QQ14 Highway Robbery IF you do not buy gold and silver!!

Wednesday, 23rd November, 2,011.

Highway Robbery IF you do not buy gold and silver!!


You may recall that I originally claimed Highway Robbery, but later withdrew that.(But only because that people can buy gold and silver!!)

However, for all those people who do not buy gold or silver, perhaps out of loyalty to the CURRENT established financial system,as is the case with MANY, then it IS Highway Robbery! And how FEW people DO buy gold or silver!
It has been done so slowly and secretly that few have noticed!
I recall that many decades back, The British Pound had on it(Words to this effect.)(by The Bank of England) “The bank promises to pay the bearer on demand.”. Gold, presumably.

However, British bank notes NO LONGER long LONG since have this promise on them! I presume similarly of other Western,etc. Nations.

There was NO public announcement that the promise on bank-notes had been withdrawn.

And no comment that I know of that it HAD been withdrawn!(Which is odd!)
It MEANS that EVERYONE with bank notes can no longer redeem for gold!

And, if you happen to be one of many who do not know you can buy gold and silver bullion,etc;(OR are being mistakenly loyal to the grand polluted corruption!!) then YOU have been robbed!!(The U.S. dollar is MERE PAPER without that REDEEM IN GOLD PROMISE!(No longer there now!))(ONLY as strong as the fiat law order of The Government – which could fail!!)(Leaving YOU, dear reader, with worthless PAPER!! When you COULD buy gold(silver,best) – and save yourself, and your loved ones!! THINK about it, WILL YOU??!!)


When The U.S. came off The Gold Standard in 1971, it meant that The U.S. Dollar floated free of the value of gold.

It has taken 40 years, but NOW The U.S. Dollar has lost 10% of its value, and is continuing to lose value in the long term.

In ADDITION to THAT, some percentage of prices’ rises can be attributed to coming off The Gold Standard!

Also, that an increasing number of buyers of gold(and silver) exists!

Then there is the fact that a number of countries are crippled by debt and deficit. Due to having to borrow to compensate for loss of income!(Collapsing when the interest on that debt exceeds the GDP(Gross Domestic Product)!!)


Now all these things add up!

And they add up to financial and economic COLLAPSE – WORLD wide!! In the near future. Possibly TOTAL by THIS CHRISTMAS!!
Now HOW MANY of you out there have tied all these losses to coming off the gold standard in 1971 COUPLED TO the withdrawal of the promise on banknotes TO REDEEM IN GOLD on demand??

Because done so surreptitiously, even with so little notice and comment, AND on such a MASSIVE scale, that I say Highway Robbery! But ONLY if you do not buy gold and silver!!(Which so many DON’T – out of mistaken loyalty to the present phoney fraud based SYSTEM!!)(Now that The Highway Robbery SORT OF – has been committed DOWN THE DECADES so STEALTHILY!!)

Can you see what has happened? The West and those following The West, have had their governments via the banks, especially the top banks and The Fed; remove their nations GOLD out of their countries and into China,etc!

In order to buy support from China,etc. for trade and currency valuations at home AND in China,etc.
The benefits flowing to Governments, Feds, Big and lesser banks,etc. But not the people in general much, if at all.
Sort of Highway Robbery.


Many people would not dream of buying gold or silver – not wishing to withdraw support for The U.S. Dollar,etc.

Not realizing that THE PROMISE to redeem in gold on demand HAS GONE(If they ever knew it had been there!)!

MAKING the bank-notes and their equivalents(anything convertible into bank-notes) WORTHLESS if and when that government failed!(And they do fail from time to time.)
But THE BOTTOM LINE is that because of the DEADLY combination of 1. REDEEM in gold Promise withdrawal. 2.Unhooking of nation’s currency from gold(Coming off the gold standard). 3. Giving the country’s gold to China,etc. in exchange for 4. benefits not passed on(I do not think.) 5. Now leading to Global financial and economic COLLAPSE very soon. 6. Which would mean utter CHAOS, world-wide. 7. Closures of bank doors. 8. Withholding of banked money. 9. Crashing Financial Markets. 10. Bond,etc.failures. AND SO ON!!


