RR7b Nibiru to appear soon!

Friday, 9th December, 2,011.

Nibiru to appear soon!



It is 23 days to 2,012.A.D. The Terrible Day of The Lord.(Centred upon December 22nd, 2,012.)
Nibiru should appear in the sky at any time during the next few months!

It will be seen by the naked eye, even in daylight.

Note that it has already been visible telescopically since about 1983. 28 years.

Its size is variously reported as being almost four times Jupiter size to slightly smaller than Mars.

I discovered a mathematical law which I call My Geometric Binomial Sequence Law. THIS is why I so expect Nibiru’s arrival soon(Alternative names: Planet X, Wormwood, Marduk, The Winged Globe, 12th Planet, Planet of The Passing, The Red Katrina, Herboculus, Tyche and others.)

This law yields the year dates of all the biggest disasters up to their dates over the last 6,500 years!(4488.B.C. to 2,012.A.D.)
Do you see what this means? I have PROVED and CONFIRMED that 2,012 A.D. is INDEED The year of DOOM!!(Because 2,012 A.D. is the last date reached via halving principle and then subtracting from the latest WORST disaster SO FAR date!)(THAT is another proof that 2,012.A.D. is Doom,etc. year!!)
You simply(PLEASE check this!!)(Simple arithmetic!) take the quarter(26,000 years precession period divided by four. solar period of 6,500 years, and subtract the decreasing halves of 6,500 years from the dates of 4488.B.C. (Mayan date for Creation ex Christendom’s data.)forwards! 4488 – 3250(half of 6,500) is 1238 B.C.(Now check Internet for disaster on such date.). Next 1238.B.C. – 1625 is 387.A.D. And so on. Until you reach 2,012. Yielding 13 disasters. Each one finds itself a worst disaster(to that date)! Odds against this are 13 to the power of 250!(As worst disasters AVERAGE one in every 250 years over that 6,500 year period.)(Sometimes more than one worst to date disaster occurs improving the odds in my favour!)(Anyone care to work out what 13 to the power of 250 is?)(That is 13 times itself TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY times. That is the probability TO ONE of this 2012 Doom year being correct!)

Such is the probability of my being right that 2,012.A.D. is indeed

The sudden appearance in the sky of Nibiru(any time from now on!) should terrify every person on Earth!


It will look like a red dragon. And will(when closest)look like a large second (and red) MOON!
It seems that there was a nova, an exploding star, the shock waves of which damaged our solar system, and knocked Planet X off course, causing it to take an extremely elliptical orbit around the sun, making it pass about one million miles from Earth.


Now well-known as Nibiru(it has six or seven satellites). Said to orbit the sun every 3,600(3,580 actually?) years. And has MANY aliens accompanying it, plus UFO’s. I gather Comet Elenin is one!(Not gone, lights dimmed, I think!)

Each time this object(Nibiru)(Planet X) re-enters the solar system, it causes great havoc to The Earth,etc.(Via its gravity,magnetic and electric,etc.TIDES.) THAT is understandable.


We need to know when big disasters occurred. And see if their date years match 6,500(6,480?) or 3,600(3580?) year intervals. But nothing much turns up.


The great cataclysms needed to destroy Mu Lemuria, Atlantis and Poseidon were probably caused by Nibiru, but what is the orbital period? 6,500,6,480,3,600 or 3,580 years?)
Apparently The Nibiru Complex(Nibiru plus its six or seven satellites,etc.) caused the sinking of the three great continents (Mu Lemuria, Atlantis and Poseidon.)
However MY geometric binomial sequence law PIN POINTS TO THE VERY YEAR the dates of the biggest disaster TO THAT date!


Now THERE is the great proof and confirmation that 2,012 IS the year of Doom!(Because of the ENORMOUS odds(13 to the power of 250!) by probability IN MY FAVOUR!!)

It is SO important that you check me out! Take 3,250, 1,625, 812.5, 406.25,ETC. off of The Creation Date of 4488.B.C.(And THEN the SUBSEQUENT year dates!) in 13 steps forwards …to 2,012.(WORTH your while mastering this!)

I give again my proof and confirmation extracted from my article LM7:-


(Any mathematicians out there?)
According to my calculations(Orthodoxy knows nothing of this.), as solar electric pressure decreases, natural blow-outs must occur, commencing at the start of the 6,500 solar quarter cycle period, with the biggest, – and then per a decreasing HALVING timeally, the intensity of the disasters(resulting from the blow-outs), also halved.
You all ready??



