QQ3 Further cycles. And WHY 2,012?!

Monday, 14th November,  2,011.


Further cycles.

And WHY 2,012?!

        There is The 26,000 years' Precession Cycle. And the sets of these, plus The Hindu Age of Kali Luga, The Dark Age(The Iron Age) AND the cycling around Alycone, The Central Sun.

        All of these cycles,too,are ending.

      WHY 2,012?

      Why 2,012 and not any other year?

             It is the year of the ending of The Long Count of The Mayan Calendar.

            (Note,too,that the DAY might be 22.12, not 21. And/or even 23.12.12.)

           A Christian arrived at the date of 4488 B.C.(Not Bishop Ussher!)

           The Mayans use that date TOO.(4488.B.C. PLUS 6,500(an applicable Earth Wobble period), a QUARTER of the full precessional term, Earth having FOUR equally spaced in time, WOBBLES.      Equals 2,012.A.D!!

            Plus I see that that is about the date of the start of THIS CURRENT Creation.

            PLUS, if I DOUBLE disaster(worst up to applicable date) intervals, I end up with 4488B.C!

           Thus it is that 2,012.A.D.(ALSO as confirmed by many reliable sources.)is SO accepted!

          AND Jesus said "I shall return in  TWO DAYS." .

          Jesus began his ministry at age 12.

          A day with The Lord is as a thousand years.

          Now Jesus did return in about 2 days from tomb(grave)!

          However, as usual, he meant something much deeper.

          Like the oft accepted ONE THOUSAND YEARS long day!

          12 + 2,000 is 2,012! A.D.(Took arithmetic, you see.)

          Doom was originally scheduled for  999 A.D.  Then 1,999. The famous Y2K date(The year 2,000.)

          Using the 999 SUGGESTS the next zeroed number up.  As being THE ENDING.

          I believe that 2,000 was an APPROXIMATION for 2,012!

         2,000(or 1,000 for 999) being an easier mouthful  for most people!

         There is an awful lot of DENIAL going on, about 2,012.

         Which is actually quibbling over being a few years out!

         Some are saying "Roll on 2,013, so I can say Ha ha, you were wrong!".

         Two things:  1.  2,012.A.D. is the end of(2,012 is the end of time date in The Great Pyramid,too! So it is set in STONE!!)MANY astronomical cycles and ages. 

         2,012 is actually just a calendar date. A Mayan/Aztec calendar date.

         I think Doomsday,ETC. is CENTRED upon that date.

        But may not actually OCCUR until up to 3.5 years later. I should say FINISH.

        2. Starts on 21,22 or 23.12.2,012.(I understand 21 or 22, because The Earth having 24 hours of time zones, needs another day to cover everyone!  Don't understand why 23rd as well though!)

        And finishes 3.5 years later.

        Ascension started 11.11.11. 

        Basically 21.12.12 is when The Earth  and its inhabitants GET RAISED IN VIBRATION!!

        It is not about doom. Doom is what Nature, Earth and Man,etc. express, not what Vibration Uplift is being given us - from on high.

        Many humans and animals,etc. will go beserk, as this vibration continues.

        How many of you felt it?(The rise in vibrations.)

       Noah's Flood occurred in 3,113 A.D.(Gilmesh's Flood occurred on the PREVIOUS cycle, 8,363.B.C.)

       Poseidon(Wrongly called Atlantis!) went down that year!(Which CAUSED The Great global flood!)

       Atlantis went down  in a PREVIOUS cycle!

       There are THREE,3, Lesser Sequences of cycles, you see.

       A. Our sun, Sol, returning from its maximum wobble out - every 6,500 years(one quarter of a solar cycle of 26,000 years)(As there are FOUR equal Earth wobbles. And each one goes over into an Inversion of The Earth!!)(Note too that the sun goes around Alycone every 26,000(years).  It does its four great wobbles ON THE WAY AROUND!!)

        Sol also goes around our GALAXY every 26,000,000 years, riding its closed stellar cluster!

        There is also a greater cycle of 3 to 4 HUNDRED million years, as our galaxy goes around the CLUSTER of galaxies that we are in. The Virgo Cluster.

