QQ12 More great secrets.

Tuesday, 22nd November, 2,011.

More Great Secrets.

30.(Continuing on after 29 in QQ11.)
Jesus saves.
I hold that CHRIST saves. Jesus GUIDES.
Jesus was a man.

Christ, The Spirit of God in that man. And, now, in many others.

Son of Man, AND son of God!
Saves from what? Death? No.(Not of BODY.) For all die.

Saved from death of SOUL and SPIRIT!!
CHRIST, Son of GOD, saves from death of SOUL and SPIRIT.


Jesus,Son of Man, guides us to repent and accept CHRIST into our hearts.

If you do, you will not die and go to Hell(Hades).

If you don’t, you WILL!!


Any takers?

For more and more men HATE Religion.
They don’t like to be TOLD that the rocks are coming up FAST!!

Even though they ARE!!!!

31. How long have we got – before Global Economic Collapse?

You all see the trouble – and the problem??

The Purchasing TOKENS we use as money (Fiat money – by ORDER of Man’s Law.)are only as good as the strength of The Government enforcing that law.(And the key governments are in jeopardy now!)

BECAUSE there is no longer a promise to redeem in GOLD!!

(Cheques would be better! Just saying.)(But you can only change cheques into more BANK NOTES!! So, – as you were!)


So cheques are even worse.

All we have is PAPER, and the government saying: “Recognize this as a Purchasing Token! OBEY!!”.
Supposing you walked into a shop for a loaf of bread, tendering a bank-note and the shop-keeper said “Sorry, I want gold or silver. I do not rate PAPER!!”.
You would go to another shop.

But as time passes, more and more shop-keepers are going to say no, THAT is paper, I want VALUE. Give me gold or silver!!(I am speaking in allegory of Market Buyers. Put in to a simple form. More and more will eventually buy more gold and silver!!)
So I say “Get back onto gold(or go onto SILVER), or perish!!”.


But WHY won’t the government re-instal gold(As Standard(Of value.). Or go on to Silver Standard??


Because! – It is so easy to PRINT more fiat money, bank-notes! But hard to conjure up gold or silver!!(YOU got the paper! They took your gold LONG BACK!!)(And gave it to China!)(THAT is Western wisdom for you!!)(Doing en masse, so to dodge censure and blame!!)
And we, The Government, gotta live,too!
How long will THE WHIP(Obey! Recognize bank-notes!!) be effective??
Not long. The fact that promiseless paper is worthless is stronger than the angry words of a government TELLING you to recognize paper!
People are going to buy gold and silver, albeit with dodgy paper!!

That is good business!!

So up goes the price of gold, and silver.
But why is price of gold and silver falling?


Because there is a CORRECTION on!

Commodity prices are FAR too high! VERY FAR too high,too!!


Also we have the downward pressure on gold and silver, to try to drive up value of U.S.Dollar!
So it depends upon how fast buyers recognize that gold and silver are more valuable than PAPER!!
If you panic and convert your gold and silver into bank-notes, you will be worse off than ever. MORE PAPER!!
Commodity prices are dropping.

But (I think!) gold and silver are going to come back up.

32. I need some love! (Speaking of the average man.) Must find me a body – for sex!

But sex is not love!

That’s the rub you see!

AND Pleasure is NOT happiness!!

Receiving love makes you happy. Giving sex makes you weak!

Cannot make others love me. But I can go around loving others.

I may die, but at least I have fed THEM!!(Let’s all make a deal!!)


Self-conciousness, embarressment at personal faults and failings.

Because people are SO unforgiving. NO MERCY!!

Man, you stinka!

You are not so dusty yourself!!


JUST Pass the smelling salts, – and SHUT UP!!





33. THEY, The Authorities, are trying to con us that all is well and will continue well, – even though all is NOT well. And will rapidly worsen. WITHOUT remedy!!


34. So! As the strain increases.(We are SEVEN BILLION strong now!)(Strong? Nay, brother and sister, – WEAK!!)
As the strain increases, the wire is going to snap in places. Crime will rise. More defaults on debts. Rate of interest will rise. Governments will get tougher at saying OBEY!!
Death rate will go up. If only from suicides!!

Men will turn to sex.(Just gotta have relief!) And women to babies.(Just got to DOTE!!) They will get along fine – as before!!
35. Secret authorities(Second Government) are spraying us via CONTRAILS. In the sky!!

Plus other ways to reduce population. If we don’t do it, Nature will(And Man!)!!
You just LOOK, and see.

To poison the crops, – and kill us!
To get the numbers down!!
Other ways being done,too.(Like vaccines??!!)


36. Cyber warfare,now.

U.S. getting 6 MILLION hacks a day on important utilities!!

Russia sent.

China, at times,sends.

Political East, main source.










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