QQ5 Tail-ender to QQ4.

Wednesday, 16th November,  2,011.


Tailender to QQ4!

         I forgot to explain(In QQ4.):  I am giving here the solutions to material and spiritual living!  Accept GOD into your heart,and live from that via your higher self!  AND getting the leaders to get back on to gold and silver!  So we go via gold and or silver instead of PAPER!!

         Note what we have got now:-

         Bank notes originally were originally gold redeemers, sort of IOU's on receipt of gold. But note that the promise to pay money in return for gold has LONG SINCE GONE!!

         We DON'T know WHAT we are doing!

         Paper is no thing!  Plenty of that about.

         First there was Barter. Then they switched to coins and bank-notes.  Gold was the old base. But they left the gold standard!  And went down from there. Because no anchor!!

         The fact is YOU CANNOT live on thin air!

         But any leader who EVEN TRIES to pay off the debt,etc., - gets kicked out!!

         The Populace SIMPLY CANNOT and WILL NOT accept  that WORK is NECESSARY!!  AND no cheating!!

          TO SURVIVE EVEN, you MUST work! And not cheat!!

           Tokens (bank notes and coins) are necessary to provide a bridge to food,etc. What you need to continue living!

           Because we are not yet advanced enough to live by LOVE!

           Therefore we need the trusted TOKEN.(Currently banknotes.)

           But the point IS:  That whereas gold and silver had intrinsic value that the people could trust, BANK NOTES HAVE NOT!!  It is ONLY PAPER!!(Not even a promissory note now!!)

           We change the token(now banknotes) for the material wherewithal to LIVE!!

           The question is: How long can the people trust the paper token?!

           They KNEW gold and silver could be translated into food,etc. But MERE PAPER?  How long before people's TRUST in THAT erodes?!

           See what they have done?!

           With barter you exchanged something(a sheep or a cow)you could spare, for something you NEEDED!!

           But tokens are only good SO LONG AS they can be TRUSTED!!

           They(our leaders) took away THE PROMISE to redeem gold with money!

           And NOW they have taken away THE GOLD STANDARD!!

           Been gone in U.S. 40 years. Since 1971. When they went off The Gold Standard!!

           Now The Public is not THAT stupid!  For CONVENIENCE we changed from Barter to Tokens. Gold and silver,etc. - GOOD tokens.

            But banknotes WITHOUT a promise to redeem any gold you hand to bank with money, IS WORTHLESS!! Just PAPER!!

            Now how long, lacking love(Trust that the shopkeeper will supply you in return for a token(bank notes) NOW WORTHLESS with the goods you need??!!) will it be before others will reject your NOW worthless PRETTY PAPER??!!(Banknotes without a promise to redeem!)

            THIS is the bottom line that nearly all have not REALIZED!!

            We are standing on THIN AIR!!

            And people don't take all that  long to wake up!

            Do you see what I MEAN??!!

             We went from Barter(Sheep,cows,etc.) to Gold and Silver,etc.(Which was more convenient and had VALUE.)  But now that our tokens are NON-PROMISSORY pieces of PAPER, - how long before trust collapses??!!

             Non promissory paper tokens and BRASS(Coins that have been watered right down!) are almost valueless!

             We NEEDED the exchange TOKEN to be VALUABLE too! So we could TRUST them!!(When 6 sheep were given for one cow, I was satisfied. And when I could change gold or silver for fiat(banknotes and coins)money, I felt comfortable BECAUSE OF the PROMISE to redeem!

             Are you following??

             They have removed THE PILLAR OF TRUST!!

             No good you see having a TOKEN that is not at least of equivalent VALUE to what it represents!

             Humans just do not have that level of belief in their fellow humans(traders,etc.).

             We have LONG lost sight of that fact!

             But it isn't long before that FACT overpowers humans!

             Which translates into RISING PRICES!! Inflation!

             And falling currencies.

             We forgot  that humans are HUMAN!! And WILL NOT trust that which has no value.(Our PRESENT TOKENS!!)(Non-promissory bank-notes!!)

             We THOUGHT that we could walk on the clouds. BUT WE CANNOT!!