Tabulating in two colums, on the left, in black, I give the predictions from my found BINOMIAL Geometric Sequence. On the right in red, I give the ACTUAL blow-outs(disasters)(these will be the largest on record, up to that date). Giving the dates according to the historians:-



I begin at the beginning of our current solar quarter cycle(Of 6,500 years.) with prediction date ONE.(4488.B.C. is Creation date. The last date(ITSELF a disaster, the BIGGEST!!!!)of the PREVIOUS CYCLE!!)

Please take your time, and read VERY CAREFULLY!!(You simply divide 6,500 years by 2: 3,250. Subtract this figure from 4488.B.C.(Mayan date EX CHRISTENDOM DATA(!!) for start of current quarter solar cycle!). 1238.B.C. Then you divide the halved figure(3,250) by 2(getting 1625) and subtract THAT from the second date(1238.B.C.) – yielding 387.A.D. And then continue thus halving the previous halved figure and subtracting,…until you reach 2,012.A.D.(After about 13 WORST disasters.)(You will find that each resulting date IS THE DATE OF THE WORST DISASTER UP TO THEN!!)(Clearly a LAW is operating there! From SUN affecting Earth!! Geometric BINOMIALLY!!)(The next date predicted? 2,012.A.D!!) Got it??(End of an AGE.)



4488.B.C.(This is the date of The Commencement of our current Solar Quarter Cycle period. Obtained by SUBTRACTING 6,500 years from The Mayan,etc.Calendar’s date for the end of this cycle(Also the last date found in The Great Pyramid: “The end of time”.)) The Alleged date of THE END OF THE WORLD. (Which many hope is only the end of this current CYCLE…)



4488 B.C.Date of current CREATION.(Bishop Usser’s figure was 4004 B.C. 484 years too previous.) (I am obliged to STAGGER the corresponding column.(Not bad shooting Bishop Usher.(Let us all remember that HE obtained this date by totting up(very laboriously) all the BEGATS in Genesis!!)(He seems to have got it roughly right!))(But corrected to 4488.B.C. by The Mayans!! So Usser was somewhat out!!)



Critics will be feverishly looking for trickery, I expect.(Is there any??)




The second date of The Geometric Sequence, is determined BINOMIALLY GEOMETRICALLY. You simply divide the full term of 6,500 years, by TWO: 3,250.(Will mathematicians confirm my figures, please.)(I mean my calculations.)
6500 divided by 2 is 3,250 – which needs to be subtracted from date one which is 4488.B.C.(You all follow that?) Yielding 1,238.B.C.
Don’t be afraid of it. It is SIMPLE ARITHMETIC.


Taking 3,250 off of 4488, I arrive at 1238.B.C.
I now move to Entry Two:-

1238.B.C. 1238.B.C. Historians claim that this is the date of Noah’s flood.(Actually I think this is Gilgamesh’s Flood. However, if the historians wish to name it after Noah, who am I to argue?)

SPOT ON.(What’s in a name?)

Subtract FROM B.C. dates. Add on for A.D. ones!! Of course!!

Date three is obtained by halving the last addition(3250 years), 1625 years(all agreed?), and seeing what year date(after taking that off 1238.B.C.) that takes us to: 387.A.D.

So I enter(in Column One) 387.A.D.




387.A.D. So! 387.A.D. That was when Santorini blew up.(Do check through The Internet – if you doubt my word.) It is rather hard to find a bigger disaster on or near that year.(Remember I am listing the LARGEST disasters UP TO EACH DATE CONCERNED.)(According to the historians.)(History is littered with disasters of course. But I am listing the worst so far each time.)



I make the next entry 1199.(Any dissenters?)(387 plus 812 = 1199.)(Yes, 812 is half of its predecessor, 1625(Rounding off to the whole number, below.)):-


1199.A.D. 1201.A.D. Egypt and Syria Earthquake. Drat it! Two years out.(Delayed blow-out?)(Turks initially elected for 1,202.A.D.(Here is the original 3 years advanced year. Which fits Peebles 3 years advanced claim for Gregorian calendar.)
Excuse me. Can I help it if the historians were two years out? Now who are you going to believe? Sol’s weakening pressure? Or historians who may have not been so good in 1201.A.D.


