QQ19 Let us pray!

Tuesday, 29th November, 2,011.

Let us pray!

We are living ridiculously far above our means! Both materially AND SPIRITUALLY!!

The PENALTY is Hell now, and Hades after death!

PLEASE take me SERIOUSLY!!(I am SO concerned about OUR future!!)

We ARE in control of our ACTIONS, right?…? RIGHT??
For a moment THERE I thought perhaps SOMEONE ELSE was!…

We ACT as though we had it MADE!

Fact is we are all facing destruction,death, Hell, and then Hades AFTER death.
You hate me for telling you?!

So what shall I do? Tell you LIES like the world does? No??
So STAY with what I am telling you then!

The truth as near as I can get it!


Is Jesus the answer? He went in the right direction!(He asked us to follow him!)(Yesterday, I was trying to say that FOLLOWING JESUS is the way to go! But that we also needed to do good, all out, constantly IN GOD’S SPIRIT, not our own!!(CHRIST SPIRIT saves. Jesus GUIDES!! It is not enough to harp on JESUS, but to do GOOD as well! AND do it in THE SPIRIT OF GOD. (What IS God? God is your higher self. We link to everything good THROUGH THAT.)(Too many of us live from our lower selves.)(VIBRATION is the key.)(We NEED to keep THAT as high as possible!!)
Turn to GOD??

Pray? Perspire BLOOD – like Jesus did?!(I doubt EVEN THAT would save us,now! About too late,now.)

Buy gold? Sell silver?? Get CASH. Buy seeds?!


It is nearly Christmas, and The New Year. And we all know WHAT year that is don’t we?!

2,012.A.D. The year all key indicators are POINTING to!!

21.12.12. That is the last day of The Mayan Long Count Calendar. And just about ALL other cycles,too!

World events sort of support the predictions,as well!
Just saying!


Now is NOT the time to be stupid!

We are on the verge of THE SILLY SEASON. And the frenetic drive to 25.12.11 and the holiday.

Vacation? Try MARS. It might be safer!(I am amused. They are sending Curiosity, the latest and biggest(car sized) Rover to The Red Planet, our nearest neighbouring planet in space – to see if they can find any signs of life existing in the past. NOT KNOWING(the orthodox scientists) that the REMNANTS of some battle AND also what survived Planet Phaeton’s last whizz- by, ARE CURRENTLY living a most austere and dangerous life amid wild animals,etc. Are trying to stop our rovers. – Which have killed some of the smaller inhabitants!(We are peering hard down microscopes looking for bacterial traces. When the current LIVING SUPER HUMANS are BREATHING DOWN OUR NECKS!!(And we know it NOT! (Correction: Don’t WANT to know it!))(So many vain egoes who THINK they know the answers just could not bear to accept the fact that life is EVERYWHERE throughout the universe/s! There is NO THING but life. The whole omniverse IS alive!(UFO’s galore. And crop circles,etc.)(But we are blinkered by our wish NOT to see!))


Is ANYTHING looking good? Nope, no, NO THING!!


Good time to abandon ship! But WHERE to go??

Europe is torturing us. Will they turn it around?(What do YOU think?!)(Got any more silly questions?!)(They are so much at odds with each other!)


And the aliens are on their launching pads.


Planet Nibiru should appear at any time!


Meanwhile the surface of The Earth HEAVES upwards more and more.(From centrifugal force due to the solar system rounding its spiral arm of the stellar cluster it is in.)(Causing sink holes and cracks more and more.)

That disturbance we had early in the year was due to some PRE-CURSOR of a polar shift, not polar shift ITSELF – YET!!

Forget a will! WHO is left to inherit?


Prepare to meet The Maker? The Annunaki humanoid aliens genetic modifiers anyway!


Glad you came now?


Quite a number came to WATCH The biggest disaster EVER(future,too!) to hit Man on Planet Earth.


THE EVENT. But you can watch it better from The Spirit World. That place you go after you PHYSICALLY die…

I could be wrong? I could be RIGHT,too!!(Or VERY nearly!)



Heat will take many off.



Death is one thing. But WHY go to Hades AS WELL??!!(After physical death)

For the sake of The Physical’s feeble pleasures!!
A MESS of pottage!!


Like failing to sacrifice a PENNY – for The Crown Jewels!!

One of the worst hells – is the Hell of REGRET.








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