QQ11 Great Secrets!

Sunday, 20th November, 2011.

Great Secrets.


I propose now to list briefly key things that I think humans should know about:- VERY important things!!(Some of these subjects are controversial and/or delicate. But they DO need talking about!)
1. When we die, it is NOT the end of us! ONLY the physical body dies! That rots back to bones and dust or ashes,etc. Returning to the great reservoir of matter – which may be used again.

BUT Our soul, personality, mind or spirit(us) GOES ON. It enters The Spirit World, and then occupies the next finer vehicle UP, in vibration. We then spend an average 50 years in a much easier world(plane, actually). THEN we eventually usually feel the necessity to re-incarnate – so to have harsher experiences again – in the physical. Thus to evolve faster.

In theory, we could stay, I THINK, in The Spirit World indefinitely, but then we don’t EVOLVE much, if at all!!(Evolution is SO important!) So we choose a suitable couple(new parents) for our latest purposes and dive down into an embryo we choose!
2. Now, when we die(physical only), we gravitate to our Home Plane(Where we feel most comfortable.). Planes are Spectra(Ranges) of Vibrations. In the dimensions of Dimension Groups. There are MANY dimensions. About 64 altogether, I think. And about EIGHT Dimension-Groups.(Eight of eight, perhaps.)


We sink or rise to that level of vibration we have attained in life.

That is probably the AVERAGE vibratory rate of the life-time just concluded.

We go, first, to a Reception Centre, and are booked in – so to speak. Staying there a few days – to acclimatize.(Death is terribly traumatic so we sojourn in something like a hospital for a few days.)

Then friends collect us after formalities are completed, and they take us to their homes until a home is found for us.


Usually joyful re-unions.

Plus the novelty of a finer world.(A less dense world.)(QUITE material. Like physical!)(To its inhabitans I mean! Not to us in the physical,etc. Any more than we are to them now!!)

3. The problem is, that the key average vibration of our personality takes us to that level of the plane. Which is pleasant or unpleasant according to that vibration.

It may be Hades,Hell. It may be Paradise,Heaven.(Heaven and Hell are mento-emotionals states or conditions. Paradise and Hades are MATERIAL PLACES!!)


We can rise or fall further from there according to our actions from there on.(Low spirits will try to take us down below, and hold us down there!)(Aiming to hurt us to the maximum – until we convert to their horrid goals!)


4. During life, amongst other problems we had the problem of the sex desire.(Installed in us by Nature in order to continue the species!) In order to avoid promiscuity, which easily creates jealousy leading to violence and to disease., we are obliged to find a suitable partner. And to keep that partner we get married. Originally for life. Until death do they part! But nowadays seems to be until love for the partner is dead.)(And thus marriage is becoming legalized prostitution!)(Jealousy leads to violence. Promiscuity to disease.)(By having ONE you HOPE is clean and not inclined to get too jealous on occasions!)
4b. As for sex with your own gender…(The gods destroy such!)(As with Sodom and Gomorrah.)(Holy Bible.)

The original idea seems to be: You marry to produce children. Thus to maintain or increase the population.

Bit hard for same genders to produce children!

Unless they ADOPT, of course.

Abominable really.(Christendom Bible says that it is an abomination for a man to lie with a man AS a woman!)(I can only agree.)
However. The situation is sometimes complicated by having male souls in female bodies, and female souls in male bodies!

One can be PHYSICALLY male or female(as the case may be), but be physically attracted to the same PHYSICAL gender as your own body has!

SOME are impelled for that reason.

But many again out of sheer peversity!


Sex is a tricky business. Romance(Love for another human at the heart physical level )- can get love returned. Thus providing us with the spiritual food we SO need. BUT Romance so often leads to sex, the gratification of which induces us to love that person more. Thus increasing the spiritual food!)

(Drugs and psychedelics are even trickier!!

Providing joys and pleasures(Even greater than romance and sex!!) that should be obtained the HARD way of spiritual living!!

There are nasty penalties for over-doing it!(Like depressions which drive you to suicide!)

But HOW HARD to NOT over-do it!
Unfortunately Mankind has gone rather overboard about sex. It has dominated him. Physically and mentally.(Over-spending is destroying him financially. Sex and drugs,etc. are destroying him personally!)(This is what brings empires DOWN! Excessive sex(and drugs,etc.) and not living within one’s MEANS!!)

It does rather look as if we are in the opening throes of economic COLLAPSE. Now gaining ground in Europe.
We may flee into sex and drugs,etc. – ONLY to finish ourselves OFF!!
HOW do you get people to ACCEPT Austerity measures(so necessary to survive!).

