RR10 The Three Ways to look at 2,012 Doom,etc,etc…

Saturday, 10th December, 2,011.


The Three Ways to look at it.(2,012.Doom,etc.)
You can go: 6,500 year period. When? Well, it is (almost) 2,012,now. Therefore, our current local timeal creation had to have been 4488.B.C.

You can go 4488.B.C. – The year date worked out by The Mayans using Christendom’s data. Then add in the 6,500 quarter solar period – and arrive at 2,012.A.D.

Or, you can go 2,012.A.D. is the indirect date obtained in the main tunnel in The Great Pyramid, AND is the popular year of Doom,etc. Then subtract the 6,500 year quarter solar term. We have 4488.B.C. Thus giving us the year date of our local timeal creation.
Note that it is good going by the main event, The Nibiru Complex – with its 3,600 year orbital period. That tells you that it is now (almost) 2,012.A.D. And 3,600 years before that we had 1,588.B.C. Yielding Joshua commanding the sun to stand still,etc.(Actually brought about by some enormous catastrophe!)(Joshua struck lucky!!)/Also: Pompei, I believe.

3,600 years before 1,588.B.C.we had 5,188.B.C. Pre-Sumeria.(The disaster that preceded Sumeria.)

3,600 years before that, 8,788.B.C. we had the disaster that preceded The Stone Age.

Back another 3,600 years to 12,388.B.C. We had some great flood,etc.
I said 4488 B.C. was local timeal Creation date. So these earlier cataclysms occurred during previous local timeal creations.


We also have Mu Lemuria(17,488.B.C.), Atlantis(10,988.B.C.) and then Poseidon(4488.B.C. paving the way for the start of that local timeal creation) occurring at 6,500 year intervals(my guess).
Mu cataclysm would have occurred in 23,988.B.C.(Were Mu separate from Lemuria.)
Thus you could prove 2012.A.D. Doom,etc. via the 3,600 year step too. As described at first,above!!
Note that we have these TWO sequences, of 6,500 year intervals – ex the quarter solar cycles, AND also the 3,600 year intervals caused by the passing of The Nibiru Complex. BOTH sequence prove 2,012.A.D. is The Doom,etc. year. The Terrible Year of THE LORD!!!!


I spoke earlier of Phaeton. But incline now to think that though Phaeton is probably still out there floating around, we do not know ITS periodicity, nor where it is now!!
(I am looking for and at all the cataclysm causing astronomical events I know of. I think I have them all.)


One I have not mentioned is The Alignment with The Great Rift at the centre of our galaxy. When Earth, sun and The Great Dark Rift all line up on a Northern Winter Solstice.

However, these alignments are so rare there is no check on cataclysms. Nor do I know their frequency!

Also, it is not known if cataclysms did result from these Great Dark Rift Alignments.

So no check that way.
The only periodicities I know of are the quarter solar cycles of 6,500 years – and the 3,600 year orbital periods of The Nibiru Complex!
Which two I have already checked out for cataclysm fits.
But both those series prove 2,012.A.D. is the year of Doom,etc.


Jesus prophecied 2,012.

And there are numerous reliable source prophecies.

Plus The Great Pyramid one of 2,012.

AND the one of Jesus at 12, in 12.A.D. saying that in two(thousand year) days the world would end.

Yielding 12 + 2 x 1,000 is 2,000 is 2,012.A.D.



It would appear that 2,012. Doom,etc. year is WELL proved and confirmed!!

I can think of no other way to prove or otherwise 2,012. Doom,etc. Nor do I think a way will arise.

It seems I have exhausted them all.
I feel I have sufficiently proved and confirmed that 2,012.Doom,etc. WILL occur. And that will be any time from now until a few years hence.
Here are the things you can do to avoid or lessen it:-


1. Hope you will die first.(But do NOT commit suicide or seek euthanasia!!)

2. You can escape WITHIN The Hollow Earth!!

3. You can ascend to a vibrationally higher Earth where doom will not occur.

4. You can hope that the aliens will evacuate you to safety!
5. Or you can hope to find refuge, a cave or something and perhaps survive. But I think such an existence would be worse than death!!

6. You can gain favour with the authorities and escape into a bunker or somesuch.
7. You can go underground, into a cave or somesuch – and hope to survive.(My other cave retreat was meant to be AFTER the worst had passed.)


8. You can somehow try to survive UNDER WATER!!!!
I think that about exhausts all the possibilities.


Otherwise you are stuck with a most horrific and terrible death!!!!















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