QQ20b. Coloured skins. Survival shells’ allegory!!

Wednesday, 30th November, 2,011.
QQ20b. Coloured skins.

Survival shells allegory!!

Many people think that we ARE our bodies, and that physical death is TOTAL death.

People who think that way naturally believe that they will come to an end at physical death.But this is NOT so!!

(2012’s Doom in The Terrible Day of The Lord(Basically 21.12.12.), will lead to the death of most of us. So it is good that you learn all the key things that hang upon death!)

Some time in 2,012 a gigantic cataclysmic disaster(four of them actually!) is slated to occur! I see April as 21.12.12 ITSELF is merely the end of The Mayan Long Count Calendar. Possibly February. Maybe May. I don’t know, but PROBABLY some time in the year 2,012.A.D!
When I say gigantic I mean something that could split the very Earth in TWO!!(Via the passage(at one million miles)of Planet Nibiru, The Tenth(now ninth)Planet,Planet X. Per the gravity, magnetic, electric,etc.tides that Nibiru’s proximity will cause.)(Planet Phaeton should whizz by Mars.)(Might not come too close to us. Evidently The Nibiru Complex picked up Phaeton, as both now come around every 3,600 years(PERHAPS every 3,580 years.).(Phaeton was our 5th planet and Nibiru our tenth(Now ninth because of the demotion of Pluto(with Charon)as a planet.)(The CURRENT woes are not due to Nibiru,nor Phaeton, but to the sun rounding its spiral arm in the closed stellar cluster it is in(found by me). This creates centrifugal force – which is heaving the upper regions of The Earth UPWARDS and ALONG. THIS is what is causing the growing heat and disasters we have been noticing for many decades now. NOT Nibiru, NOR Phaeton. Though The Nibiru Complex should soon cut in AS WELL!!(The horrid red planet Nibiru(and its six satellites) should soon become visible to the naked eye!)(It has been TELESCOPICALLY visible since about 1984. Phaeton has been TELESCOPICALLY visible for many years,too.)(The extra heat we are experiencing is due 1. To the rising higher of the magma, ex the c.f. centrifugla force. And 2. To Nibiru, which apparently has a VERY fiery surface of erupting volcanoes.(The extra heat is NOT due to Man’s fossil fuel burning! Hardly AT ALL!!: The amount of heat contributed that way by Man is about 00.004% of our total heat.(And about 00.016% is due to Nature. Via forest fires and volcanic eruptions(including under-sea).)

What I am saying is NOT the raving fantasy of some lunatic – but is IN FACT the TERRIBLE TRUTH – soon to hit us all with AWFUL SEVERITY. No doubt there is some SUPERFICIAL resemblance to the rants of a madman, but there all falsehood ENDS!!(We are currently set up for the collapse of the EU, which is most probable,soon!)(THAT is due to coming off The Gold Standard combined with EXCESSIVE SPENDING. We need to return to The Gold Standard(Preferably The Silver Standard as Silver has industrial value whereas gold has not.) And to SLASH SPENDING to the utmost!!)(THIS time the WOLF really will APPEAR!!(Vide the boy who cried wolf.)

Some people are saying “We shall be glad when 2,013 comes around – to end this idiocy!”. I take exception to that: 1. DON’T count your chickens BEFORE they are HATCHED!! 2. How CAN you declare that this 2,012 business will not occur?! HOW do you KNOW that it won’t?!(Hmmm?)(The fact that SO MANY reputable sources are crying Beware of 2,012, PLUS the fact that disasters ARE INCREASING – SHOULD give one pause!)(Oh,yes, 2,013,etc. WILL come around, but over the next few years FOUR SUPER CATACLYSMS are SLATED to OCCUR!!)(So if 22.12.12 comes around with no big bad event DON’T start crowing! Give it a few years. It is(I believe) only CENTRED on 22.12.12! However, I am rather sure that something AWFUL will occur next year, 2,012, and I see April, but anyway SOMETIME during 2,012 or NEARLY in that year.(Maybe late 2,011 or early 2,013!!)