And HOW do you get people to reduce sex(to save your soul,etc. and drugs??!!
I think TOO HARD, by far!!

So I see DESTRUCTION ahead, – SOON!!

So the sex urge IS destroying us!!
What has overtaken SO MANY empires and civilizations before us – is now ABOUT TO ENGULF US!!

We are sacrificing our HIGHER JOYS AND PLEASURES on the altars of our lower gratifications!!(Destroying the soul which lives for ever in order to gratify the body which dies at the end of a life-time! Not too bright is it?! Be HONEST,now. WHAT do YOU think??)

A number of terrible things results from this: a. The gods get angry and destroy us. b. We go to HELL(Misery.) c. And then AFTER DEATH, we go to HADES(The MATERIAL HELL!!) d. Empires and Societies COLLAPSE and PERISH!!!!


THIS NOW LOOMS so large before us all. First we had The U.S. Debt and Deficit Crisis.
And now the even larger Europe(EU of The Eurozone) is cracking up!
No wonder the U.S. President looked so anxious!!


You CANNOT without limit – LET IT ALL HANG OUT!!!!

AND HOW!!!!)


There is nothing wrong with uniting bodies. However, if we indulge in sex too much, it means we are then unable to unite higher vehicles! THAT is why Jesus bid us to deny ourselves daily. No orgasms! ETC. Because they lower our vibrations – and let in all manner of evils! It can prevent us entering Paradise or Heaven!! So it is MOST important. Therefore DON’T do it! At all, if you can!! Which is MOST hard.

5. To live, we need the necessities of living, like food, shelter, raiment,etc. These cost money, and to get money we need to work!(Unless you go for WORSE things like Crime(which is VERY costly. Or suicide(which is fatal)) Or staying at home or with friends,who may only put up with us for A WHILE. Or GO BUSH, and live off the land! Which is VERY HARD!!!! If we cannot get work we need SOME money from The State in order to SURVIVE,even at all, as living off the land is tough rough going. And begging is humiliating and unpleasant.(Our parents usually push us out eventually!) We pay insurance(At least, I did.) to set us up for life for that. So we have Employment Exchanges and Social Securities(Where we go when we can’t get work – to get our Survival Hand-Out!!)


6. Because BARTER is so inconvenient(8 sheep for a cow sort of thing), we had coins, in a metal of some specified value. Which we exchanged for food,etc. at the appropriate outlets. Originally these coins or pieces were of gold and silver. But are now watered RIGHT DOWN!!

The Purchasing Tokens(Coins and Bank notes) had to be of definite value. Thus for appropriate exchanges into food,etc.

This was all right so long as the tokens had VALUE. But since coming off The Gold Standard, in U.S. in 1971, we made the standard VALUELESS. Because we adopted Purchasing Tokens with NO PROMISE to exchange for gold on them!(And NOW, no gold standard!) And thus more and more of us are beginning to realize that if the system upholding that fiat money fails, then we are left with the value of the tokens themselves. These days(Because U.S. Dollar was made the Financial Standard)it is PAPER! Which have VERY little value, if any!

Now I hold that THAT FACT is at the bottom of our current growing financial and economic woes!
It is the reason for the increase in the buying of gold and silver! Which DOES have value.
This sends the value of dollars DOWN.

Which is tantamount to an increase in prices. INFLATION!!
This causes debts and deficits to increase.

Which with defaults makes governments fall.
So we elect(those of us with elections!) those who promise us the moon.(But how often they fail to deliver!)
They promise us the moon TO GET ELECTED.(Once in they usually go THEIR way!)(Humans are HUMAN, and too often make out to be what they ARE NOT!!)

When they fail to deliver they get pushed out.(Sooner or later they fail to satisfy the people they represent.)
What a pity that the people(in general) do NOT know what is good for them! The populace usually has a problem accepting that money does not grow on trees, and that workers are required TO WORK!!

Who sometimes elect bad or poor rulers.

Of course there is always the opposition who think so ANYWAY!!


Today, in The West especially we have a lot of debt and deficit.

This is by and large due to excessive spending. Failing to live within our means!!

The people we purchase from need to live too. Profit is NECESSARY. It is only EXCESS profit – that is bad.(Unfortuately even PROFIT has become a dirty word!!)
It is RESOURCES plus Labour that equals PRODUCTIVITY – which is our TRUE MATERIAL WEALTH.(The SUPREME wealth is Divine Will and LOVE.)(Divine Will is SUPER love.)
The bank-notes are ONLY TOKENS, whereby for convenience we can purchase the goods and services we need to survive!