        And so on.

       DO check out what I am saying!


       (How do you guys who say IT WILL NOT happen, arrive at this knowledge??!!)(WHERE is YOUR proof!!))

        B. There is the 3,600 year periodic return of The Nibiru Complex AND of Phaeton.(I think Nibiru IS Planet X.)(IF it is something EXTRANEOUS AGAIN, then we ARE in for a trip!)(IF both are approaching. Which I do not believe.)(Antarctica got damaged then.)

        Some speak of a Brown Dwarf. Others of a Carbon Star.(No, it is not Nemesis, Sol's DISTANT twin.)(THAT is about 2.5 light years away!)

        Comet Elenin (which vanished) may have been a gigantic alien space,etc.ship. that simply dimmed its lights!

       Yes, we could well have entered The Photon Belt. Maybe this is the ALLEGED hot spot in space.

       The Photon Belt is a dense belt of photons that surrounds Alycone, Our Central Sun.

        And C, there is The Mayan 5,250 year cycle!

        There are many other greater cycles!!

        Earthmen have NOT allowed for the astronomic CYCLES, and the AGES!!(But oft times see these events as JUDGEMENTS, which they are not really.  A projection of Man's GUILT perhaps!!   It is primarily a scientific issue. Man has to PERSONALIZE, and so raises Religion.  Let him PHILOSOPHIZE ex TRUE Science.(Orthodox science is not sound re the TOP issues!)(Just where it is at.))


        (We are soon to enter the next SUN period(being called worlds by some).)

        Strictly speaking they are periods.

        I notice too that the word DIMENSION is being used for what actually is only PLANES.(A plane is a level WITHIN a dimension(which is a WAY in HYPERSPACE.))

        Earth goes around itself(It rotates(spins)). Once every 24 hours. But is is slowing!

       Moon(The third?) goes around Earth once every month(Of 28 days).

       Earth goes around Sol, our sun, once every year.(Bit like the two times table. 

       Sun, Sol, goes around its stellar spiral arm ever four wobbles. So every 26,000 years.

       Sol also goes around Central Sun, Alycone(In The Pleiades.) Every 26,000 years. So perhaps Alycone is on the spiral arm, where we go around.

       And then our closed stellar cluster goes around our Milky-Way Galaxy every 26 MILLION years(26,000,000).

      Then we have our INNER Sun(The Earth's core.).

      It goes around THE INSIDE of The Earth. It is a small red sun about 50 miles wide.

       My point here with this red - is to show you all that the causes of the giant disasters that hit us from time to time are simply due to ASTRONOMICAL CYCLES.  And not the whims of some gods!!

       But Man has to PERSONALIZE POLICIES he does not understand or know about.

       And often thinks that he is guilty(unduly, or even at all) to incur such.

       That would be equivalent to feeling guilty every time winter came around!

           I hope I have CLARIFIED  a few points!!


         My aim is to give you a bigger picture in front of(before) The Infinite.

         A larger canvas picture on which to paint the lower back-drops!!

         Astronomy is SO important.

         Pity Orthodox Astronomy is so wrong!!

         The Abo's,ETC. know a lot deep down. But are unable to easily express this.

         Especially in our materialistic, alcohol and drug addicted(not to mention ORDINARY smoking) society!!

         As we START to ride out the roller -coasters of economic and financial collapse,ETC.

         We NEED(or perish horribly!) to LIVE WITHIN our means!

         And to PAY OFF, not DISGUISE and fool ourselves(which is what we ARE doing!), our debts and deficits,etc!!

         Spiritual as well as material.

         Karma!(We need to pay that off BEFORE we can enjoy the higher vibrations, or they will convert to troubles.)

         As the higher vibrations move in, we are becoming spiritually undigested!

         Obliging us to GET RID OF IT(the indigestion I mean, not the higher vibrations!), or die terribly!!

         But our leaders are failing to do this!

         So the MOB is going to do it for them!!

         Occupy Wall Street,etc?

         No.  Occupy Goldman Sachs!(But IS that right?)(The big corporations are greedy. Aren't SO MANY!!)(So many parties I mean, though the deprived naturally find it harder!)

