QQ8 Highway Robbery!!

Saturday, 19th November, 2,011.

Highway Robbery.

NOT proclaimed!!

Apart from numerous other woes, the global financial and economic situation is dire and worsening rapidly! Via Europe in crisis. Due to debt. Overspending. When rulers attempt to impose austerity measures – the extremists in the populace rebel. So we have the rioters in Greece. And The Occupy Wall Street rebels in The U.S.ETC.

It is sensed that something is wrong(By the radicals.). And we need to discover WHY we are in debt!
Spending too much OF COURSE.(In a FINANCIAL SYSTEM that NEEDS spending to survive!) But there is more to it than that!
The crisis is critical in the extreme. We solve it fast – or perish!

We have to slash spending(Though so necessary! In this current ARTIFICIAL system!!). But when we try, the extremists riot,etc!

SOMETHING horrific happened. Which nobody seems to have noticed!

It is more, MUCH more, than excessive spending you see.

We used to be on the gold standard. Now we are not. We are on The U.S. Dollar Standard. Fiat money. Bank-notes and coins.
Observe how it went: First we had BARTER. You exchanged 8 sheep for a cow. This sort of thing. Which was VERY inconvenient.
So first they brought in COINS, and later BANK-NOTES. Fiat money. Made valuable BY LAW.
GOLD WAS the standard. The unit of value. The token wherewith to change into necessities, like food and fuel.

However, in 1971, The U.S. DROPPED The Gold Standard!

BEFORE that, long before, there was another PROFOUND change – which few seem to have noticed!

There USED TO BE a PROMISE on bank notes, to the effect that ON DEMAND, the bearer could request GOLD instead of bank notes,etc!

BECAUSE, what had happened was that instead of people holding gold, they held coins and bank-notes. PROMISSORY bank notes, that COULD be changed into gold ON DEMAND!!
However, Governments, supported by the banks,etc. REMOVED the PROMISE to redeem bank-notes with GOLD on DEMAND!!(Not a murmur(from the public)!)

So one could no longer get one’s wealth back! Instead you had MERE PAPER!!
Then in 1971, U.S. went off the gold standard! Not only could you not change your bank-notes, YOUR WEALTH, into GOLD, on DEMAND. But gold was NO LONGER THE STANDARD of wealth!(It had become The U.S. Dollar!!)
A very smart double move to deprive THE PEOPLE of ALL of their wealth!(And so many harp on about excessive bank fees and high interest rates!(When they are now so low!!) Thus straining at gnats – but SWALLOWING A CAMEL!!)
Hardly a word about in The Media! What is the matter with you, world? The banks, via government, have taken THE LOT off us. BECAUSE all we now have is MERE PAPER!! No promise to redeem in gold, AND NO GOLD STANDARD!! Merely this new ARTIFICIAL standard of Fiat Money(Bank-notes and coins.) – which, with the REDEEM PROMISE GONE, is simply MERE PAPER!! I am not complaining. Simply SAYING!!
Got it?
I have hit The Jack-pot!!
I have found out WHY we are all in debt!(Of COURSE it is mainly because of EXCESSIVE SPENDING,ETC.(too many of us failing to live WITHIN OUR MEANS), but there IS this OTHER SO CRITICAL FACTOR involved! NO PROMISE TO REDEEM IN GOLD!! PLUS, (Making a nasty DOUBLE!!) the money STANDARD(of value) CHANGED – from gold INTO THE U.S. DOLLARS.(Which are INTINSICALLY, PER SE, MERE bits of PAPER!!)
And NOBODY said a word!!(Are you CRAZY????)

Now HOW MANY OF YOU can SEE this?! Aye. THERE is the RUB!!
Rub a dub DUB, three men in TWO tubs(The Bankers,etc. The Government and Zee Public!)(Now WHO is worse?? The Feds – OR – The Rebels??!!)
Basically and essentially, it is The BANKS that have done this. THROUGH governments who DEPEND upon MONEY to govern!
The very smart DOUBLE move is amazing in itself. But what is even MORE SO, is that no one seems to have NOTICED!!
But the extremist RADICALS, now rioting in Athens, KNOW that SOMETHING is VERY WRONG. And are attacking, like The Occupy Wall Street people. Though not the banks.(We are ALL guilty to greater or lesser extent. Of course.)
We need to do TWO things, and IMMEDIATELY!!
1. Put the PROMISE back on The Bank-notes!!(To REDEEM holder on DEMAND!)
2. And make Silver the Standard(Better than gold because it HAS industrial VALUE!!)