We have been brain-washed and CONDITIONED to believe that FIAT money(that money laid down by law as valuable(bank-notes and coins)) IS of value! That was true when there was a PROMISE on the bank-note to pay out the equivalent in GOLD on demand. But that promise has LONG SINCE GONE!!

So! If and when the system fails, you are left with pretty pieces of paper. Worthless!!

Thus it is that gold and silver sales have gone up!(Because demand for them has gone up.) So to get stuff of VALUE!! Gold is valuable because pretty. Silver because of its industrial uses.
They are heavy, so we switched to bank-notes. Acceptable with THAT PROMISE TO REDEEM, but now without that promise – they are INTRINSICALLY WORTHLESS!!
Only a few REALIZE this!
The Feds(Goldman Sachs seems to be the top nasty corporation that profits excessively. Just saying.)(NOT Wall Street!), The Top Bankers, keep gold and silver prices down as much as possible. So that The U.S. Dollar can reign in convenience.


The trouble is that the people, the electorate, refuse to tolerate the austerity measures NECESSARY to reduce or eliminate the debts and the deficits! Who keep out, or boot out, any offending rulers!

However! UNLESS we do lower debt and deficit the global house of cards WILL COLLAPSE!!

Starting up now in Europe apparently.

The question is WHAT are we going to do??!!
We see the answer: Police fighting rioters on the streets.(That is the FORCED answer. We need to find THE PROPER answer! – Which of course is tighten belts – or DIE!!)
Rioting will only make things worse. You need to get those who profit EXCESSIVELY to reduce that. But HOW?? (AND the rioters to knock it OFF!!)

Perhaps we need pressure on Goldman Sachs,etc. I do not know. Just saying.
Nations will collapse. Get booted out of The Group they are in. The EU of The Eurozone for example.

And the problem spreads.

The dominoes go down.
Bringing the whole world TO ITS KNEES. Even literally.
Or jumping out of high windows. Which achieves nothing but worse!


So Crime goes up. People trying to live Bush . And of course the drain on Social Security. Reducing of Public Health Service.
THEREFORE we have to reduce SPENDING!!

7. The basic battle is between Good and Evil.

That is to say between those who construct and repair(spiritually and materially), and those who destroy.


The good, the POSITIVES, go to Heaven and Paradise in the measure they have been and done per what they are. Before and after death.

The evil, THE NEGATIVES go to Hell and Hades. Before and after death.(Hades AFTER death.)


So, it does NOT pay to cause harm and destroy!! It pays MUCH WORSE in KIND, later!! Not necessarily through the people concerned! Spirits are always watching us!! But THE LAW (Of GOD) KNOWS what we do, no matter how little or what!! And pays back in kind, multiplied!! Later.
Via The Law, known as THE LORD, that governs these things!!


I tell you out of CONCERN for YOU!!

Of course the question arises How accurate am I!!

I cannot say.(I find I am USUALLY right(re: the important matters.)) I leave that to the reader to try to determine!!

8. We have The Rich versus The Poor.


But how hard for the poor to get the rich to give and share with the poor!!


Do not forget my RATINGS systems! For sharing out the wealth painlessly and peacefully!! My Rat and Ratings’ series.(Ask me for these! Vic on vicon@halenet.com.au or vicon2000@gmail.com)

9. Mars, along with many other places is inhabited by super humans. And animals. As well as plants.

So we shall need to be VERY careful if going there!

THEY are FAR more advanced than we are.

10. It IS possible to leave our bodies. Temporarily and permanently. Temporarily via astral,etc. projections and excursions. And PERMANENTLY at death!!(Physical death is simply the exiting of the physical body by the rest of the set of vehicles(bodies)within the physical 3d AND 5d wise!!(5d is vibrational.))


11. Drugs is an easy way to obtain the joys and pleasures that should be gained by spiritual and divine living.
IF we overdo it, or anyway, we may get pulled down into misery,etc. to compensate!!
12. Water can be obtained out of the air. The water vapour in it.

This may be done by cooling the surface, and collecting the condensation.

Refrigerators do this.(I mean that the moisture in the air condenses on the pipes.)

What you have is a temperature point at which the water-vapour gas changes into liquid. That is a lower temperature called The Dew Point.(The temperature at which dew forms – from the moisture in the air.)

The difficulty lies in collecting it together, and then running it off.
An Australian has recently invented a device to do this but feeding the roots of plants underground. Good. But why not go one better, and make the condensation flow out of a tap. Nice cold clear CLEAN water!!


