RR9 Sequel to the sequel.

Saturday, 10th December, 2,011.



SECOND sequel to RR7.

An unexpected bonanza!!

Nibiru’s orbital period is 3,600 years.

How does that fit my 6,500 year quarter solar cycle?!

BOTH cycles are operating conjunctively!!(They just happen to CO-INCIDE THIS TIME!!)(But THIS is only The VERY BEGINNING.)


Furthermore, a 26,000 year cycle is being completed, as Sol, our sun, completes one circuit of its spiral arm, UPON WHICH RESIDES ALYCONE!! The CENTRAL SUN!!
Nor is THAT all! For also being completed(I understand.) is ONE CIRCUIT of the entire galaxy, by the closed stellar cluster of stars, a spiral arm of which, WE ARE IN!!


So our “equation” now reads: 6,500 x 3,600 x 4 x 1,000

Which is(Eyes down, looking…) 9,360,000,000 x 26,000,000 = 24,360,000,000,000,000 years.

That is how long it will take before THIS EVENT(It is CALLED THE EVENT!) occurs again.


In other words an EXTREMELY RARE occurrence!!



It means that our universe will need to come and go MANY MANY times BEFORE this event recurs!!


So what is about to occur(Correction: 22 days to New Year,not 12 days, of course! Sorry about that!)






Gentlemen, and those of THE RIB, shall we adjourn to The Time MACHINE??!!

I am NOT ribbing!!(Have a GOOD Christmas. And a NEW YEAR rather hard to forget!!(I expect Eurozone to break up.)

Anyone care to offer a DATE in Ye New Year when we may EXPECT the coming grand-daddy of CATACLYSMS to START to occur??!!

All right. How about a FINISHING DATE,then??!!


Pass that hat back,now,Jack…
Is that Santa I see riding in WITH A SACK?? ??






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