Please note, though – that initially four earthquakes were claimed, spread over a two year period.(Historians finally put date in July, 1,201.A.D.).1202-1203.A.D. Historians confused over this one.)(Were they another year out??)(And/or was blow-out delayed a year?)



Note that if tampering by The Catholic Church began between 1,203.A.D. and 1,605.A.D. (Note, switched to Gregorian Calendar 1588.A.D.) then if they added 3 years to historical dates, then this 3 year(POSSIBLY 4 year) difference – is explained!!

1605.A.D. (1199 plus 406(Halve or 812, the preceding figure.))
1605.A.D. Second big Canada earthquake.


1808.A.D. (1605 plus 203(Adding(to last date entered – half of 406.) Getting the idea?


1808.A.D. Cordova, Spain disaster(Earthquake, I think. Cordova lost its claim to largest city in Spain. So damaged.) – Unless you prefer Indonesian Earthquake?(Also in 1808.A.D.)(Two blow-outs ex Sol’s pressure.)


SPOT ON. TWO disasters. Good measure!!


1910.A.D, (1808 plus 101.5625, actually. Nearest whole number is 102. That’s 1910. Right?)


Yangtse River Flood, China, 1911.A.D.

One year out. Now who is in error? Sun, or China??

Or both!!

But note the plague in China of 1909.A.D. fits better. Especially if we go 1808 + 100.56 = 1909.



1961.A.D. (1910 pus 50.78125(Call it 51.)(Half of the preceding 102 figure.))(Go to nearest below OR above!! (The nearest round number.))


1961.A.D. China Famine.(Unless you think The U.S. Ice Storm was worse.)



SPOT ON.(A double for me.)




1986.A.D. (1961 plus 25(Half of preceding

51(Nearest round number.).) 1986.A.D. Major Flood in China.




1999.A.D.(1986 + 13(half of preceding rounded up).)

1999.A.D. Turkey Earthquake.








2005.A.D.(Half of 13 is 6.5.)

2005.A.D. Hurrican Rita.




2008.A.D.(Half of 6 is 3, on.)

2008.A.D. Burma Nargis cyclone.
And China Sichan Earthquake.

Again I get a double.


2,010.A.D. (Half of 3 is 1.5, on.)(Call it 2.) 2010.A.D. Hands up. Haiti Earthquake.(Worst so far this year.)
But this year is not over yet, remember.(At time of writing.)



Spot on SO FAR.(We may get a worse disaster this year,yet., or one or more as bad.)





That is 13 disaster comparisons(worst disasters, per years).



How many did I get wrong??



One, according to Egypt and Syria.(SUN predicted(not I) 1199.)(Egypt and Syria, finally, said July, 1201. Over 800 years ago, in Middle East. So turbulent today. Who are you going to believe? Sun, or Middle East so long ago??)


Apart from that geometric prediction, I got them all right. 12 out of 13.

Will mathematicians please work out the chances of Sun getting 12 out of 13 right? Considering that odds against getting even (any) one right 12 to the power of 250!!!!(REALLY big disasters occurring about once every 250 years.)


There will be MANY lesser DISASTERS, OF COURSE. (But the rule is WORST ones.,to the applicable date)(NATURAL disasters.)



Not me, you see. Sun and mathematics!!(I only discovered the natural law.)


DO point out any mathematical errors I may have made.


Further points:-


2. Go underground(many bunkers being built, world wide!)? Dangerous, I say! Earth nearly heaved in half by Nibiru!(Why all the secrecy? To avoid panic. Above all to keep control of us.)
3. If Nibiru is so large and so close – why can’t we see it(With the naked eye.)? Because it is hidden in glare of sun, mostly in infra red, and so far south and below the ecliptic(was).

4. Nibiru often looks like a SECOND SUN!(Study videos of Nibiru yourself!)(Punch in Second sun videos or Nibiru videos.)

5. Best refuge is under water.(Danger is of falling boulders(Rocks in Nibiru’s tail!)(Note that we are already IN the tail of Nibiru. Because Nibiru is between sun and us. And Sun blows tail towards us!))(If we went down The North Geographical Pole(NEAR there is big entrance!)into the hollow interior of The Earth, we would be safer than upon outer surface of The Earth.)

6. Also in tail is red dust(Already noticed!)

7. AND Hydrogen Cyanide(Deadly poison.)
8. Nibiru used to look like Second Sun, but now that it is between sun and Earth, looks like black spot.
9. Nibiru is already affecting Earth. Recall the pre-cursor to a pole shift recently?


