RR11b The core of it. 2,012,etc.

Sunday, 11th December, 2,011.

The core of it.

A disaster at least the equivalent of the one that sank Atlantis is MORE THAN imminent, it has ALREADY started to happen!!(Vide the recent polar shift precursor causing the sun to be seen rising and setting much farther east than usual! And for strange changes to occur in sun,moon and earth,etc! It will be the worst CATACLYSM, ever, to hit Man on Earth.(Future included.) It is 98% certain.)
It will level just about EVERYTHING across the ENTIRE globe!! Humans, animals, plants, trees, structures,etc. Very little will survive.
That is QUITE a statement to make! And I have been on about this for many years now. 12 to 13 so far.

The question should be: “How QUALIFIED am I make such a pronouncement?!” People say all sorts of things, all over the world,every day, but many are false. There are about as many world views as there are people on Earth. All may have a point. None know every thing!! I believe all things are true to their believers. Much to be said for “Your belief CREATES your Reality!”.

I have studied Astronomy(key to all this) all my life. I should know a bit about it! Much confusion exists everywhere.
The following stages will occur:-


1. The first thing to happen will be the creation of a centrifuge by the solar system reaching the extreme point of its wobble.(Along with the farthest point reached by the sun as it orbits Alycone in The Pleiades.) Centrifugal Force will HEAVE the magma within The Earth – up against the tectonic plates. Creating volcanic eruptions and earthquakes of hyperbolically increasing magnitude. Plus growing heat.

We have witnessed the growing disasters(volcanic and seismic,etc.), and heat, world wide for decades now. Many years.(Also, of late, sink holes and cracks in the ground!!)(Worsening.)


The increasing heat has been attributed to fossil fuel by Man creating too much carbon dioxide. – Which is RIDICULOUS!!(Extra heat THIS way amounts to 0.004% by Man. and 0.016% from Nature.(Forest fires and volcanic(underwater too) eruptions.))(It is a scam designed to take advantage of Margaret Thatcher’s bonus for all who study global warming.)


No, apparently there is no or little increased heat from the sun’s radiation!

(The growing heat is due chiefly to Nibiru and our rising magma. I believe along with heat increasing ex friction between the upper and lower crusts of The Earth(The Lithosphere and The Asthenosphere.)


2. The Second Stage is about to begin. This will be heralded by the sudden NAKED EYE appearance of Nibiru!(At any time from now on! It will TERRIFY just about everyone!) To appear like a second and red moon, becoming larger than the moon.(We shall then be in the position of the people in that film(about 1950) “When worlds collide” – with the growing appearance of another planet approaching The Earth.(It COULD hit us. But I very much doubt this. However, it(an object which could be almost four times the size of Jupiter) is slated to pass us at a million miles. Gravity,Magnetic,Electric,etc.TIDES from the monster will just about rip The Earth in two!! Expect the worst of EVERYTHING UNPLEASANT. WIPE OUT and END OF THE WORLD being the best terms for this!!(Though neither will occur. However it will be ALMOST WIPE-OUT and the end of all great cycles and ages.)
We hear nothing about it from Government and Media because they do not want mass panic. But above all they do not want to lose control of US!! However, they are storing seeds and building bunkers and underground chambers,etc.(Many countries are doing this world-wide.)


The Centrifuge ON ITS OWN is capable of creating an inversion of The Earth with its Polar Shift and MUCH else!!!!
It is not a judgement. It is caused by a Natural Astronomical Event. Ex our Planet X(Now called Nibiru) getting knocked off course by a star exploding(nova) near-by,aeons ago, the shock waves of which damaged the solar system and knocked Planet X onto a VERY elliptical orbit around the sun. One so great as to send it to whizz by The Earth – at a million miles distance!
The orbital period of Nibiru is 3,600 years.

Since it produces a cataclysm each time it passes by Earth, and Mars,etc. as it sweeps around the sun – it has caused events like the sinkings(into magma and ocean)of Mu Lemuria, Atlantis,Poseidon, and now,this time, us, Ayran civilization. Global wide.

Expect a new civilization to get born, initiated once more, by The Annunaki Humanoid aliens. Starting a new line of pharoahs.(Act NOW, spread this news, and maybe win a high-ranking place in the new pharoah’s house and court!!)(The whole WORLD NEEDS warning IMMEDIATELY!! Tell as many people as you possibly can!!)(As the negatives among us oppose and resist me(and others) to the maximum. Foolishly believing that pretending this is not going to happen will cause it not to happen!! Which is UTTERLY ABSURD!!)


I am the ONLY person on the planet to both know these things AND to know the way of ESCAPE.(Which is down The North Geographical Pole(The thousand mile and more wide tubular entrance near to there!) and INTO The Hollow(but NOT underground!) Interior of The Earth!!))


THE EVENT, the greatest ever for Man on Earth, producing good and bad results, is now moving into its second stage – with the arrival of THE NIBIRU COMPLEX.(Nibiru and its six or seven satellite moons, along with a tail of debris and dust, hydrogen cyanide plus deadly poisonous red dusts)

Stage 3 follows this disaster when The Annunaki humanoid aliens help us build a new civilization. After the up-coming ice-age, a thousand years hence.


Stage 4 is when we take over the reins, with our own pharoahs, pyramids, sphinxes and faces,etc.(Like with Ancient Egypt.) Then The Annunaki leave us to it.


How do I KNOW this gigantic change is about to occur?!
This time there REALLY IS a wolf at the door!!

And WHAT a wolf!!
I know primarily from my geometric binomial sequencer law. And because I am not blind to the many carefully checked videos showing Nibiru,etc.
through U-Tube on The Internet!
I am very saddenned by the many sceptics who are unable to prove their foolish DOGMATIC negative declarations that 2,012 Doom,etc. is not coming.


Lens flares,etc. of a different size,colour,nature,etc. than the sun!?
No! In most cases we have the absurd “I do not WANT it to be true, therefore it isn’t” mentality. This is illogical emotive DENIAL. And cuts NO ICE!! A case of closed minds refusing to accept the obvious!!

Let us NOT be caught NAPPING.

It IS COMING all right!!

It could WELL appear by Christmas!

















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