QQ13 What now??

Wednesday, 23rd November, 2,011.

What, now?

What is the position?
The position IS, that the people have bank-notes which they cannot go to the bank and get changed into gold! Because no promise to redeem now!

However, they can go to a bullion company – and buy gold and silver!!(The bullion companies haven’t seen through the PAPER, yet! What else is there anyway??!!)

The only way they can go!
But it is MUCH better to change PAPER into gold and silver, than to hang on to PAPER – just because of government pressure to do so!(Government WANTS the value of dollars to go up, not down! How CAN it as more and more see that it?(the fiat money, bank notes(paper) and coins(“brass” of little value) is only as good as the government supporting it. Which is so NEGATIVE!!)

Banks support the governments. But banks are having a hard time getting money in these days!

So governments can’t peform! And when THAT happens people boot them out.
Governments are going to fall.

Banks close.

Money becomes valueless and/or inaccessible!!

Get gold and silver. Preferably SILVER!!


You cannot eat paper, but though you cannot eat gold and silver either, you CAN change them into food,etc!!


The domino effect sets in.

The WHOLE GLOBE gets hit.


Particularly in The West.
Even in Australasia.
THEN will The West’s enemies arise. Inside and out!!
And put them at bay.


Iran laughs at Western sanctions, – as usual. Russia is behind them!!(And RED China is behind North Korea!!)

What The West is doing – is PRETENDING to be tough, while all the time it is being weak!! And HOW!!

Always talking big – about pea-nuts!!

It only attacks the innocent righteous WEAK!!

Demonizng them first.

Then DOING the very things they accuse them of!!


Saddam Hussein was no threat. He became a friend of The West. Kuwait WAS his originally!(The West TOOK Kuwait off Iraq years earlier.) He had no weapons of mass destruction.

Then theyattacked Libya. Gaddafi did a lot of good for that country. NATO killed more than he did!
Then Syria and Yemen threated.

Now danger is of war with Iran.

But Israel and U.S. dare not attack.

U.S. too weak anyway.



However is being driven to create wars – to get an income! Through purchasing weapons,etc!!
West is at bay, and is trying to survive.

West spending too much. Too far into sex and drugs.
And is getting fat(obese)!(Which helps diabetes!)


We are not being told the truth. We are being told propaganda. What they WANT us to believe!

Big Pharma bloats itself upon our diseases! Note, not on our health!!
RED China is rising.
As is India, and Iran. As well as North Korea.

Russia is sitting pretty.

Japan struggles.

Europe going deeper into mire.

U.S. worsening,too.


My prognosis. Similar fate to that which overtook The Ancient Roman Empire!


This plus all the other horrors, like Nibiru, I have long mentioned!!



Christmas and New Year approach. And The Silly Season.

Christmas is about getting you to spend on Santa Claus. Not on worshipping and glorifying GOD, and exalting Jesus CHRIST!!

Islam and Socialism rise.

The Left is doing an awful lot of damage.

As is THE FAR right.


Centre right, and centre left hold stage now!!


West and world head for disaster – not utopia!!

The people are just not strong enough to do what is necessary to SURVIVE even!!
Preferring instead to continue sliding down hill, putting feet up, letting it all hang out.

And preying upon their neighbours!!


The WEAK neighbours!!

Not the strong ones!!

The way forward is to buy silver, and cut out the sex and drugs. Along with the lots of JUNK food!! And to live wholesome lives, not dissipatory ones! And dissolution!!


We fail to control ourselves.

So! We shall have to be controlled!

And, if we resist(as we do), then destroyed!!
Greed and power lust is the root problem. Along with selfishness and self-centredness. Though there are exceptions.

God as given us everything. But we insist upon more AND destroying what others have!!


People are FAR too iniquitous!!
Have not a clue on how to live for best.(Just live for the worst. The Mob does NOT know what it is doing!!)
Goes for low self instead of high.
And promotes BODY, destroys SOUL!!


We are paying now(just starting to) for not controlling and training the unruly when we could have nipped things IN THE BUD!!
Believing the false promises we are electing people who will destroy us!!


We let our children rule us!

We are afraid to punish them! And look after animals and plants more than humans!

We abnegate rule to our over-worked spouse!
Police are tied hand and foot.

I am in Australia.

Out here we are ruled by IDIOTS, who THINK that they are sages!!
Aliens ready to descend en masse. And save us from ourselves!!
World hates me, and those like me. Because I try to warn them and to save them!! They do NOT like bad news, even though I point the way through. The world prefers its wrong way to the better ways of the wise!!

Which is NUTS!!

So what does the West(at least) do when deep in debt? Get deeper in!!

And what does West(at least) do when driving towards the edge of a high cliff?

It hits the gas more. Foot right down to the floor boards!!
I’d say we had a problem.
And that problem is not the fault of GOD.

Nor often even of our enemies.

But of OURSELVES. Who all too often will not do the necessary sacrificial things – to SURVIVE!!

But we of course BLAME OTHERS!!
Not that the others are guiltless.

But GOD certainly is not falling short!!

Human nature is weak. But under the grip of evil ones.

It is afraid to break free.

Instead of going for WHOLESOME things which promote Ecstacy.

It goes for low things which promote WEAKNESS. Often via orgasms.

And laughing at their OWN demise!!
It is NOT big to laugh at your failure! NO merit in THAT!!

Laugh, and wear a stupid grin, and the world will not hurt you!
It worships Sport, Entertainment, A good time, and heaps of LOW indulging. Play and fun.

We are fools living in a world of VILLAINS.(I am addressing the good(if any out there)! I waste my time on the wicked OF COURSE!!
We shall get DESTROYED. Before long,now!
We have conned each other into being STUPID!!
Primary school is not so bad. But schooling after that – is negative!!
Prophet of Doom and Gloom? I speak as I SEE!!

And I see Man going THE WRONG WAY!!


Why would people work when you can survive on hand outs??!!
Why would people not commit crime, when they house you at government expense, whilst the company around you teaches and trains you to be even worse!!

Future? The only future I see is A MOST DESOLATE WASTE!! !!


The world is living out a play of FANTASY!!

In a self-gratifying world of DELUSIONS!!


In a world of PLENTY, and PAMPERING.





In Australia we have a HUNG parliament.

The governments here in Australia, and Queensland talk big, act small.

Wearing those knowing grins.


“She’ll be right! As we SLIDE in to HELL!!

FEW, if ANY, are strong enough to LEAD PROPERLY!!


Going the broad easy way – instead of the narrow HARD one!!















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