              So get BACK onto the gold(or silver) STANDARD - or PERISH!!

              So long as banknotes were promissory AND tied to gold(or some token OF VALUE) we could TRUST!!

              But the mistake was MADE to hope that Man could trust MERE TOKENS. However, humans ARE HUMAN!!(MEANING - that they refuse to trust what has little or no value!! Like sheep and cattle or gold and silver!)

              So you see(I HOPE that you do!) that it is not just a matter of debt and deficit which we are FAST approaching the ability to PAY OFF, but that the VERY tokens THEMSELVES have become NON-PROMISSORY and ALSO ALMOST WORTHLESS!!

              Having taken SO LONG, and been done SO STEALTHILY, nearly all have lost sight of the basic FACT!!(Namely  that humans will not TRUST worthless NON PROMISSORY tokens!)

              They took away THE PROMISE to redeem. THAT was bearable SO LONG AS THE TOKEN HAD EQUIVALENT VALUE!(Gold and silver,etc!)(Because of the VALUE of gold and silver!!)

              But NOW by the most SLY sleight of hand, we have CONNED OURSELVES via leaders elected OR FORCED UPON US into what we HOPED was a good solution WHEN IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT!!

               One day we may be loving enough to trust worthless TOKENS, as token BRIDGES to the goods we NEED. But not today!

               We went onto gold, the GOLD STANDARD. But in U.S. in 1971 we came OFF it!!

                Very slowly the erosion worked through. And prices went up. And currency values went down. Also bonds,etc.

                In other words we believed in the MERE TOKEN as being a cheap way to something for nothing.   BUT OF COURSE it does NOT work!  No way can leaded boots walk ON AIR!!

                Are you following me?  Sheep and cattle,etc. - good. Gold, good. Silver, good.    But PAPER - WITHOUT A PROMISE TO REDEEM - to a loveless society - NO GOOD!!

               And THAT is the fact we ALL need to face up to!!

               They can PRINT all they like. And DO!!   But slowly the few who SEE the cunning treachery stop trusting.  And then UP go prices. Down go currency values, bonds, etc!

               And then the people rebel, riot, destroy,ETC!!!!

               And soon all perish!!

               We NEED to pay back ALL of the debt  -  or PERISH!!  FAST!!

                However, no leader who even TRIES to do that - will survive. People will NOT stand for it!

                Therefore, I say,  we have HAD IT!!

                Unless you become loving enough to trust the other humans!

                AND use tokens of EQUIVALENT VALUE!

                IF no promise to redeem gold and silver with MONEY!!

                You see, we are(nationally)(some nations) soon not able to afford to pay THE INTEREST on the loans!!

                 When THAT happens, collapse cometh!!

                 We either get VERY loving(trusting,etc.), OR get back on to gold (or silver) standard, AND have promissory TOKENS, that are made of gold or silver!!

                 We are nearly all guilty to some extent or other. Materially AND spiritually.

                 But big corporations and banks have taken so much from the people!

                  And are about to take MORE, to pay off debts and deficits!!

                 People will revolt, being human.

                 And then we all end up destroying each other!!!!

                 You see the dilemma?!

                 Not much chance get more loving!

                 So it reduces to get onto gold or silver standard immediately.

                 With PROMISSORY tokens and/or tokens made of gold or silver!!

                 Got it??

                  We HAVE TO HAVE money.

                  We are all tied so much into one.

                  So MUCH depends now upon EU surviving.

                  Similarly with U.S.

                  It is get back onto gold standard immediately, AND use gold or silver TOKENS - OR PERISH!!!!

                  Unless you have banknotes with REDEEM promises in exchange for gold and or silver!!

                  AND The Authorities do not confiscate gold or silver!!

                  The rich few got too greedy you see.

                  Even WITHOUT all our other  appalling woes, we head fast for rocks!!(ALL of us!!)

                   So SOMETHING has to give.

                   Can Italy,ETC. pull themselves  UP by the boot-straps?

                   In time??

                   Now there is one for Bernanke, or whoever!!

                   We ALL need to pull our horns in!!

                  Thank you for listening. IF you did!!

                  DO you get my drift??!!






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