This is why when you drive the water out of plants,etc. by sunlight(or whatever), you can get water this way. Like by putting plants,etc. into plastic bags. The water then collects at the bottom of the bag.(When the temperature falls.)(After a day(or whatever) in the sun.)

Or, another method, is to dig a hole in the ground, put in plants,etc.(Anything containing water.) into the hole, cover it with a plastic sheet, and let the sunlight(or whatever)play on it all day. If you have a container beneath the plants, like a plastic sheet, you can then catch and collect the water it contains that way.(When the temperature falls again.))

This is why condensation forms on the insides of windows after the temperature drops.
There is no need to die of thirst!



13. Obtaining food of course is a far harder matter. However you CAN eat MANY things you would not normally dream of doing! Insects and snails, for example. Best cooked first.


14. Love exchange via mutual eye gazing.,etc.
15. The point is we MUST have love. Love is a spiritual(divine, actually)FOOD for the soul. We get it or turn nasty! And attack others.


So we love all, but select a chosen few from those we like to exchange love and body union(the higher the vehicle in vibratory rate, the better).

16. At churches we mass commune with God.(Via communing with each other.) Get great love that way via worshipping GOD.(We seem to be forgetting that one. Food is not enough. That is only MATERIAL food. We DO need spiritual food,too. Which is LOVE. Romance and Body Union(Sex) provide them. But uniting HIGHER vehicles which we have within us pays even better!(Churches also provide preaching. (Telling us how to LIVE to the best advantage!( For our own good. That The Church or whatever may get exalted.))(Too many people are resenting this, instead choosing their own methods WHICH MAY NOT BE SO GOOD!!)(IF we get instructed so that the leaders may DOMINATE – then that is bad. But given that they are doing it for OUR OWN good, then that is good.)(It depends upon THE MOTIVE.)(Being dominant is not NECESSARILY bad!!)
17. Psychedelics are a kind of drug which yield bizarre experiences. Novel, but can be dangerous!! LSD for example.

But all these plant or drug assisted ways to joys and pleasures come at a price(I mean beyond the material price you pay to get the stuff!),

They may lead you to do harmful things. To self. And others.

18. There are many other things like this,too.

19. Energy creating machines.
20. The great thing to remember is to unite with GOD. Because the highest and best. And topmost reason: we owe ALL to GOD!!(Unfortunately the churches etc. are failing to adequately and properly preach and teach the people! So the people are increasingly going their own way. Which may bring them harm! Sometimes their OWN WAY is better than what they get taught!)

21. Temple LYCEUMS provide teaching.
22. We have panels that convert sunlight into electricity.(Electrical energy.) However, there are panels that convert ALL forms of light into electricity.(You just paint it on!) Which is VERY handy indeed!)

23. Wind farms,etc. help a bit.
24. There is only so much to go around. Therefore we need to curtail population growth!

25. We need to guard against unions gaining too much power, and telling companies how to run their own businesses! No future THAT way!!

26. And we also need political parties governing us that are best for us. I find that these are those of the centre right. NO WAY do slaves make good rulers!

You need to go by law and order, or all breaks down very quickly!!

Far back in The Past, The Employers DID get too oppressive. But we are going far too far THE OTHER WAY now!! And we need to watch this – and stop it. OR WE CANNOT SURVIVE!!


27. There are machines that produce energy very efficiently and easily. There is one governed by MAGNETS. These are superb.

If interested – take a look in NEXUS MAGAZINE!!


28. We do things the hard way unfortunately. I say build AIRSHIPS that carry many people FAR more cheaply than craft that are heavier than air and have wings.
29. No way will human nature bow to rulers(People HATE to be told what to do, but we MUST strike a fine balance – OR PERISH!!) So we had BETTER compromise!(SURELY it is better to compromise than ALL PERISH??!!) (I think so!)

I notice that when Left Wing governments are in power that strikes,etc. increase.
Surely it is not best to TELL the employers and owners what to do!

I say: “If you do not like your job, find another one!”. There are not too many around!

If you had your own business, how long would YOU tolerate being told HOW TO RUN IT(By the people you employ!)??
Be honest,now.

And, if you can be, – FAIR!!
When righteousness, law,order and common sense go out of the window, then people go out of work, and life may go out of the body!
It is gratifying to force your will, but FATAL for Society! So DON’T do it!!

Yes, we have the right not to work, hoping to force the employer to give in to our demands. But! Then THEY have the right to sack us!!
Speaking IN GENERAL!

There is always the odd exception of course.























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