10. There are sceptical people out there who declare that it won’t occur. But how can you prove that, especially as it is a negative?!
11. THIS is what Jesus(and many other reliable sources)was alluding to! THEN will the end come!
12. The current cold is due to the paucity of sun spots not so long back. This results in lower temperatures later./ Plus heat pushing up and driving cold air down from stratosphere./ Also other causes.


13. H.G. Wells in his short story “In The Wake of The Comet”, spoke of a red dust coming from a comet predicted by him.(We had Comet Elenin and also red dust falling!!)


14. I believe that Nibiru is behind our increasing badness and madness. Could be behind economic and financial crises too.

15. I say again: Study my proof and confirmation given in red far above!

16. Damage and loss of life can be expected to be appalling. It should be like Atlantis! Or Poseidon or Noah’s Flood, or Gilmesh’ flood. That is the magnitude we can expect.
17. A terrible danger will be from humans going BESERK. Wrecking everything in FRENZIED INSANITY.
18. No need to worry, people. Death of the physical body is only loss of our outermost vehicle! Like losing an overcoat. We still have the inner, and better, bodies 5D within!!

The physical body is ONLY a shell or mould! It rots away to nothing eventually.(How long do bones last??)

Death is release from misery. We spend an average 50 years in The Spirit World.(55 in the physical) Then, desiring to evolve faster, we enter a fresh body, mould that body to our spirit’s form, and thus continue indefinitely from life to life!
Some people decry God. But God is WONDERFUL. What IS lacking is our knowledge of the truth!! That is OUR problem, not God’s!
So many of us THINK that we are our physical bodies, BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE!! so we may get angry. But it is our ignorance NOT OUR IMAGINED God’s short-coming that is to blame!!
All our problems lie at our door, NOT some-one else’s!!



19. Do NOT touch sex, drugs(especially alcohol(poison))(avoid dope(pharmaceutical drugs,too!)(NO smoking either!), violence, sin, wrong,deadly sins,et al!!!!

Sex is bad because it LOWERS our VIBRATIONS. Which then lets in many an evil. Brings misery, sends us DOWN in the spirit world, makes it harder for us to enjoy the unions of the HIGHER BODIES, and so on and on!!!!


20. Many are having a whale of a time NOW. But you need to look for THE CATCH!! God is NOT mocked! If your life is easy, – BEWARE!!
We have had it good for so long. Look for THE COMPENSATOR. It cometh. Nibiru!!

21. You probably do not like what I say. Makes you unhappy. However, I say these things to give you a chance to remedy things! NOW is the time to GET THE ACT TOGETHER!! Not when you are lost IN THE SPIRIT WORLD!!


22. You do not like Doom and Going to Hell after death. So avoid them NOW!!(While you have the chance!!)
23. Stock up food,etc? For others to FORCIBLY steal off you??!!
24. Once Nibiru appears, THEN will humans stop laughing a bit!!(I am thinking of the frequent laughter of those on TV Channel 7 in Queensland, Australia IN PARTICULAR.)(They laugh as though they will get a bonus per laugh! But those who laugh now ARE GOING TO WEEP!!)
I speak to WARN you. So you may AVOID hurt!


25. Do you recall that film “When Worlds collide”. Back about the fifties(19)..

It shows a planet approaching closer and closer to Earth.

We are SOON to experience this!!

Nibiru is that planet!!


26. I wish I could reach more of you. But I get resisted and opposed.(The forces oppressing this world do not want you to get free!!)


27. Let us go with JESUS!!

28. Above all WITH GOD!!
29. Been hurt? Then FORGIVE.

Done wrong? Then repent and forgive YOURSELF!! Seeking GOD’S FORGIVENESS too!!

30. They who have it good now, shall have it bad after death in The Spirit World. And vice versa!
31. 2,012 is the year when Earth’s vibrations get raised. But the dominant faction DO NOT LIKE THAT!! So LOOK OUT!!
32. I incline to think now that Nibiru explains the lot(doomwise). So go by what I am telling you NOW!!
33 Sorry. I had a lot to squeeze in.

34. There is far too much pointing in favour of 2,012 Doom and Nibiru,etc. But also Ascension and Rapture,etc.

But certainly HUGE changes!!

35. Note lavic fountains will also occur. Springing up from the ground.



















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