RETURN TO SOME VALUABLE STANDARD! Like GOLD. But SILVER better!!(Because it DOES have value!)
Now let us get this STRAIGHT!! NOW!!
If only at the hands of rioting mobs!!

And, if not by the rebels, then more slowly through the TOTAL COLLAPSE of Europe, U.S., Japan – and even China. Hitting Australia and New Zealand,too.

Basic Fact ONE: The ONLY WAY back to financial health IS, to SLASH SPENDING!

It is sad but true that The most MASSIVE highway robbery in history has been committed, But WRECKING everything is not the best answer!
The best answer is, as I have just said, RESTORE the PROMISE to redeem(in gold, currently)(but I urge make it silver, as being valuable – whereas gold is not!)(Silver has INDUSTRIAL VALUE!! Gold has not so.)(And certainly mere paper has not.)(MERE paper BECAUSE the TRADING TOKEN, The VALUE standard, was changed from gold INTO U.S. DOLLARS!!(Which, WITHOUT the promise to redeem, are WORTHLESS!!))
THAT is WHY we are GOING INTO DEBT!!(It IS the critical OVERLOAD factor!)
The reason for us going into debt is due(I aver.) to enough buyers observing that the fiat(coins and banknotes)money is NOW worthless!! And buyng gold and silver instead. (WHY gold and silver went up. And STILL ARE.)Which is pushing The U.S. dollar down.

The FIAT money WAS of value SO LONG HAS IT HAD THAT PROMISE upon it!!

What THEY(The U.S. Government of 1971) did you see was go OFF the GOLD standard of VALUE, and replace it with The U.S. DOLLAR!!
It is not easy to conjure up gold, nor even silver. But! By making(TERRIFIC highway robbery!!) Bank notes ARTIFICIALLY of value, it is easy to simply print and PRINT!! Plus electronics,etc. to raise bank balances.

Print all you like, via QE3,etc!

But the trouble IS: You go into deeper debt and deficit, whilst solving nothing! AND the value of individual bank-notes GOES DOWN!!)(Which is equivalent to INFLATION!!)(Fast becoming HYPER-INFLATION!!)

THEY removed the PROMISE to redeem, thus making the PURCHASE tokens WORTHLESS!!
U.S. Dollars,etc. are ONLY of value by LAW.(Fiat money.) With that promise NOW GONE, they are WORTHLESS bits of MERE PAPER!!
The promise was removed(so slyly and quietly) LONG BEFORE 1971. Now WHO did THAT??!!)(THAT was the FIRST nasty move!)(Changing the financial standard from gold into The U.S. Dollar was Nasty Move Two!!)

There was not only no promise ANY LONGER to redeem in gold, but NO GOLD of recognized STANDARD TO REDEEM WITH!!(Taken OFF gold standard!!)(Gold(and silver) still has VALUE of course, but it was no longer(since 1971) The ACCEPTED STANDARD of UNIT VALUE!!)
The GREATEST Highway Robbery IN HISTORY!! !!

Hey ho!
But IS IT off to work we go?? Ho ho.
I MEAN will we go back on to gold standard?!
Or, better still, SILVER!!

The alternative is a rapid collapse of the global financial and economic system.
You DIG my DRIFT fellahs??
DOES yu??!!

Because if we don’t,
– WE PERISH, and FAST!!!!
If not FASTER!!!!



Merely slashing spending will not be enough!

You HAVE TO get that REDEEM PROMISE back on the bank-notes! AND go on to SILVER STANDARD!(Gold, at least!)(But Silver better because it has INDUSTRIAL value(which gold has not!))
Perhaps go on to Gold AND Silver AS STANDARD VALUE.
But what is no good now as the monetary standard is The U.S. Dollar!!


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