QQ2 Additions.

Wednesday, 9th November,  2,011.



         41.  The Cosmological Red Shift is not a (radial) velocity system, it is a VIEW ANGLE!(Onto the HORIZON of the field concerned!) Thus it is distance per wave ANGLE. (Angle of the light,etc.wave.)(It is not S/T, Space per Time(Velocity), but S/V, Space per VIBRATION!!)

          However, velocities (radial) do parallel this!

         42.    People confuse PASSAGE OF time with TIME. No, these are two different things!

         Time is a group of four dimensions, in particular one.

         There is a vast difference between the road, and one's walking on it!

         43. Space-Time is the surface of sphere. With Vibration as its depth.

         Time is not the cosmic radial! Vibration is. Which solves MANY riddles!(Spiritual Vibration ALSO exists!)

         The interior IS Hyper-space.

         Other dimensions form radials besides that of vibration.

         44. What we call Vibration is actually the orbitals of particles going around some minute nucleus. It SEEMS like a vibration. As the particle/s pass from side to side!! Of the entity concerned.

         45.  Hell VERY definitely exists!

         The unrighteous go there!

          Hell, like Heaven, as a condition of soul exist. But I mean that the 5d PLACE Hades exists in The Spirit World. Where the wicked go.

          Who are the wicked? Those who seek to destroy all good things. Those who do more evil than good.

          46.  Not all who die go to Paradise! About half, or more GO TO HADES. HELL!! 

          Because of the lives they have led.

          Hurting others too much.(Emotionally as well as physically. And hurting emotionally IS WORSE than hurting physically!!)

          Doing so much evil(things that destroy(not just matter, but minds and souls).

          Many, right now, are suffering the utmost agony in HELL. I mean the 5d PLACE, Hades.

          And DO wish to GOD I would warn others to be as good AS POSSIBLE, thus to have the best hope possible of YOU(all of you!) not going there after death!

          Contrary to belief, many go DOWN(To Hell.) after they die! Therefore do ALL the good that YOU CAN!! Right now, whilst alive!!


          47.  Many people fear life coming to an end at death.  However, that does not occur.  I think a greater fear we SHOULD have - is living FOR EVER, especially if in Hell!!

         48..  Dying is like being fully dressed and losing your over-coat. You then live in your jacket and trousers,etc.  Much less re stricted.

        49.   It is amazing the confident ease with which so many say there is no after life or no Heaven and Hell,etc.   But HOW do they KNOW that??(You cannot prove a NEGATIVE!!)

        People say ALL sorts of things, but we do need to CHECK on what they are saying! As statements are often wrong!

       Therefore check and confirm what I am saying,TOO!!

       Qualifications is a great thing.  Not necessarily university and college kind!

       There are two kinds of knowledge. That learnt by commiting to memory(rote), and that learnt by UNDERSTANDING.

       Many an exam is passed by CRAMMING.(Intense memorization(which is not study or knowledge!)immediately before an exam.) THAT is not LEARNING!!   Aided by cribbing and copying. And perhaps a little bit of FAVOUR from the examiner!   No, I DO NOT rate these things!!(There is also the stealing of exam questions and answers. And also of previous and even future examination papers!!)

       Today, people can use their mobile phones to get almost ANY information they want!

       So I don't rate degrees, diplomas,etc.(They can be BOUGHT, anyway!)

        There is no substitute for HONEST STUDY!!

        Besides, what a price students pay for classes!  And how few jobs, and even at salaries too low, for those who put in such time and effort!!

       Almost anyone can LEARN the rudiments of ALMOST any job ON THE JOB!!

       A little study of the parts one does not know, and you are qualified for the job!

       So all you need do is BUY the required degree or diploma,etc. And there is your ticket to the cushy life!!

      The trouble is - it is the RESULTS of the examination done by angels after we are dead THAT COUNT THE MOST!!

      You fail those, and you GO TO HELL!!

     The price of cheating - is CONDEMNATION!!

     The reward of STUDY is SATISFACTION!!

      Yes, any fool can win by cheating and doing wrong. Only to lose the MAIN prize AFTER DEATH!!

      WHERE is the sense gain and MERIT in THAT??!!

      It is easy enough to fool many people.

      But not GOD.

     Nor one's self!

