RR1 Where do we stand? Comrads.

Friday, 2nd December, 2,011.

Where do we stand?



What is the truth? Are we doing well – or not??

Materially and technologically, yes, we are doing well. But largely thanks to a deal with humanoid aliens. Technology in exchange for permission to abduct and experiment on humans, and to drain blood from cattle(which they value highly!). Perhaps they drink it. I do not know.
Planet Earth has the most backward humanity on it in the galaxy.

We are bad and mad. And soon will be had and sad. Yes.
We are going the WRONG way!!

Worshipping Devil, instead of God!!

Sacrificing soul to body!

Elevating money,etc. instead of love,etc.

We claim to be good, when we are horribly bad!
We are OBSESSED with sex, drugs, sport, skiffle, junk food, dope(pharmaceutical drugs), sin, deadly sins, wrong-doing, hypocrisy via double standard, and falsehoods,ETC.ETC…
We wrongly believe that physical death is the end of US. Teach that there are no aliens. Believe caring for others is weakness.

We FEAR to be good in front of our fellows. Dreading their censure and scorn,etc!!!!
We are BURIED in laws, but enforce few.

We say one thing, but do the opposite.

We value ANIMALS more than humans.(Though there is a LOT to be said for that!!)(As animals often show us the way!)


We are utterly INSANE.

We look after the dead,albeit their ASHES or remains; but ill-treat the living.

We talk about how nasty for white skins to oppose coloureds, but it is the coloureds who oppose the white skins FAR more!! Aye! AND outnumber them too!!


We spend what we haven’t got! Living far beyond our means.

Especially SPIRITUALLY!!


We support trade unions against workers, because of excesses by bosses a century and more ago!(Today, it is the bosses who get ill-treated to excess!)
Our jails are over-crowded, DESPITE the leniency of judges.
We say one thing, but DO another!!


We worship APPEARANCES, whilst going TO HELL in REALITY!!
The fear of Man is a snare!

It is GOD that we should fear!
We have elevated women above men. And children above adults.
We think it is all right to be low and wicked in our THOUGHTS, not realizing that what we THINK is JUST as REAL as what we physically do(or fail to do)!!
If I lust after a woman IN MY HEART, I am just as guilty as he who physically succombs!!


You THINK that if you go around crying Jesus and Lord, but DO vile things, that you will escape the judgement?!(No! You will NOT!!)

Whilst he who DOES good, but does not boast of Jesus and The Lord – STILL does well!!(Salvation is more in the ACT than the name!)


Gay marriage? Have you gone COMPLETELY mad world??!!
What is the purpose of marriage? It is to avoid disease, disapproval, pregnancy and immorality via PROMISCUITY.

And to get people to stay together!

And to keep OTHERS off!!
MANY THINK that it is to have children(being fruitful by multiplying).
But actually ROMANTIC LOVE is the reason.
Which often leads to sex.(Which often results in children)


In days of old, there were few humans,and we NEEDED to procreate to produce. But nowadays there are far too many on the planet! We need to ABSTAIN to cut our numbers!!
We marry vowing until death(of the body), but very often divorce once LOVE is dead!

So many confuse love with sex!

Sex is lust.

Gay marriage? Unless you adopt, hardly will produce children!!


If you cannot CONTAIN(abstain), marry!!
To protect any children.

You don’t need to marry to have sex? But you DO!!

I MEAN that you should marry!(FIRST!!)
Marriage is not legalized prostitution.(That is the whole POINT of the exercise!)(To have sex with Society’s PERMISSION!!)(And above ALL, GOD’S(PERMISSION)!!)


Old fashioned am I? But good rules NEVER go out of date!!


This generation(and many before it!) is spoilt, – RUINED!!(By so many BAD examples!!)


Wisdom is seldom foolish!!
We face utter destruction of body AND soul!! In the near future!!

Licence and Anarchy is NOT the way to go!!(Licence is not Liberty!)


What is SO lacking is SELF CONTROL!!(So we are obliged to have CONTROL.)(But what we have – is A MOCKERY!!)


Do as I SAY, not as I DO!!(Even if it is only in THOUGHT!!)(Though it isn’t!!)


Indulge – and be RELIEVED?


We judge ourselves!

But THE LAW OF GOD bites our EVERY move.(Even those in THOUGHT!!)

It depends WHY we do what we do, rather than WHAT we do!!

Motive and intention ARE everything!!

The law of Man – is an ASS!!

But The Law of GOD is SUCCOUR to the SOUL!!

Humans are offended at being preached to. Because they LOVE to INDULGE in pursuits that harm their souls – and do not want to be dissuaded!!

You WILL survive death!(But of WHAT use if not going UPSTAIRS??!!)

Now there are those who take exception to surviving death. How strange? Are they afraid(condemned by their guilt!) of going to Hell after death, and then NOT believing in survival provided a DELUSIONARY hope!! Ha ha.

I am CONCERNED for their SOULS, not their relieved low desires.

God does not exist? Then WHO created everything?

The Devil does not wear horns!(But a DECEIVING smile!)

Jesus sacrificed his body for his soul. To save his self!(Own soul)

We NEED to go and DO LIKEWISE!!

It is NOT what Jesus did that saves us, but what WE DO!!

Jesus SAID: “Save YOUR SELVES!!”.(In Bible!!)

It is not so much what the witch-doctor does that cures us, but what we BELIEVE is its efficacy!!


The Bible is The Word of MAN, not of God!!

But of a WISE man!!


The word of God is materially in Nature, and spiritually(divinely) in his heart!!
You HATE me for TELLING you! Right,reader??!!

But you will LOVE YOURSELF – for heeding!!













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