When our outermost shell or sin(vehicle)(our physical body)dies,we THINK that it is the end of us (our personality)! It is VERY convincing! And awfully TRAUMATIC. Even if painless.
In my allegory, which I am giving, I am using eight vehicles, each with a different colour. Red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo,violet and purple.(Say eight vehicles altogether.)

Picture these one inside of the next other, both 5d(vibrationally)wise AND 3d wise. Currently, we are in our RED skins viewing a RED world. Only(usually)RED creatures can see us,etc.
At PHYSICAL death the red skin drops off! But ONLY the red skin!

Our other vehicles REMAIN!!

We go unconcious for 2 or 3 days. Sometimes we can pass on conciously. With accidents,etc.
But with slow gentle deaths, we sleep VERY deeply for 2 or 3 days. The red skin drops away. And our etheric double(energy field which gave us energy during life) comes out within about 24 hours.(This slowly dissipates.)(Keep well away from it, it is our ghost and can fog you up, perhaps for a long time! So DON’T let it get near to you. You do this by staying WELL away from your corpse(the discarded at physical death red skin).)

When you view again you will be in your orange skin viewing an orange world. And only orange creatures can see(etc.)you!(Don’t take me LITERALLY. This is only an ALLEGORY. To PARALLEL what ACTUALLY happens!! You will then be in The Spirit World. We average about 55 years(now) in the physical(red), and 50 in the other skins.

In the physical we normally walk about(when not using machines). In The Spirit World we can FLY(but walk if we wish).(Which is handy to say the least!)
(Please note that my L7,LM2,Ratings and Astronomy are the MOST IMPORTANT ones. I urge you to concentrate on those.(L7 contains the proof and confirmation of 2,012!!)(My Astronomy articles cover my best find!)

We CAN then proceed through the other skins(orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo,violet and purple)(going up through the main colours)
When we have gone up through all the vehicles we can get through, we then descend back through them – purple,violet,indigo,green,yellow,orange…
Our old physical vehicle is dead, and rotting away. So we don’t re-enter that one!
However, we can,if we wish(and we do sooner or later,as a rule, in order to evolve the faster) – dive down into some foetus, and live a fresh physical life.(Wise to only enter HUMAN foetuses!)(As you will be stuck in there for a life-time!)(Imagine getting stuck in a cockroach. So WATCH what you are doing, as you may not be able to get OUT again!1)
You can even enter plants. Trees for example. And also rocks!

And some do!!
Some of the very intelligent animals that we meet have HUMANS in them!!
It is NOT recommended!! As animals are a lower life-form to the human!!
Humans are NOT animals! Though some humans are animals!!

So if you feel some DEFINITE spirit occupying a tree or a rock – or even an animal, there PROBABLY IS!!
I for one would not care to live the life of a horse,even.
There are SOME humans who get caught up with that idea. But remember you are stuck with it(trapped within) for its LIFE-TIME!!

The PHYSICAL vehicle is the only skin or shell that disintegrates(discounting the etheric double)(Which is not really a vehicle.). I believe that the others can be re-entered if and when we choose to descend back through our vehicles(skins or shells).
Note that there are planes below the physical too. The sub-physical and the sub-sub physical,etc.
We are familiar with the first three physical dimensions. Length, breadth and thickness or height. But there is a fourth. And also the GROUP dimensions of time(space group being first), vibration and density(not ORDINARY density).(I think basically we have 8 GROUP DIMENSIONS, each of 4 dimensions. Plus a SECOND SET of such via higher density or fine-ness. Via higher PROTON levels.)(Making 32 + 32, 64 altogether.)(64 dimensions.)
Vibrations are really variations of the ORBITALS(of the sub-particles)(Of the electrons).
Density or Fine-ness is concerned with protons.

Some people commit suicide in order to enter The Spirit World. They hear that it is a finer(less dense)world, and would like to pre-empt death, and just go there.

