QQ4 Salvation!

Wednesday, 16th November,  2,011.



        Doomsday is creeping nearer.  But Ascension is the way to go! Apparently automatic with the rise in vibrations of The Earth.  I hope so!

        I see Doom STARTING WITHIN a few months.

        Then The Great Tribulation proceeding for 3.5 years.

        I think we are on the big slide-down to it now.

        Oh,yes,I have MANY faults and short-comings. If you have too many it affects your future adversely. Hell and Hades,  AND perhaps a lower planet.  And no evacuation by aliens!

        Getting rid of one's faults and short-comings is of course far easier said than done. None can be taller than they are. But we can try stretching!!

        To help the rest of you, I recommend Salvation:-

        Get onto your knees. Accept Jesus Christ as your personal SAVIOUR.

        I did that. And it CERTAINLY paid off.

        Before doing that I tried to be perfect.

        AFTER doing that, I just went downhill!(Ethically and morally.)

        Though I do not think I went downhill BECAUSE of accepting CHRIST.(Accepting CHRIST is letting GOD into your heart. But you need to REPENT FULLY of ALL sins FIRST. To clear the way.)(You then receive a Higher Self and live from that.)

         I SAW my utter BLACKNESS. And yet had aimed for perfection!

         But living(or trying to) from The Higher Self brought in degeneration!

         NOT that the higher PRODUCES evil. But that evil ones make you go wrong more. That is what I think, anyway. You get better only to sink further!

         The Salvation Formula REALLY works!

         Today I understand Saint Germaine is the new Great Master.

         I find White Eagle(Look up on Internet!) and Summit Lighthouse to be VERY uplifting organizations.

         I point to these for you.

         Though actually I think the best are The Prayer, Meditational, Healing and Ascension videos.  All things UPLIFTING!!(You will KNOW you are going the right way, when people DESERT you!!)(GOD pulls ALL the strings. Not humans!!   REALIZE THAT!!   So the ONE to keep onside is GOD, NOT MAN!!)

         This is of supreme importance for any who want to ascend spiritually, get evacuated by aliens, go to a higher planet, and go to Heaven and Paradise after SO CALLED death.

         Don't look at it intellectually. Look at it from THE HEART!!

         With Doom so near and my exit so close, I point to these things in the HOPE that they may help you. /Take over from me when I go. BECAUSE the future of all life upon this planet IS at stake!!

         HGH(Human Growth Hormone. Obtainable from pharmacists,etc.) reduces your age by the way. Though it won't protect you from Doom!

         Evolution via endless re-incarnations steadily raises our spiritual stature.

         Many people HATE Christianity. But there is no future in that. Only the worst possible one!

         When I say Christianity I DON'T mean Christendom.

         ChristenDOM is Formalism.

         That is Religion.

          ChristIANITY is HIGHER LIFE!!

          It is like trying to compare a picture or photograph of food WITH food.(I am talking about SPIRITUAL food!!)

         Religion is a PICTURE of a meal. HIGHER LIVING is the meal ITSELF!!

         Eating photographs of food, no matter how many, will NOT save you! Of course not.

         However, it might POINT the way!!

         Seeing photos of food might lead you to GETTING food!!

         Now all of this is MOST important. Which is WHY I tell you.

         Which is greater? The Personality or The Policy??(Best POLICY falls short if not from BEST PERSONALITY!!)

         I am addressing those who are less advanced. I know the advanced are WELL past these elementary introductory things!!

         I am TRYING to reach the more ordinary persons IN PARTICULAR. Though everyone IN GENERAL!!(Which is why I am also colloquial!)

         We all need to stop knocking others. It does not elevate us !  Live and LET live!!(We all have faults!)

         We need to help others UP, not stand on their heads!!

          Many are lost.  And getting FOUND lies in getting closer to GOD.(Whatever NAME you allot to God!)

          Many more are lost but DO NOT KNOW it!

          It is VERY sad to see the world worshipping MONEY.(It HELPS. But is not the most important thing.)

          Yes, we need MONEY to keep body and soul together.

          And we need GOD to keep AWAY from HELL!!

          The world HATES this sort of thing. I WELL know.

          Too many are being punished not for being bad, but for being good!

          So many are envious - and cannot bear it(their own envy).

          However the ONLY WAY to get spiritually more advanced - is to DO good! Help those in need!

          Not just materially. But SPIRITUALLY!!

          LOVE and DIVINE WILL are the GREAT FOODS that we ALL need!