Now,then: What is IMPERATIVELY NECESSARY to avoid all this(the ten points above), –

Is that we IMMEDIATELY PRONTO get back on to the gold standard!

Or, BETTER STILL, The Silver Standard!!

Though the dangers DO exist of confiscation of all gold.

AND silver!!


It has been done SO STEALTHILY and EN MASSE you see!


What is AMAZING is that 1. So FEW people are aware of this. 2. There is so little COMMENT in The Media, about it!!




I just want to save Society! And the world!!

Does ANYONE out there have a problem with my concern?!
One of many concerns I might add. And which I have spelt out!!(In my many earlier articles!)

ALL we need to do is GET BACK ONTO (but SILVER, better) THE GOLD STANDARD!!!!
And THEN the DEADLY ROT will START to slow down!!


Is NO ONE concerned??!!



Through every key contact you know!!
That we might STOP the world rot now setting in via Eurozone and The United States so rapidly failing!!


Other consequences are the FATAL printing of bank notes(AND the raising of bank-balances ELECTRONICALLY).

Stand by for QE3,etc!!(Quantitative EASING!! Printing our way to HYPER INFLATION! (You see(Well, I HOPE that you do!) every time there is a Q.E.(more printing of easy money) there is a short lived jump in the markets. BUT ONLY AT THE EXPENSE of EVEN WORSE DEBT AND DEFICIT,ETC. later!(Too much debt in they system already!)(It has ALREADY GONE TOO FAR!! But The Fed,etc. and Europe ARE thinking along these lines. Which will be FATAL later.(The ONLY way to fix the debt and problem IS to PAY OFF THE DEBT!!!!)(End of story!!))

Like what happened in Zimbabwe, Germany after WW1(Weimer Republic), Holland(with its inflated tulips),etc.


Surely SOME of you out there are CONCERNED??!!

If it is only the people supporting The Dollar,etc!!


Because gold and silver are destined TO GO THROUGH THE ROOF – once Europe collapses, and on the advent of QE3,etc!! And more electronic raising of bank balances.


The BASIC point is THIS: Loyalty to Integrity is GOOD.
Loyalty to a system based on fraud IS INSANITY!!
If The above mentioned Highway Robbery SORT OF is not phoney, what is??!!



I have hit The Jackpot!
I have hit MANY jackpots.
This is my latest.

Water off a duck’s back??

A dead(soon)duck??!!



Vic.(No need to contact ME. Contact your M.P.,etc!!)(Corruption AT THE TOP is MOST MASSIVE!!!!)

Or do you want to have A PART in the fast coming CRASH to UTTER CHAOS??!!

With me??(Or INSANITY??!!)

YOUR witness, comrads!!


Get my Ratings’ (Rat,etc.) SYSTEMS!!

I am FOR The People!
Now torn between Far Left and Far Right!!
In essence The Trade Unions and The Big Corporations!!!!


You WITH me??


CENTRE wins now!!


How about YOU?? You WITH your own FUTURE??!!



Or are you PARALYZED by APATHY??!!

IF we unite WE CAN save this PERISHING WORLD!!!!



Not interested??!!

It is TRUE that EXCESSIVE SPENDING by too many is THE ROOT CAUSE of our current FATAL predicament(equivalent to fall of Ancient Rome!!).

However, what is NOT REALIZED in general, is, that the CRITICAL TIPPING OVER FACTOR is relatively small!

That more and more MARKET BUYERS are buying gold and silver.(Don’t be fooled by the present CORRECTION! Silver and gold SHOULD come back up!!)
And THAT SO LITTLE NOTICED critical tip-over factor IS the REAL BASIC reason for the now spreading(from Europe and U.S.) financial and economic COLLAPSE into TOTAL WORLD CHAOS – AND UTTER ANARCHY!!!!


Come on! You GOTTA be interested FOLKS!!!!


That factor again: The TEN POINTS I mentioned above. Resulting from coming off gold standard(In 1971)
THE SLY UNMENTIONED withdrawal from bank-notes of THE PROMISE TO REDEEM IN GOLD bit!!

Cheer?? ??






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