 250 times!! Which is a number astronomical SQUARED!!(That I am right! 2,012 IS The Terrible Year of THE LORD!!)
2. Careful study of the many videos on U-Tube,etc. showing Nibiru(often looking like a SECOND SUN, a giant planet, a black spot on the sun,etc. with its six or seven satellite moons and accompanying fleets of HUGE U.F.O’s. (Have you not seen it? Punch in “Second sun videos” and “Nibiru videos” AND SEE FOR THYSELF!!
3. The report handed down now two thousand years of Jesus saying that he would return in 2(thousand year long)days, and that THEN WOULD THE END COME!!(Jesus started preaching at age 12. So A.D. 12 + 2 X 1,000(is 2,000) = 2,012.A.D!!)
4. The declarations from SO MANY sound parties that 2,012 is Doomyear.
5. The statements by so many group on The Internet that 2,012 marks the end of our present civilization, Ayrya.


6. The VERY fact of so many absurd denials by sceptics(But you cannot prove a negative!) – indicates great fear, based on deep inner belief that 2,012 Doom,etc. IS TRUE!!
7. The Crop Circles,etc. TELLING US that 2,012.A.D. is Doomyear!


8. The increasing natural,etc.disasters!!(SOMETHING is going on!)


9. The FACT that seeds are being stored. Bunkers built. Undergound chambers made. Including inside of a mountain!


10. NASA found Nibiru back in 1984. And announced the new found object. But! When they found out its size(Almost four times the size of Jupiter!) they suddenly DENIED their own finding! And went strangely silent.(But Russia took up tracking it. As have many countries and parties,now.)

This object is simply our Tenth Planet! (Now Ninth since Pluto(with its twin Charon) has been declared too small to be a planet.)(Yes, no doubt we shall have numerous asteroids and comets,etc.arriving too!!(Especially from the TAIL of Nibiru – WHICH WE ARE NOW IN!!)
Originally our planets circled the sun in neat rings. But when a nearby star exploded(nova), its shock waves damaged our solar-system and knocked Nibiru(the NOW discovered planet out beyond Neptune causing the mysterious perturbations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune)onto an extremely elongated orbit! Such that it now whizzes past Earth and Mars every 3,600 years.(Causing awful destruction.)(Slated to pass about a million miles from us(a whisker by astronomy standards!) This is WHAT it is. Planet X. Now usually called NIBIRU.(It was called Wormwood in The Christian Bible.)(The Terribly Destuctive planet. It is one of our OWN planets! Not some brown dwarf,etc! The Planet of The CROSSING.(Because it crosses Earth’s orbit around the sun.)(It is NOT Nemesis.))

Note that there are TWO astronomical cyclic events which cause terrible damage to The Earth and Mars,etc.

a. One is Earth’s WOBBLE. As it rocks slowly from side to side. Once every 6,500 years. The centrifugal force caused by this(Especially when conjoint with the extreme orbital point reached by our solar system when it rounds Alycone.(Every 26,000 years.)) – at maximum nodes produces terrible damage. We have Mu Lemuria, Atlantis and Poseidon as witnesses!

b. The other is the arrival every 3,600 years of Nibiru, our tenth planet, along with its satellite moons. And the accompanying fleets of huge alien UFO’s! Laden with Annunaki humanoid aliens, bearded giants!!

Presumably the axial tilt of The Earth, Venus retrogade motion and that of Uranus – were all caused by Nibiru as it sped by!


(Also we have The Oort Belt,etc. Plus I think the disappearance of planets still farther out beyond Nibiru, our Tenth.)(Damage probably by the exploding star nova nearby.)

(Pluto-Charon probably were satellites of Neptune, which got knocked away by the shock waves.)(Thus I theorize anyway.)

EXPECT our current increasing natural,etc.disasters – to SUDDNLY HYPERBOLICALLY INCREASE now. Once Nibiru appears in our skies. Visible too in daylight.

The point is that Nibiru has been TELESCOPICALLY visible since 1984. 27 years!! It is a REAL massive astronomical ENTITY!!
It is now between the sun and us.

It simply would not make any sense for it NOT to appear!!

TWO imminent horrors ARE The collapse of The Eurozone and the sudden appearance of Nibiru!(It looks like a great horrible red DRAGON!!)(With the two wings. The Wings of Horus!!)


Make that THREE imminent horrors. The third is The Start of The THIRD WORLD WAR.
AND a Fourth: First we have the likelihood of U.S./Israel confrontation with Iran and Pakistan(Iraq and Afghanistan on way out, but being replaced by Iran and Pakistan!)

Plus the detonation by North Korea over U.S. off a nuclear device delivered by an inter-continental missile knocking out all electric and electronic devices in The U.S!!
Russia backs Iran!

And RED China backs North Korea(And Pakistan!)
Cyber war is paving the way.
2,012 should be a VERY eventful year!!
MANY horrors and terrors are about to burst upon the whole world!!

Even without looking at the rocking Earth and The Nibiru Complex!!


Merry Christmas all. And a Happy New Year!!


Plus, of course, the three ways to view facts of 4488.B.C. Local TIMEAL creation year, The 6,500 quarter solar cycle period and of course the now increasingly familiar date year of 2,012.A.D!!



Vic.(A CONTAGIOUS Swine Flu has NOW been created in the laboritories!)(Galactic Federation anyone??!!)(WOULD they receive us??!!)

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