          That is not a mere mind improvement thing, but HEART IMPROVEMENT!!

           Humans on Planet Earth are more evil than good. They MURDERED the great hope: JESUS CHRIST!!(This is like drowning in the sea, and then SHOOTING DEAD the rescuer!)

          We need to learn to be human of course, BEFORE we can be DIVINE!

          There IS NO easy way.

          Just be as good as you can be. And help ALL who need help.

          Help those who are LIFTING UP, not those who are dragging down, of course. (They need WARNING of HELL!!)

          I KNOW many of you are better than I am.  And in all ways.   That is not the point.

          I scored by finding out TREMENDOUS ASTRONOMICAL truths!!

          But becoming DIVINE is the way to go.

          When we are READY.

          One needs to be READY!!

          No good entering a race you CANNOT win!!

          The world will HATE you - in proportion to how good you are.(I mean spiritually.) Because they are pre-dominantly evil!

          They cannot bear to have anyone better than them.

          So they attack the good. But it does NOT raise them up. But instead casts them DOWN into HELL, misery, lower planet, AND no escape from the coming DOOM!!


          Many minds are currently on Europe. And how it fares economically and financially.

          The FACT is in GENERAL we are in DEBT. Spiritually and materially.

          We need to CLEAR that debt and deficit, and moral and ethical bankruptcy!!!! 

           And HOWEVER you dress it up, UNLESS DEBT IS TACKLED, we shall NOT recover, but go from bad to worse, until CRASH SMASH!!!!

            We NEED to live WITHIN our MEANS!!(Which SHOULD GO without saying!!!)

             That means do NOT spend more than you HAVE!(Materially AND spiritually.)

             Otherwise you let YOURSELF down, AND those who depend upon you!!

             Two things ruin us. Our weakness. And the dragging down(of the good) done by evil-doers.

             The COST will be INDESCRIBABLE!!

              Not only to The Good Folk, but to the evil-doers THEMSELVES!!

              Any gain to them will only be TEMPORARY!!

              The Bible(Christian) puts it:  "Man does not live by bread alone(but by EVERY WORD that proceeds from out of the mouth of GOD!!)".

               Failure means that THE WHOLE WORLD will collapse financially and economically!!

               In a CRASH worse even than The Great Depression. The Slump.

               In our present financial system, the need is to SPEND.(But the people have long since been trained to SAVE!!)

               Spending is keeping the blood(money)flowing. Saving is coagulation of blood into blood-clots!!

               Money of course is the BLOOD of The Economy. The need is to keep it FLOWING!!

                To complicate things further, money is not  bank notes and coins!! It is not even gold and silver(though will become superior to the fiat money).  But PRODUCTIVITY!! Ex Humans,etc. and RESOURCES.

                The trouble is that The Banks and The Big Corporations have cornered the money!(De-coupling money from gold was a mistake. Now we have NO ANCHOR!!)

                 It is easy to produce more and more banknotes of course.  Printing, electronic bank balances, loans and bonds.

                 So governments will simply rob more off the people, via higher taxes,etc!

                 This will lead to riots and rebellions, orgies of destruction, and sabotage.   Culiminating in civil war and wars,etc.etc!!

                 What is the answer?

                  I am speaking mostly from the point of view of The U.S.  And Britain.

                  Get back onto gold standard!!(Silver, better!!) And THEN THRIFT!!(Gold is too valuable. Silver is so heavy.)(But time coming when silver will be better than bank-notes to translate into food,etc!)

                  THRIFT on the present not anchored to gold system will only give us a financial heart attack!!

                  As it HAPPENS, I do not think that the world will LAST much longer. Thus obviating the NEED to get back on to gold and silver!!

                  I MAY have a few points wrong. But I think I am pointing in the best direction here.

                  THRIFT. But get back onto gold and silver FIRST!!

                  Otherwise thrift will finish us all off!!

                  Alas, THEY cannot(will not - because so unpopular with THE PEOPLE!!) reduce THE DEBT!  

                  ONLY way to reduce debt is to PAY IT OFF!!

                  But people turn against those who even TRY!!

                  There are worse than Belesconi!

                   In order to SURVIVE even, we NEED to adopt measures that get our leaders EVICTED!!(Because so un popular.)

                   So I see no hope. Humans SIMPLY refuse to bear the very measures needed to SURVIVE!!

                   Sorry, my standard falls on account of my age.(But still good enough I HOPE...)












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