RR8c Sequel to RR7 My PROOF, and CONFIRMATION, that 2,012 IS Doomsyear,ETC.

Saturday, 10th December, 2,011.



Sequel to RR7, my proof of 2,012.

(Note: Do NOT commit suicide!!)
2,012 is a key date, and so immediate! The question is WHY??

2,012 (December 21st, 2,012.)is the date for the end of the current Mayan calendar Long Count Cycle. This has been interpreted as the end of time! And of the end of the world!!

If by world you mean universe, then no it is not the end of the world.(Though it COULD POSSIBLY be the end of The Earth.(But VERY unlikely.))

Because Nibiru MIGHT hit it(The Earth).

I think Nibiru will pass by, though very close,(a million miles?) and do much damage.(Via gravity, magnetic, and electric,etc.TIDES which will almost tear The Earth in two!!)


Now it is extremely important that you understand this 2,012 business!
A TINY few are trying to. Trying to fathom its depth.


The bottom line is this: Planet Nibiru with its six or seven satellites and its tail of debris and dust(Planet X!) is shooting to whizz closely by us(The Planet of The Crossing!) in the very near future. In the dust is DEADLY red dust too apparently.And possibly Hydrogen Cyanide. Which is deadly poisonous AND provides an electric capacitator,thus enabling the sun to shoot tremendous electric charges at us!(Just over a year hence.)(With disastrous consequences EVEN if Nibiru did nothing else. But it IS going to do AN AWFUL LOT(of harm)!!(It is accompanied by fleets of huge UFO’s, plus Comet Elenin(A gigantic UFO, apparently.) – which has dimmed its lights,not gone.(Perhaps trying to hide from us!) Laden with Humanoid Annunaki bearded giant aliens!(Who fancy our women.) Coming to evacuate us(the best half of us)from the devastating consequences of The Nibiru Complex.(One of its moons could hit us.)(It seems that we are already IN the tail of The Nibiru Complex. Red dust has been falling for some time. Only a little so far. Some fell as red rain in India recently.(It LOOKS like blood. The colour of Nibiru!)(Nibiru is soon to appear.)(And TERRIFY most humans.)(The Red Dragon. The Winged Horus.)

My main theme in this section of this article is my proof of 2,012.


It seems 1999 and 2,000 were APPROXIMATIONS of 2,012! Not to be taken literally!!(So you chaps who keep having a dig about 1999, and Y2K being fizzers, PSST!! 2,012 is the year!!)
The Mayans worked out the date of Creation as being 4488 B.C.(Using the data of Christendom.)

A word here about 4488.B.C. being The CREATION’S(Of The Earth.) date: Orthodox Science speaks of 4 to 5 BILLION years ago!

However!(I agree with Orthodox Science there.) I am referring to a PARTICULAR SERIES of Creations of life(including humans)on Planet Earth.
I hold that EVERY 6,500 years, there is a TIMEALLY local Creation!

Not of The Earth, but of life(humans, at least)ON Earth!!
Why every 6,500 years? Because one solar precessional and zodiacal period is 26,000 years long, but that there are FOUR EQUAL wobbles of The Earth. 26,000 divided by four then being 6,500 years.
My concern is with each one WOBBLE of 6,500 years! Because EACH ONE WOBBLE(Of 6,500 years) is a FULL CYCLE of Centrifugal Force which is conveyed to the entire solar system, Earth included!

The Earth’s wobble LEANS to the four points of the compass in turn. Left up, left down, right up, right down.
Then the cycle repeats, indefinitely.
I am making a correction. I said before that the sun was rounding a spiral arm of the closed stellar cluster(found by me)(when I mapped the entire cosmos(using CORRECT and ACCURATE distances,etc.) AT FOUR MAIN LEVELS, stars, closed stellar clusters,clusters of galaxies and B-Leyfert Objects, Radio Sources and Quasars) that it is in. I think now that it is merely the extreme of a wobble! Plus the sun being at farthest point in its orbit around Alycone, The Central Sun. (Main star of The Pleiades.)Which is apparently on the spiral arm of the closed stellar cluster it is on.
I think that extremes of wobbles and extremes of sun’s orbit around Alycone occur simultaneously. At least, I believe they do THIS time!!
That is where the 6,500 years comes from!
A QUARTER of one complete precessional and zodiacal sun cycle.(26,000 divided by 4 – is – 6,500 !! RIGHT?? ??)


Now if we add 6,500 years TO that Mayan obtained date year of 4488.B.C; we derive 2,012.A.D!!
The Egyptians recorded it in STONE along the key tunnel in The Great Pyramid. Such date being indirectly obtained.