But! Though it IS a finer(less dense) PLANE, it has a higher half and a lower half VIBRATIONALLY.(It is less what you do, than your MOTIVE for what you do – that counts!!)(Also contrary to popular belief, INTENTION is what counts!!)(Man goes by WHAT. God goes by WHY!!)(Man goes by WHAT you do, regardless of why you did it. But GOD goes by WHY you did what you did. Your INTENTION scoring most!!)

The UPPER vibrational half is pleasant. The lower,is not.(Of The Octave or Spectrum, VIBRATIONALLY of The Spirit World!!
We go to that VIBRATION level that we have cultivated most in life!(We may AT FIRST go that vibratory level we are on at physical death,but we then slowly gravite to our average vibration.)
And suicide ITSELF is a sin. The sin of self-murder!

So though it is finer, it is not necessarily PLEASANTER!!

I understand that we do not HAVE TO leave The Spirit World, but that we do so IN ORDER TO EVOLVE THE FASTER!!

Once we reach the highest(vibration) we can go in the spirit world octave or spectrum, then when we have taken our fill we descend back down through our vehicles.

I think that we ascend to our highest vibratory level(reached during life), but after that we gradually fall back down.

The normal thing to do THEN is to find a fresh foeutus to enter. Thus to have a new physical life.
I think it is like waking up from sleep and dreams. We find it hard to return to sleep and dreams. We want to up and way. And re-entering the physical is usually the only way to go. Right up(vibrationally),then right down. And finally(probably)re-enter the physical – via a new foetus.

And that is PRECISELY what it is like!

We are currently in a SUPER dream! But shall eventually awaken a HIGHER waking life!!

It isn’t “what dreams may come”, but “what a nightmare we are leaving”!!

There are TWO realms: 1. There is our aura within our psychic component.(We plunge down there into a world of images we call dreams. And 2. There is the vast realm of The Spirit World. SUPER dreams if you like. But ACTUALLY the dream IS this present life. The Spirit World IS Reality! The reverse of a dream! The aura is WITHIN us. The Spirit World is BEYOND us, outside!!(It is like comparing what it is like below The Earth’s surface – with what it is like above it. Out as far as you like!)(Very interesting down below. But NO THING compared to what lies ABOVE, OUTSIDE!!!!)

We are able to travel back in our personal time,and re-live(but varying if we wish)our present life) After that a new personality descends from our soul. Our conciousness then enters that new personality.
However, until such time, we may find ourselves back at our OLD birth time and place!! Hopefully to live a BETTER life!! We may do this as often as we like. Re-living our past(chosen episodes), varying it if we wish.
We improve our present personality unto the maximum. And then move on to the next(personality)(that descends from our soul).
And so we proceed – for EVER!!
Passing through lives and interegnumms(after life lives in The Spirit World), gradually evolving, for ever.

Most people hate the thought of life coming to an end(at physical death). Don’t worry, it DOESN’T!!

However, there is the worse prospect of living for ever unpleasantly. – Which you can do IF you do not improve yourself!

We improve ourselves the first time, by re-living our past life. Just the chosen episodes. Living them better. Doing the things we should have, but didn’t. And NOT doing the things we shouldn’t have done – BUT DID!!

No. It is not possible to undo what we did. But we can move onto a parallel time track where we live better!! – The second best thing!!

And thus we ALL win. By changing our lives via personal time travel back into our past!!(Because time tracks are separate from each other!!)(We cannot change the old time track. But we can take a new one!)(By branching off from the time-places we went wrong.)

Then proceeding incarnation(and interregnum) after incarnation(and interregnum) ad infinitum!!(Which we have already done!!)

Back to the seven skins! Basically, we have seven vehicles. I call them SKINS in my ALLEGORY. We shed these skins one at a time. Let me enlarge:-
Our PHYSICAL bodies are only the OUTERMOST LOWEST vehicles!

With the death of nearly all of us(and animals and plants,etc.), it is good to learn about salvation and what happens after physical death.
Let us return to the seven skins.
We personalities are NOT our physical bodies! Our physical bodies are merely garments that we wear whilst in the physical world!

Best to make ourselves as good as possible. If only to avoid an unpleasant after-life!!



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