     And certainly not the great law that ceaselessly registers our EVERY action: Deed, word, thought and omission!!!! 

     Awarding points automatically.

     Or subtracting them!!

       It it is not Man and your lower self you have to get past!  It is GOD and your higher self!! And The Great Law that misses NO THING. But sees EVERY THING!!

       THAT is the score you need to watch!!

      What will it gain you - if you have made lots of money, only to find that you RUINED your nature in the getting of it?!

      Or, in the old parlance: "What shall it profit a man, though he gain the WHOLE WORLD, - but lose his VERY SOUL??!!".

      Oh,yes.  MANY there be who fool most others, and even their selves.

      But  But THAT is not the criterion that decides heaven or hell for you!!

      You have to satsify YOUR SELF, and GOD and the angels,etc!!

      You won't fool THEM!!

           The exact day of doom, 21.12.12.  could be OUT - due to errors and alterations to the calendar/s.

           Even the YEAR(2012) might be out(too advanced), meaning it may now be only 2,008 or 7.... 3 years or so, but I don't think so. 

           EXPECT a GIGANTIC disaster, even a set of colossal disasters ON ALL SECTORS, over the next 3.5 years,or so. Which VERY few creatures on Earth will survive.

           The Earth ITSELF could be destroyed.

           The entire solar system damaged.

           It will be the worst period(To hit Man on this Earth) in 26 MILLION years!!

           It will be centred on 11.11.11 and 21.12.12.

           And on The Ring of Fire!!

           However, due to errors and alterations in the calendars, we do need to allow for events to be 3 or so years late. And occur ANY time during the years concerned.(We need The Mayan calendar, and the 13 and lunar based calendar aspects!!)

           Therefore make it expect increasing massive disasters over the next few years. Even up to five.

            21.12.12. could well come and go without event!  Due to calendar alterations!

            So do not place much faith on the alleged exact day.

            The events will be CENTRED on 11.1l.11 and 21.12.12.

            Suffice it to say then that the next few years will be HORRIFIC, increasingly so. And then winding down over the following five years.

            Concluding with an ice era.

            And an ice AGE!!

            Very definitely the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT!!  At least THAT!!

            Ascension, mass evacuation, mass transition(to spirit world)should occur over the next 6 to 7 months.

            Doom, itself, we are looking at UP TO 5 to 10 years hence. But spread out, though CENTRED upon 11.11.11 and 21.12.12.

            However we cannot trust the calendar DATES!!

            The cycles of 26,000,000, 6,500, 5,250, and 3,600 years are ending! All FOUR CO-INCIDING this time!!

            We are entering(soon)the great galactic plane, a once every 26 MILLION years event.
             And the peak point in our rounding of our stellar spiral arm.

             And the end of The Long Count Mayan Calendar.

             AND our Great Alignment with The Dark Rift at the centre of our Milky-Way Galaxy,

             plus a completion of the orbit of Phaeton, returning to the asteroid belt,

             plus a passing by Earth(at one million miles) of Nibiru.

             Plus the ending of Pisces, and the beginning of The Age of Aquarius.

             At least that lot!!

             Each one involves HUGE material and spiritual changes.

             So we ALL need to LOOK OUT!!!!

     This is NOT the time to go around mocking the utterances of the 


               The main events should start up quite suddenly and unexpectedly!!

              Be prepared,too, for 2,012's solar storms disrupting of electricity and electronic circuits!!

              Back to the oil lamps,etc. of 200 years back.

              IF we survive of course!

              And remember those aliens!!

             One of our problems is that we are suffering OVERLOAD.

            Plus too many people around.

            And too much traffic.

            And certainly too many pulling DOWN,

           - when we all need to be LIFTING UP, lifting each other up...

          I have PROVED and CONFIRMED(See my articles L.7 and both LM2's!!)

          Via The Binomial Geometric Sequence Law I found.

          At Astronomical odds SQUARED(!!)

          We ALL need to BEWARE of 2,012, and even of 2,011!!

         In The Spirit World we shall have finer bodies that LOOK like our current physical vehicles.

         With ANOTHER six vehicles 5d(and 3d) concentrically within The Astral Vehicle.

         More shells to shed IF we can get that far!!

         Bon voyage!! 






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