Hence the date year of 2,012.A.D!



What is key about it – is the fact that it(December 21st, 2,012.A.D.) MARKS the end of our current quarter solar cycle!
Now THAT is the period I analyzed via my Binomial Geometric Sequence Law., which I found via noticing by a fluke.(Perhaps telepathed to me?!)


Moving forwards (from 4488.B.C.) in sequentially HALVED jumps, I obtained the year dates of the thirteen worst disasters(to the concerned applicable date!) – which is a one chance in 13 to the power of 250(or 13 times 13 250 times)(Since the AVERAGE time interval between WORST UP TO THEN disasters – is 250 years!)
WHY? Why this interesting law?

My guess is – that the force of the wobble(and solar orbit around star Alycone, perhaps) decreases BINOMIALLY in geometric sequence, thus causing(at SEQUENTIALLY halved intervals of time(AND halved intensities)!) that much of a reduction in the force causing the disasters.)
Note that there is nothing special about my binomial geometric sequence law ending EXACTLY on 2,012! No matter what period term one chose, you would NECESSARILY(a mathematical necessity!) end up on the last year date of a such-like term!


But what IS of note is the fact that by SO doing(using my halving principle!) – I FIT EXACTLY to the dates of the 13 worst(up to the time concerned) disasters!
Which MEANS BESIDES PROVING(!) (AND CONFIRMING!!) that 2,012.A.D. is INDEED Doom,etc. time(Centred upon the date of December 21st, 2,012.A.D.
– THAT, when the NEXT cycle begins(On December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.) that the FIRST and WORST natural,ETC.disaster of the series WILL OCCUR!!(At Astronomical SQUARED probability odds IN MY FAVOUR!!) Ya gotta??!!)

Why December 22nd? Because that is The Northern Winter Solstice.
It is the day after WHEN Earth’s wobble reaches maximum tilt!


This CATACLYSM will not necessarily START TO occur on December 22nd of the terrible year, but SOME TIME DURING that year(give or take about a month or two)(Allowing for overlap(either way,forwards or back
wards) of our Gregorian Calendar!)(The force of wobble extreme may(especially so close to the year’s end)not FIT EXACTLY within the year 2,012, or whatever year applies!! !!)

Now, dear reader, IF you followed that VERY SIMPLE elucidation, then you are the possessor of the PROOF and CONFIRMATION of 2,012 being Doom,ETC.year!!)(Which,THUS FAR,no one else ON EARTH, has!)

Here is your chance to SHINE, by making this fact KNOWN!!(As just about EVERYONE(Into 2,012 business) is going to be interested in this!!!!)


Yes, you have my full permission and copyright permit!! GO FOR IT!!(But PLEASE quote me and my reference particulars,etc. as SOURCE!!
If only because only I know how to escape,etc. this VERY dire event!!)



I will be Caeser, but you can be Marc Antony!


Now, HAVE YOU followed all this all right?


YOU will KNOW – at astronomical probability odds SQUARED – that 2,012 (but allow for possible overlaps) IS doom,ETC. year.(With a special eye to December 22nd, 2,012.A.D!!)


Got it??



In the in the know circles, the date of December 22nd, 2,012.A.D. is all the rage. And becoming more and more popular – by the hour!
You SHOULD become Number TWO on Earth!


Up to now no one had proved(and confirmed(via Internet year date checks)) that 2,012 IS the year of Doom,ETC!!

I hand you the shaker WITH DICE.
Not want to go down in history??!!

Shall I pass the shaker to ANOTHER????


You no care??!!



To recap and summarize:-

We hear an increasing lot about 2,012.A.D. (Especially December 22nd, The Northern Winter Solstice time) And its being DOOM time,ETC. The Terrible Year of THE LORD!!!!





that I have proved(and confirmed) that it is



YOU going to stand in the way?

ARE you going to argue the toss??


Want THAT on your conscience ETERNALLY??!!



Come on,now!!



Re-capping briefly:-

Mayans worked out year of THIS current CREATION(Of life and humans on Planet Earth) – as being 4488.B.C.
I have explained to you WHY the period term of 6,500 years is so important.
It is how long each WOBBLE of The Earth TAKES to go full period!
So, if 4488.B.C. is the start date of Creation(And creations usually follow on the heels of some colossal destruction!), and 6,500 years is how long it takes for the wobble to get back to starting point(!), THEN
Up comes that year 2,012.A.D!(4488 B.C. PLUS 6,500 YEARS IS 2,012.A.D.)

And the date of the START of the FOLLOWING CYCLE is December 22nd, 2,012!!



