QQ1b Secrets.

Wednesday, 9th November,  2,011.


Secrets.(See WordPress.vicon2000)(For much more detail.)

       I plotted a CORRECT picture - of the entire cosmos! And, in consequence, learned many things.(I spent about 20 years working out how to get the PROPER(AND accurate)distances to the heavenly bodies and fields. Which enabled me to get the CORRECT picture.)

       Here are some of those things:-

       1.  We live in a universe that is mathematically(including geometrically) PERFECT. It is MOST ORDERLY. Beautifully PATTERNED.

       I know it LOOKS chaotic from where we are sitting. The local stars,etc.for example. But this is because we view at an angle, and so close to the picture! We cannot see the wood for the trees!

       2.  Everything goes in SPIRALS!

       3.  Everything goes in twin pairs. Identical and less so. Pairs that stay on course are the identical ones.  The others are still twins, but less so.

       4.   Arcturus is our identical twin star.  Yes, there is probably an identical Earth in there!   Even a twin YOU!!(Arcturus looks red, but is a yellow dwarf like our sun. Which by the way is very close to the centre of our closed stellar cluster. That lies in The Rho Oppiochus.(Stars get born THERE. Red dwarfs at first, but the they grow, ex energy,etc. PLACENTA from the white hole at the centre of the field!)

      5.    The Andromeda Galaxy is our identical twin galaxy!

      THAT is how The Milky Way Galaxy looks from a distance!

      6.     Light,etc. travels INSTANTANEOUSLY!!(All electro-magnetic radiation does.)

              It only gets REGISTERED at c, 300,000 ks/sec!(186,000 miles per second.)

      7.      There is no  expansion on! We are looking at a LINEAR GROWTH in 3d, not a space-time growth in 4d!

      8.       Einstein is only HALF right!(He is looking at a higher level in Time TWO!!)(Everything is relative and comparative.)(We live in a universe where the centre is the circumference, and the circumference,the centre!!)

      9.       There was NO BIG BANG!! 

                Just a little pop! IF THAT!!

     10.      We live in an OMNI-verse. Which has NO BEGINNING and NO END!!  Not in space, nor in time.   Nor in many other things.

      11.      The Cosmological Red Shift is NOT due to any expansion or growth! But to our angled VIEW out onto the horizon of the field concerned!! We see almost half and half plan view and side view!!

      12.       There is NO Optical Doppler's Effect!

      13.       There is no FINAL GOD. Just an ENDLESS hierarchy of gods!(And similarly downwards - with DEMONS.)(God is our higher self!)

      14.       Homo sapiens sprange from genetically modified Cro Mags.  Born of a mass rape of The Neanderthals.

      15.       We were genetically MODIFIED(not created) by The Annunaki humanoid aliens.

      16.       We were hi-jacked. By aliens from Orion,etc. Who imposed evil upon us.

      17.       In addition to that we were spawned originally from The Planet Phaeton.

      18.       The Earth is hollow! ALL globes and fields are.  All the igneous bolides are. Fire fried rocks with cores!

      19.       All views are correct. Both right, and wrong.  Good and evil are two sides of the same coin.

      20.       Hubble's Law(Discovered by Slipher, his off-sider.) applies to ALL fields - not just the galactic!

      21.       We should unite our hearts with GOD and the godly. NOT our bodies with other humans!  Go for ECSTACY, NOT orgasms(which rob us of ecstacies!).  We are being FOOLED by the very crafty forces of Destruction. The Devil in the old nomenclature.  And Pan, the horned goat god,etc. Ikon for the lower desires.

     22.        Earth humans are evil. Obliged to be. Because of The Annunaki, and The Reptilians.

     23.        What is at hand is the end of many cycles and ages. NOT of the world! Though The Earth MAY perish, but not likely.

                   It is simply that we have(almost) completed one circuit of the spiral arm of our closed stellar cluster.

                   AND one circuit of the entire galaxy!! Riding our cluster.

     24.         Sol, our sun, a star, is but one of MANY in a closed stellar cluster.

     25.         It isn't  so much that words fail me, though they do.  But that the universe is so complex AND overlain with complications - that it is almost impossible to do it justice in description!!

     26.         Death is actually birth.(And birth was our death!)

    27.          TIME travel IS possible. Past and future. General and personal. Machine aided AND not.(And Space and Vibration travel,etc.)

    28.          The Earth(as are all globes and fields) is a (Double) Reverse Helix. That is, its surface doubles back upon itself!(The outer surface is duplicated 800 miles below by a somewhat smaller surface - with its own ocean and land!!)(Via two one thousand mile wide tubular entrances, one at or near each geographical pole.)

    29.          Everything is going to be reversed!!

   30           There is SUPER intelligent life upon Mars.(And on other planets,etc. IN The Solar System!(And CERTAINLY elsewhere in the universe!)(Mars has huge cities, lakes, forests, humans,etc.)(IN some of the craters!  Being wilfully HIDDEN from us by the rulers of this world. As are all the great truths - which WOULD save humanity.(From Hell. And destruction.)(Where we are headed FAST!!))

   31.          We are on the brink of a thousand year long ice age, preceded by an ice era.

   32.          WIPE-OUT is about to occur.(Within the next few years.)(Ascension, evacuation, mass transition, etc.(The Rapture, The Great Cleansing, Separation of The Sheep from the goats(or the wheat from the tares).)

   33.          There is both global warming(in the troposphere) AND global cooling(in the stratosphere). Neither is due to Man, nor even Nature!!(All globes and fields are electro-magnets.  The Magnetosphere is one pole.  And The Earth's core is the other.

                   Man-made global warming is a SCAM. A deliberate lie. (To get Margaret Thatcher's bonus for all who study global warming!)  It is foul, wilfully distorted, RUBBISH. Exaggerated and twisted beyond all belief by those ALLEGED to be scientists.

   34.          Sex, drugs,excess food and excess money - are Man's biggest downfalls.

   35.         The great BODY goal is to ABSTAIN from ALL of the lower desires(See 34.), in order to be ABLE TO indulge the higher desires in The Spirit World after SO CALLED death!!(The great SOUL goal is to become gods, - by obeying GREAT GOD!!!!)

    36.        Not all of this was obtained from my maps and charts,lists,etc.

    37.        We are not on the brink of Utopia, but of utter chaos and destruction.

    38.        We can time,etc.travel by entering HYPER-SPACE - which raising one's vibrations, permits.

    39.         Turn BACK from The Pit!!  NOW!!

   40.          Orthodox Science, the new "religion" is hopelessly WRONG!!





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