QQ17 Still more secrets!

Saturday, 26th November, 2,011.

Still more secrets!! Series B.

World in awful mess.

My Solution!!



B1.(Numbers up to now will be A series. Series.A.)(Now switching to B series.)
Regarding the worsening financial and economic crisis:-


There can be NO HOPE unless you do two things immediately:-
a. Everyone live within their means! Cut spending right back to as low as you can!!

b. Buy silver!!(Gold has no REAL value!!)(And will probably get confiscated anyway!)

Briefly, what has happened is that THE BANKS,ETC. via The Government have switched(In 1971, in U.S.) from gold to PAPER!! AND withdrawn THE PROMISE TO REDEEM IN GOLD ON DEMAND on that paper!!

Given The Nation’s(The People’s) gold to RED China.(In return for HOPED-FOR perks!)(Which did not arise!)

But China has tied The Yuan(Its currency) to The U.S. Dollar!! Thus ENSURING China keeps up. Permitting its cheap exports!
So,now, all the people have is worthless PAPER!!(ONLY currently STILL of any value by Order of Government FIAT!! (Regard our NON-promissory bits of pretty printed paper as purchasing tokens of VALUE. Or, we will PUNISH you!!))
Fortunately the bullion companies STILL recognize that paper!(The Fiat Bank notes.) And will exchange gold and silver for it.
Make SILVER your Value Standard!
And buy all the silver that you can!!


A Great Correction is on.(Deflation.) This is because the surge to The U.S. dollar is about over.

So expect a very rapid fall to 1971 prices AND PRIOR!! Immediately. Started now, I think!!(Throwing out all the gains since 1971 and even earlier!!)


Dow and Dollar(U.S.) should FOLD!!

Silver and gold should collapse along with all other commodities – quite a way.(As much as 25%!)(By this Christmas.)(Expect this WHATEVER measures get taken.)
Silver and gold should recover a lot later. And perhaps keep rising.


We can expect a QE3. Dollar and Dow should fall – after a brief rise.


The Financial System based on The U.S. $ should collapse.


To be replaced by Yuan, I would think. IF you do not make SILVER the VALUE STANDARD!!
Note that when The Gross National Product(The GNP) gets over-taken by the deficit’s interest on the debt through loan, then you go bankrupt and default, get penalized, and may get booted out of the group that country is in.

Rapidly followed by demise of U.S. and West.
While RED China bounds up.
Political East taking rule of world over from West!!

Needless to say TERRIBLE suffering will result.

A social nightmare will arise. Rebellions, riots, general mayhem – with all the nasty emergency measures of Martial Law, Police State, even Military Junta possible, and CURFEWS!!!! Arrests for the slightest reasons. Ill-treatment.
Many governments should topple.

End of EU and many countries exiting The Eurozone.


U.S. in Pandemonium.
Germany takes over what is left of Eurozone.
Britain drops out. Goes it alone again.

Chaos, confusion, many old scores settled and general anarchy.
After that, in The New Year of 2012(!!) – it gets worse. MUCH worse. As Nature takes over!!
I believe Polar Shift, Nibiru and maybe Phaeton along with increasing sink holes and cracks should spread world wide. And VERY many other so appalling things.


Aliens to descend en masse – to evacuate the best half of humanity.


Earth to be torn just about in half by gravity tides,etc.


Ice era. Followed by ICE AGE.
After terrible heat and humidity. Which should kill many.
Much debris(boulders,etc.) should fall from sky.
Strikes by asteroids, comets and meteorites.
Plus red dusts, one very poisonous and suffocating.


AGAIN I urge immediate withdrawal down the North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole(Huge over a thousand mile wide tubular entrance there.) into The Inner Surface in The Hollow Earth!!


Ascension, Rapture, Huge World-wide REVIVALS, and Mass Transitions may be expected.


A second Earth will be created(“A New Heaven and a New Earth!!” – due to a rise in VIBRATIONS.(Note not a physical split. A vibrational one.) The better half of humanity will vanish into the higher Earth, while those who resist the rising vibrations will stay on the old Earth.)


The Great Tribulation will come to The Lower Earth.


Life is everywhere.


There is super human life on Mars. Life even on other planets of solar system, as well as Moon.


All this and much MUCH more. Coming soon, VERY soon.


B2. Now regarding Man’s high ranking pastime, Sex:-


The great downfall of Mankind chiefly(BY SO VERY FAR) is due to SEX.(Though Sin, Sport, Entertainment, Skiffle, Drugs, and letting it ALL hang out rate more than sex with many!)

Mankind, in general, just hasn’t made the grade! A VERY long way short!!

Sex is uniting of two physical bodies. However, because the physical body is the LOWEST vehicle that humans have, doing it TOO MUCH(Don’t do it AT ALL!!) results in the INABILITY to unite The Higher Vehicles(in couples). And ESPECIALLY with GOD!!

So, in other words, if you have too many orgasms, then you will be UNABLE to obtain the much higher ECSTACIES resulting from uniting of the HIGHER vehicles. And with GOD!!!!
THAT is the price, you see. Which is WHY Jesus bade us to DENY OUR SELVES DAILY!!
Not only of sex, but of drugs, including pharmaceutical I might add(!), but of sin, ALL the deadly sins(and very many more!)(There are FAR FAR more than seven deadly sins!), wrong-doing, low pursuits, bad company, revelry, DEFINITELY alcohol and nicotine, violence, physical combat, going to war, skiffle, laughter, social activities, games and sports, and so on and so on!(I KNOW this will grieve MANY!!)(But that is HOW it is!!)Also tattooing, blasphemy, idolatory, bad language, cursing, damning, swearing,foul language, vile language all the worldly ways and pursuits!!(Homo(give),gay(receive) is bad AND QUADRUPLY so!! At LEAST!!(Because sex with own gender, other orifices, often when not married, or with one not married to you! Etc.ETC!! – is SO BAD!!!!)
B3. When you take drugs, you raise your vibrations through joy via pleasure.(Note that joy is not happiness, and pleasure is not joy.) By ARTIFICIAL induction!! Cheating!!

Consequently you lose the ability to gain normal and natural joys,etc. Plus you need more and more drugs to produce the same false joy each time!!
You end up miserable. So low that people often commit suicide.


Hardly the way to go!!(It is not for nothing that drugs are illegal.)

B4 Once the evil that you do outweighs the good, you go down into Hell(AND Hades(after death) to THAT EXTENT)!!


The pleasures and joys from drugs,as with sex, decreases with use!!

You end up BEREFT!!



B5 Driving vehicles fast and or dangerously is another no no.

There are many others.

B6. Alcohol is particularly bad.
Apart from leading to cirhossis of the liver, alcohol diminishes the INHIBITIONS, and releases urges you would normally control! Urges to sex, drugs, violence,kill,etc!!

Alcohol causes UNTOLD LOSS and MISERY throughout the world. Plus its expense.


Yet it remains unbanned.
Whilst other drugs are not!!



B7. Nicotine, especially from smoking, can lead to lung cancer, emphysema(slow suffocation), ruined stomach, discomfort to others, and to any unborn carried, eye-sight diminishment, nicotine poisoning, loss of appetite, reduced ability to enjoy things, dirty hands and mouth, bad breath, body odour, people avoiding you, and expense.
Leads you to bad company. And to pubs and bars,drinking clubs,etc. As does alcohol.

WHY indulge??!!


MY SOLUTION is simply STOP doing these bad and low things!! And KEEP OUT OF DEBT!!



































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