The bottom line is that ALL 13 worst(to the date concerned!) disasters THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE 6,500 year period, FIT EXACTLY the analyzed binomial geometric sequence law I have spelled out to YOU!!(A probability (in my favour) chance of 13 to the power of 250!(Which is 13 times itself TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY TIMES!!))



More porridge, brother, sister?? ??

Is THIS(before yu) not the most important document since The Bible came out??!!



WHAT are you waiting for??


The WORLD disputes 2,012, you see.
But WE can refute them!!

By simple mathematics – AND THE INTERNET BROWSER!! !!

You WITH me??



Are YOU in the Human Race, or some other kind of race??




Allow me to continue:-


As I enlarge,
And toss in a few other points…


Series D: 1.
Disasters and heat(?) continue to increase. Why? Man made fossil fuel burning you think??!!
TRY my wobble!!(And maybe add the orbital extreme of Sol, our sun, as it circles Alycone??)


I dunno. But do I see a SOLUTION, or do I see FEAR of a solution??!!



Look: We have Earth’s wobble heave and centrifuge as it approaches extreme lurch point! Causing two things: a. Magma heaving up against the tectonic plates.

AND b. Centrifugal Force centred upon Hawai Islands CREATING our Ring of Fire!(Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, sink holes and now CRACKS in the ground, as THE SURFACE STRETCHES to breaking point!!)
Man, is you reading closely with eye to screen?!


OR is SIMPLE PHYSICS too much for you?? Hmmm??


On December 22nd, 2,012.A.D. a NUMBER of things will happen:-


But are you going to say NO THING will??!!

Then, man, you dunno much about CENTRIFUGAL FORCE from Earth’s centre, AND from The Hawaian Islands!!!!


Is PHYSICS wrong,then??!! Eh????

THEREFORE, BEWARE of the year 2,012.A.D. AND its precincts!!


Take a look at your watch!! WATCH!! According to my calendar we have just 22 days to go!(To 2,012.A.D!!)

And the cataclysm could START TO occur any time between now and early 2,013!!

Point out to me WHY it wouldn’t!


Big events don’t usually wait until THE DAY before STARTING UP!!

It should PEAK on 22nd December, 2,012. But can start – MUCH earlier!!



Which MEANS, since even Dec.22, 2,012.A.D. ain’t that far away, that THE ONLY cause capable of dealing out a cataclysm IS The Nibiru Complex.


THEREFORE, it has to be VERY CLOSE!!(Physically AND in time!!)


What else may we expect on December 22nd, 2,012.A.D????


End of The Mayan LONG COUNT calendar.
Excellent astronomers, they KNEW it was coming WAY back!


The aliens know it is coming,too. And keep telling us in THE CROP,ETC.circles!!!!(You TAKE a LOOK!!)

On December 22nd, 2,012.A.D. The Earth, The Sun AND The Dark Rift at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy – will ALL line up ON The Northern Winter Solstice of 22.12.12!!

Yes, there is a line up of Earth and Sun every Northern Winter Solstice with The Dark Rift. AND the moon too, going into eclipse?!
But not when The Nibiru Complex is about to appear!!



Aquarian Age starts on December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.
All cycles known to us start up again on that date!!


How strange that The NIBIRU COMPLEX also arrives then,too!!??

It is the START of a NEW AGE. AND of the next solar quarter cycle!!

See more clearly now WHY December 22nd, 2,012.A.D. is so VERY important??!!



It is because our tenth planet Nibiru, now on a VERY eccentric orbit around our sun, which is SO big, and slated to pass just one million miles away from us(On The Earth). That, via PHYSICS, we should know that IMMENSE gravity,magnetic,electric,etc. TIDES MUST occur. And just about tear this planet in HALF!!

VERY little, IF ANYTHING, should survive!!


Yes, Polar Shift, two axial tilt changes AND two crustal displacements(of THOUSANDS of miles) can be EXPECTED to occur! Along with two polar rock-backs!!(Or PHYSICS is wrong!!)

Going underground?(Underwater better, IF you can stay down!!)

See NOW why they are storing seeds?

Why they are building underground BUNKERS!!
One chap is building AN ARK.

So some time over the next few months, IT should START…
And go on for a few YEARS.

A THOUSAND YEAR long ICE AGE should follow.

Have you BOOKED your cave??!!(Expect a rush!!)

HAVE I made my point?? ??

Or DON’T you WANT to see it??!!



I speak for YOUR SAKE.

No, I do NOT get paid bonus for this!!



Pass the ‘at around, Jack. I don think they understand plain English too well!!
And let’s get outta ya!!































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