QQ7 The U.S. Dollar is standard.


U.S.$ Standard.

Are you following this? We got taken off gold standard – and put on U.S. Dollar Standard.

This is like cutting the anchor line or throwing the anchor away. And tying the rope to the biggest bouy found!

We got set adrift, and now we move faster and faster towards a waterfall’ edge, with rocks far below!

I recall when The British Pound had on it: We hereby promise to pay bearer the equivalent in gold on demand. But that promise vanished LONG LONG back! So The British bank notes are no longer PROMISSORY notes!!

That is what I meant in QQ6, redeem in GOLD(correction), not currency.

Now WHY would The Authorities switch from VALUE to VALUELESS??

Because they THOUGHT that LONG brainwashing and conditioning that bank notes and brass(watered down coins) WERE VALUABLE. They were only the FIAT money! NOT the real VALUE!!

The trick for the bankers,etc. IS – that you can print and PRINT, plus electronically increase bank balances WITHOUT LIMIT!!

The debt and deficits rose. The Dow went up. And gold and silver went up.

Ever since off gold standard!(1971)(Of course it took time to work through.)

Enough buyers switched into buying gold and silver! Because these few SAW that the new standard(The U.S. Dollar) was (without the redeem promise) worthless!! AND gold off standard!

But even gold is not the preferred standard. The best one is SILVER!!

We are asking the wrong question! What is the value of gold and silver in U.S.Dollar terms?

No! The U.S. Dollar has been MADE the standard now! An ARTIFICIAL one!!

So the right question should be: What is The U.S. $ worth in silver and gold!!

The answer is the converse! The RECIPROCAL of what gold and silver are worth in U.S.Dollar terms!

As gold and silver go up, The U.S. Dollar goes down.

The Banks THOUGHT that(They were the guys who collarred all the money.)(The Bankers, The Brokers, The Mortgage lenders, The Money Lenders and The Big Corporations.) the public had been conned sufficiently into believing that The U.S. Dollar was VALUABLE!! And the bankers,etc.being greedy and power mad, in their MONEY LUST and DOMINANCE, pushed GOLD OUT!!

Gold has no real value! The value came from its prettiness. In an era now gone.

So even gold will be a false standard!

The best material standard is SILVER!!

They made non-promissory PAPER, so pretty and dressed up, the STANDARD(Of VALUE!!)!!

Gold was no good. It had to be replaced. The U.S. Dollar was ARTIFICIALLY made so! As the STANDARD VALUE replacement!!

Silver was too bulky.

But the smart few saw that it actually was worthless, and that over time would collapse. So they invested in gold, and silver. They bought gold and silver!!

RED China has bought heaps of gold. And has gold rich Mongolia as its neighbour!

See the dominoes? Gold taken off value standard because industrially worthless. Silver too bulky. Artificially make The U.S. Dollar the standard value.

It was a ploy to get even richer that MUST fail.

So the dollar’s value went down. Down 10% now off its peak.

Sellers raised prices to compensate for loss of business.

Borrowing increased. Could not afford to trade otherwise.

Bank rates rose and bonds,etc.

Debt increased. And deficit.

The ROOT cause is replacing gold with The U.S. Dollar!

Reverse this and we may slowly recover.

Better still make SILVER the standard!

Failure to do these things means the slide to the waterfall’s edge MUST continue. Faster and FASTER!! And we hit ROCKS!! HARD. VERY HARD!!

The Fed’s(Top Bankers) plan is (via Bernanke at present, was Alan Greenspan) print more on demand. And electronically increase bank balances.

Sky is the limit.

The trouble is that eventually the debt creates a deficit that cannot be paid! And the percentage against the GDP rises too high.

Bankruptcies. Bail outs. But rebellions and governments toppled!

Mayhem. Via riots.(We have seen some already!) REBELLION!!!!

Goldman Sachs is one of the leading big corporations responsible.

Not Wall Street!

I see more an excuse to vent spleen over the world’s frustrations!

They have a point, but mayhem is only making matters worse!!

We are ALL guilty to some extent or other. Materially and spiritually. Especially SPIRITUALLY!!

GOD is being left OUT of the equation!

Because no longer fashionable in this VERY confused mixed up world!

The basic fault is not in the stars, nor our genes, nor glands, etc. But in OUR HEARTS!!(Hearts getting too small. Heads too big!!)

Europe is on the block, being the world’s weakest point in the links!

Greece, Italy. Now spreading to Spain and France.

The growing threat of having to default!!

Yes, we need to save, but CURRENTLY(in this $U.S. led system) HAVE TO spend.(What we haven’t got!)

If (WHEN!!) Europe collapses(Countries will exit The EU.), U.S. will be next. Then Japan. Followed by THE LOT!! Finally China. And Australasia!!

I have told you the cause of these dominoes. And pointed out the cure!

Make SILVER the value standard!!

Get back to Divine Will(That is SUPER love) and Love. Get right with God first, via repentance – and acceptance of CHRIST(GOD MANIFEST) into the heart!!

We must act IMMEDIATELY. Or ALL is lost!!

U.S. is being driven to initiate war to create sales!

Forget blame game. And going back into the past. Too late! Now.


Fed’s game is keep on with the Q.E.(Quantitative Easing.). So be ready for Q.E.3. And so on.

They cannot pay off THAT(massive) debt. So start war is option now!

Meanwhile print and print, and electronically create bigger bank balances.

If they raise interest rates,etc. Cut spending. Increase taxes. Then backlashes will ensue.

Man is in a fix that his anger prevents him from fixing!!

So he is doomed…(Via PROJECTING blame onto SOMEONE ELSE!!)

I give it UP TO about five months…

Trouble is too much taking, not enough giving.

Banks will seize up, blocking access to funds.

Welfare may collapse. Health Services will collapse. And then the Utilities!!!! We cannot afford it!

Bank runs. Banks close doors.

General Emergency. Martial Law declared. Police State.


Money thrown into streets.

Everyone to arms!!

Increasing home invasions and ASSAULTS. Rape to become common.

Too many people on planet. Too much traffic on roads.

Things long since too complicated.

2 into 1 WON’T go!!

Suck it and see!!

Society grinds to a halt.

Mental cases increase.(They decided to let nut cases roam streets! And now it is WELCOME ALL. Give each asylum seeker a tent! Have we ALL gone MAD??!!)

And suicides.

Armed robberies leap up.

ATM’s smashed open. Or dragged away.

I’d say we had LOST it!

Don’t know about you.

Hung parliaments hang their populaces!

Stifled by INACTION. No thing but bad actions!

And there you have it.

But where are we now?!

Chaos, bedlam, insanity, UTTER confusion!

And now comes the silly season pre Christmas.

Christmas is coming.

WHY is Santa Claus wearing HORNS??

Stop all this exaggerating and DISTORTING!!

The effect has LONG since been LOST!!



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