QQ18a The DOOR IS closing!!

Monday, 28th November, 2,011.

The DOOR is closing!!
I am referring to the door to Heaven, Paradise(beyond the grave),a better planet,avoid Hell(And Hades after death)!!
Meanwhile I wonder whether to get out of Silver BEFORE commodities(I am in Australia, Queensland.) crash about 25% RATHER SHARPLY!!(The EU is ON The Edge(Of a high precipice.)!(I THINK Silver will come back up(as will gold)LATER. But a temporary PULL OUT might be wise!!)(I have silver Pamp(I THINK it is, or equivalent.)BARS.)

And a LITTLE gold(Which is worth keeping I THINK.)

If The EU crashes.(I think we should say WHEN!!) Then commodity prices should fall about 25% IMMEDIATELY!!
Christmas,etc.(The Festive Season) – preceded by The Silly Season and The Hectic approach to Chrismas – COMPLICATES things.

And so does Doom Year, 2,012!!(I EXPECT a build up to CATACLYSMIC levels by April, 2,012!!)
Ascension began 11.11.11. But that door is still open, I UNDERSTAND…(Ascension to The Higher Earth!!)
So there is a LOT to think about!!(I speak OUT to ALERT you!)

The bottom line is this: It is all a matter of VIBRATIONS.

If you go in for sex(ANYTHING resulting in ORGASM!!) and drugs,ETC.(I feel sorry for “Schoolies” and The Young – who have LITTLE WARNING!!) Anything resulting in CHEAP highs.(I mean spiritually cheap!!)
ALCOHOL is a bad drug! Leave it STRICTLY alone(This is ADVICE, NOT an ORDER!!).

You stop COLD TURKEY(IF you see wisdom in stopping.(I see INSANITY in NOT stopping DEAD!!)(Because you cannot fool with it. Stop DEAD(IF you decide to. It’s YOUR life and soul!!…), or it will almost certainly DRAG you back in to full consumption AGAIN,soon enough!!)!!

Do NOT listen to they who say “Have ONE more!”/ Go on have a drink! ETC!!(IF you are wise…)
Nicotonic smoking(or anything) is bad enough, TOO!!(Do NOT listen to those who urge you to have a smoke,etc!!)

These things LOWER your vibrations! And lowered vibrations lets in all manner of nasties! In THIS life.(But FAR WORSE after death!)

Lowered vibrations takes you down Hell and Hades after death!
IS it worth it? Do you THINK??
KNOWING these things, I feel deepest CONCERN for others…
Another worry is: Does SALVATION via ACCEPTANCE of CHRIST save you from Hell and Hades(After death)??(Hell is SEPARATION from GOD.)(Before and after death. Before death you have A CHANCE…)(THINK about it WILL YOU!!!!)(After death, too hard!!)
The door is closing on escaping the horrid FATE of those who SHUT OUT ANYTHING which lowers your vibrations.

But ESPECIALLY Ascension.

2012 closes the door on Ascension!!
DON’T be a FOOL and heed those who urge you to INDULGE in low vibration reducing things!
Bad company is a no no. IF you have any sense!!

And going to places of low repute, especially at bad times, is OPENING DOOR to things, people and pursuits that LOWER your vibrations. Do you understand?

Do NOT fool with Ouija boards. As this opens the door to LOW and EVIL spirits!! Who can possess you. And NOT go away! Or make you do low and evil things which lower your vibrations!!

SUICIDE and EUTHANASIA are two more DEADLY things. This is SELF murder!! Sends you to Hell and Hades!!!! Do NOT do it!!

Sex with your own gender is low SQUARED!!(QUADRUPLED in fact!)(As it takes you into other orifices,etc.)(Sin and Wrong DESTROYS souls!! So DON’T be an IDIOT!!)
Do NOT touch bestiality(animals), corpses, filth, or ALIENS!!!!

NO adultery and no fornication!!
Adultery is sex with one NOT your spouse WHEN you are married!!

Fornication is sex with one who is not your spouse!(When you are single.)(If you are married then it is fornication AND adultery!!)
No Idolatory.

NO messing with Black Magic or Dark Arts!!(Or even low magic or low arts!!!!)
No sin. No wrong.
Repent and accept CHRIST.
SHUN the ways of the WORLD!!
Get AWAY from bad company AND the world’s ways!!
Become a hermit IF NECESSARY!!

Masturbation,etc.(Anything which gives you an orgasm WITHOUT human,animal,alien OR artificial ASSISTANCE!!) is SELF SEX.
ANY degree of sex that leads to orgasm IS full sex!! Orifice is immaterial. It is STILL full intercourse!!

Worship GOD EVERY day of week, not just Sabbath OR SUNDAY!!!!
NO fun or play!!!!
NO jokes or hoaxes!!
KEEP The Ten Commandments of Moses. At LEAST those!!
And DO what Jesus has bid: Love GOD.

And love ye ONE ANOTHER!!!!

Note: Sex is NOT love!!(Sex is LUST!!)
Romance LEADS to sex!!
Marry if you cannot contain!
I am NOT interested in popularity. I AM interested in GOD APPROVAL!!

Fear GOD more than Humans!!
Be clean INSIDE.(As well as out.)

Not just inside your body, but inside of your HEART and MIND,ETC.ETCS!!!!
Yes, BECOME enuchs, if necessary, in order to enter Heaven and Paradise!!!!
I see no necessity for circumcision.(Leave it as Nature left it to you!)
Removal of clitoris is EVIL!!(Leave it as Nature left it to you!)
Though I find The Bible of Christendom to be of Man, it is HIGH Man!!

PROVIDED we focus on what Jesus teaches in The Gospels,ETC. In Proverbs. In Psalms. ETC.
The PROPHECIES are good.
Get BACK from The Pit!!
Which is greater(Think NOW!!): LOW Gratification in THIS world. OR HIGH, in ETERNITY!!

CHRIST is The Manifest SPIRIT of GOD.
Whether via Jesus or not.

My POINT is this: Repentance is step ONE. Acceptance of CHRIST SPIRIT is step two.

Those two steps are ONLY The Beginning!!
THEN you need to endure until DEAD!!(Step three)
Step FOUR. Proceed thus FOR EVER, – and FOR EVER!!!!

DO these things, and YOU WILL LIVE!!
Salvation is not from death(As ALL die. And all rise again!)(In The Spirit World. AND to re-incarnate.)
Salvation is from SPIRITUAL death!

AND, above ALL,

– from the death of YOUR SOUL!!!!
WHAT IS THE USE OF SURVIVING physical,etc. death
IF you go to HELL and Hades??!!

Price too high for you? – THINK, AGAIN!!!! And KEEP ON thinking!!!!

Be WISE!! Learn from INSTRUCTION not HARD experience!!
THESE are hard things, I know.
But HELL is harder!!

And so is Hades after death!!

Have you UNDERSTOOD dear reader??
For WHAT shall a man give

In EXCHANGE for his VERY SOUL????!!!!!

MANY now in HELL(Hades) SCREAM out to me TO WARN YOU ALL, lest their fate BECOME YOURS!!!!

With me??…

The time is NOW!!…



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