QQ6 Why are we in debt??

Wednesday, 16th November,  2,011.


WHY are we in debt?!

            Coming off The Gold Standard was a TRAGIC mistake!

         We have to have SOMETHING as a basic unit of VALUE. Human love not strong enough yet.

          We had gold as the standard.

           But, in 1971, The U.S. came OFF it.

           And things have gone downhill ever since.

           We have cheated ourselves!  It has taken 40 years so far for to plunge us into debt.

           I think that we are in debt BECAUSE very gradually traders had to raise prices to try to combat losses due to the subtle loss of business due to it slowly being re-alized that a banknote WITHOUT a promise to redeem in gold is ONLY WORTH the paper it is printed upon!(Gold has value. Paper HAS NOT!!)(Even if that paper is pretty coloured and with all sorts of jazz upon it!)(It is basically PAPER.)

           So buying goods and services,etc. DROPPED. This was met by prices being raised and currency values falling, along with bonds,etc.

           Seller raised their prices.

           People in general DID NOT REALIZE WHY there was this additional rise in prices. It was so SLOW and SUBTLE!!

           Very slowly business confidence was eroded!

            Sellers had to borrow more, and got into debt increasingly.

             Apparently no one connected the un-noticed rise in prices with the coming off from the gold standard!

             It was minor, gradual and un-noticed. The rise being lost amid other increases!!

             What the buyers unbeknown were trading on was THIN AIR!!

             But VERY SLOWLY the CRITICAL debt increase WENT ON!!

              Business NEEDS a unit of VALUE. Gold, in The U.S. Etc. WAS that value!

              It is like having an invisible lead ball tied to your ankle!  Conjoint with all the other drags., it VERY slowly pulls you down!!

             Very few realized that the reason for the excess fall was that there was no unit of VALUE!!

              People, by blind faith, TRUST that the pretty pieces of paper(bank-notes) will buy them goods and services they need!

              And because ALMOST everyone thinks thus, even blind faith turned up the goods!

              However, the few who reduced their spending weakened the buyers THAT much! Driving the buyers to borrow more, and slowly go into increasing DEBT and deficit!!

              Once we get back onto gold or silver or SOMETHING of VALUE, the problem will  START TO go!

              So it is necessary, IMPERATIVE, to get back onto gold or silver or something VALUABLE immediately!! IMMEDIATELY.   AT ONCE!! NOW. PRONTO!!!!

              Gold has little industrial use. So I am thinking Silver Standard!!

              But I suppose IF they do anything that gold will be tried first.

              A small few of the buyers realized that with gold no longer the standard that mere PAPER was of no value! Especially without the promise to redeem!  So they stopped or reduced buying!

              It has been so small and subtle that few have noticed and observed WHY the mounting debt!

              Hidden among other burdens.

              Better, I think, we get onto a Silver Standard!

              Because of its industrial uses.

              Without the anchor of VALUE, bank-notes were VERY SLOWLY losing THEIR value. And this dead-weight has been dragging the markets down - almost imperceptibly! But enough to make that CRITICAL difference. Between general survival and collapse.

              So collapse approaches. And few seem to know why!!

              Coming off the gold standard was IDIOCY!(Nixon, eh?  I thought HE had more sense!!)

              Simply because you CANNOT have a PURCHASE TOKEN of NO VALUE - and expect business to continue as usual! Humans simply do not trust MERE PAPER!!

              And, lacking the PROMISE to redeem gold for bank-notes. Plus no gold standard.  Which I take is basically THAT promise!  Then the deadly erosion sets in. Via the few buyers who did realize that the problem was that paper, even prettily coloured,  is of no value!

              Banknotes and coins are PURCHASE TOKENS. Meant to replace gold(or whatever unit of value formerly applied).

              So it was a question of: How much faith does one place in PAPER, especially with no promise to redeem.

              The answer is none! Though if we DID place blind faith in the worthless TOKENS, then we could survive and carry on!

              But ENOUGH people, traders, buyers REALIZED that the paper tokens were VALUELESS, to very slowly drag the whole financial system DOWN!!  By their NOT buying!!

              What happened because of those FEW, was that a small un-noticed DRAG set in, hidden because lost in other burdens.

              Which is very slowly plunging us into DEBT.

               See the dominoes:  No gold standard - Distrust by a FEW - Lowered profits by buyers - Increased borrowing. - Debt grows. -  Deficit grows. Bankruptcies - Bail outs - Banks collapse. Governments fall. CHAOS. Riots. WIPE OUT!!

              For 40 years The Populace IN GENERAL has been UNAWARE of the REASON for our increasing DEBT!

              A debt that will be spread over EVERYONE. On Earth!!

              Italy and Greece are critical at the moment.

              Can they haul themselves out?(I cannot see Greece doing so.)

              Italy MUST.  Or the WHOLE PACK falls!!

              And a terrible domino sequence will set in!

              PEOPLE, leaders,etc. Get BACK onto (Silver better, I THINK.) SOMETHING of VALUE, IMMEDIATELY!!

              Or watch THE SKY  CRASH!!


              Vic.(Give me your hand!! NOW!!!!)





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