         I am saying that the guilt lies rather with Goldman Sachs rather than Wall Street,ETC!!

         Printing more coloured papers is not the prime error.

         The prime error lies in GREED.

         And the lust for POWER!!

         No.  We NEED those pretty tokens!

         To give us the confidence to believe in the tokens,and THUS to TRADE rather than hoard gold and silver!!

         We need to SPEND!! Not save!!

         Let he who has most give to they who have least!

         (Let he who has two cloaks give one to the one who has none!)

        Ignorance of the TRUE facts is driving many to violence and theft,etc.

        The BANKS are not SO bad!(Cough,cough...)

        No.  They loan us what we need later...

        They are most generous with the money they have squeezed from the people!

        Via loans they HOPE to get re-paid!

        The trouble is, you see, part of the trouble  -  that we have LOST THE PLOT!!

        Being overwhelmed with so many COMPLICATIONS!!

        The young of today have not been taught.

        How can we blame them, for their parents' omissions?

        Dad left, leaving Mum to do it all. When she could not cope with what she already has(on her plate)!

        Judge not, that YE be not judged!

        And there you have A VERY TINY bit of IT ALL!!

        Alas so many of us confuse what we WANT to be the truth - with THE TRUTH ITSELF!!(We often don't believe the truth. But what we WANT TO BE the truth!!)

        Let he who is without sin CAST THE FIRST STONE!!

       Yep! I'm a hypocrite.

       I am also a RACIST! I prefer my colour.(One lot has superior minds(?). The OTHER lot has superior hearts. But a heart not checked by mind - is in for trouble!!(HEART colour is what matters, not skin colour.)

      Well, don't the rest of you??!!

      CHECK what people say! Don't just BELIEVE it!

      How many of you check out what I say??

       You SENSE I speak true(well more than not)?!

       In any case, we should believe the other chap - it being a better card than NOT believing the other chap!!


      See where DISBELIEVING everything we get told is getting us?


       If we believed all that we were told, we would be FAR better off than DISBELIEVING all that we get told!!

        1. Because most people speak true(we are not all schoolyard fibbers!(ARE we??!!). Especially retail business folk!

        And 2.  Because though we would be fooled NOW and AGAIN, that were far better than living in the vacuus vaccum of SCEPTICISM!!  And THUS starve ourselves SPIRITUALLY to death!!

         Question everything, but that is not the same as DOUBTING everything!!(Questioning leads to enriching answers.  DOUBTING leads to an inner DESERT.)

         Do YA see??

         So much exaggerating and distorting going on!!

         If we suspect that all food we buy has been poisoned, then we would STARVE.

         On the other hand by eating all the additives, we might only get a bit discoloured from time to time, now and again!!!!

         Yes, LOVE ALL is the way to go.

         LOVE I said, not sex!

         Poor Man(kind), he has got so much wrong!

         Unite(I ADVISE) SOULS with GOD, not bodies with other humans!!

         We marry to avoid promiscuity! I see this now.(If only marriage WERE HONOURED!!)(And WERE WE rich enough - to support a spouse.  But WHO should support who??!!)

         But we live in days when the married are as those who are not!!(As Jesus said. The Christendom Bible anyway.)

         Can you see where we are going wrong?

         We are PROJECTING OUR misconceptions ONTO those we meet!!

         Instead of BEARING the others' poorer mental eye-sight!!

         We have made the mistake of thinking that the easy way is the best!

         Too many people on Earth!! Too much traffic on the road.

         Too many cooks spoiling the broth.

         Too much tax ation.

         Too much COMPLICATION!!

         Give, and we shall receive.

         Not take and get smaller!

         Man is lost, and getting loster.

         But the way to find yourself is not to kill all you meet.

         But to HELP UP!!

         Love is not weakness. Love is feeding others what they need.

         So that ONE DAY, they will not bury us!!

         The only things you will take with you


         Now where did I put that padlock?!


         The end is nigh.

         Because when I look in the mirror - I see the back of my head!

         If I use TWO mirrors. One behind, one in front!!












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