PP25 The jolt,etc. Approaching perils!!

Tuesday, 8th November,  2,011.


The Jolt. Etc.

Approaching perils!!

                  A scientist has said that there is a JOLT(Of The Earth) coming.

          How does he know? What makes him think this?

     On December 21sth, 2,012, The Sun reaches half-way around the stellar  spiral arm that it is on. Which means that on that date The HEAVE OUTWARDS ex the centrifugal force born of going around the spiral arm will be at maximum.

     When the sun proceeds around after hitting maximum centrifuge, then that heave outwards will start to decrease.(Like rounding a corner in a car.)(You hit maximum push outwards - and then the force begins to slacken off.)

      Now Earth and all the other solar planets,etc. will all be experiencing centrifugal force hitting maximum and then suddenly dropping off.(As the major portion of the bend has been accomplished.)

     This will produce something like a jolt (due to a sudden dropping off of that force) of the heave-up centred on The Hawaiian Islands, which will be passed on to all the places in the ring of heave-outs - which is also the ring of fire. Australia is on that ring. Or very near to it.

      The jolt will be felt all over The Earth, but around The Ring it will be maximal. So Australia should experience quite a jolt.

      Jesus said that not one stone of The Temple would be left standing.

      I think he was referring to the fact that NO buildings would be left standing, but because The Temple Building was of such importance, he spoke of that.

      The whole Earth is going to be jolted, but places around The Ring(Of Fire) will be jolted the most.

      This should level almost EVERY structure on Earth.

      Which solves for me the puzzle as to why so many forecasts speak of that one date December 21st, 2,012.A.D!(I use The British system of notation so don't use 21.12.12. (As this would confuse those on The U.S. system.(There is no 21st month!)))  AS IF one gigantic disaster would occur. And on THAT day!

      Now this is VERY important!

      This jolt will only be A PART of the many huge disasters occurring over the next 3.5 years!

      So EXPECT this jolt on 21.12.12!(That is if you are still alive and around by then...)

          What will be the next big event to occur?

         Stock market crash maybe.  Resulting in GLOBAL economic and financial CHAOS.

         Europe is MOST unsound at present.  Greece, and now Italy,  are so crucial.

        I am VERY unsure as to the ORDER of the big disasters, ONLY that we may EXPECT them!!

         What are we looking at?(Looming events. Imminent catastrophes.)

          By about Christmas, - New Year period. That period when so many things often reach a head.

          Let us LOOK at them:-(All starting up at about the same time!!)

          1.  GLOBAL financial and economic CRASH. I am talking about a sudden crash TO THE ROCKS!!(I think the current huge volatility is herald preceding it!!)(We are about to be THROWN BACK in the greatest CORRECTION of all time - to POSSIBLY even before The Industrial Revolution!!   The Dow could go to ZERO!! And all other markets similarly!!

          2.  Israel is pondering whether to strike Iran's nuclear re-actors. Though it has to find them first. And then reach down deep enough.

          They REALLY need to seal The Entrances, as being far more effective than hitting hard enough deep enough!!

          Israel is having second thoughts about a military strike(against Iran). The retaliation would be MASSIVE.  And disrupt the entire world.

          On the other hand if they do nothing, then we shall face IRANIAN nuclear weapons!  Which would be fatal for the world!!

          Unlike with Iraq, Iran will not be sitting on its hands!!(And they could do an AWFUL lot of damage...VERY quickly.)

          I THINK Israel is confident BECAUSE it(Israel) has nuclear weapons.

         Now if Israel attacked Iran's nuclear facilities, U.S. might OR MIGHT NOT come to their(Israel's) aid.

         If U.S. did not come to defence of Israel following a military strike, then to stop an Iranian counter attack, it would have to use nuclear weapons!

         Remember that Russia backs Iran!

         If Israel does not attack Iran. Then Iran( stronger later)will attack Israel!

        The U.S. is too battle worn,etc.  and in debt and deficit to do much!

        So U.S. so far is funking striking Iran.(Israel might funk it too.)(But that will mean Iran dominating The Middle East, and,later,the world!!)(So Israel is obliged to defend itself. (Ahmad is like Hitler was at the outset of WW2.)(Is Ahmad the dreadful FIEND that takes the world into WW3?!)(Ahmad is the right term too!)

        Pakistan is the current key here.

       So we are on the brink of World War Three!!

       If Iran is not stopped then we have the first of the dominoes(Israel)being hit! The final domino ignites World War Three.(Possibly North Korean missiles hitting U.S!!)(Or TRYING to.)(North Korea would attack South Korea and U.S.  Then RED China would attack Taiwan, taking it. Thus re-uniting China!!)(Taking back all that Chiang Ki-Chek had.)(The Communists rose up and defeated him.)(McArthur seems to be right. We should have gone on to The Yalu River,etc.whilst we had the chance!!)(But Truman would not permit using nuclear weapons.  So now THEY can use them against us!!)

        3.  Our anti-biotic defence against disease is being overwhelmed by anti-biotic resistant viruses,etc. We have about one good anti-biotic left!

       4.   We have a VAST ARMADA of UFO's overhead. Here to evacuate the best half of us. Not to attack us!

        However, U.S.etc. are not trusting that!!

        5.  The Hadron Particle Colliders.(New one to replace old.) are CREATING MINI BLACK HOLES, which GROW!!(Before vanishing(So the stupid ORTHODOX scientists HOPE!).)

        6,     Th sun is approaching a hot patch in space!(Which would FRY us.)

        7.      (Yes, folks, it is a good time to be getting off(The Earth)!!)

        8.      We have weapons like Haarp,etc. being honed.

        9.       Then there is the secret programme to reduce The Earth' 7 BILLION population.(Via Contrails,ETC.)

       10.        We have approaching Phaeton(world destructive).

       11.       And The Nibiru Complex.(World destructive.)

       12.      Then comes The Great Alignment with The Dark Rift at the centre of our galaxy.(Probably destructive. But far from sure.)

       All preceded by 13.   The HEAVE UP via centrifuge of the entire solar system, now readying itself to burst into an HYPERBOLIC increase of rate!(The cause of our growing natural disasters.)

          14.  World Civil War looms with the rebels rising to TRY to stop the rich staying rich! SOME HOPE!!

          You cannot stop evil. And certainly not WITH evil!!

          You cannot enforce an evening out of the wealth!! 

       This is just nameing out of the top of my head!

        Sorry, my grammar is not as good as it was.  But hope you can understand me well enough.

       THESE are some of the things we should be talking about!

       Not the idiotic petty things prattle we keep hearing about!!

       We NEED to unite all Mankind to deal with all these things. And IMMEDIATELY!!

       But DESPITE my finding out SO MUCH that would have helped us ALL on, I have been meeting ALL OUT resistance and opposition.(The world just does NOT like to be bothered. With ANYTHING unpleasant. NO THING must disturb its fantasy dreams. )(They refuse to recognize the need to endure SOME pain now - TO AVOID WORSE LATER!!) 

      Surely better to TRY to do our best to counter these things, than just ignore them!!

       So I can only get A LITTLE out - and to so VERY VERY  few!!

       This is only my view of course. And who am I to provide better solutions than anyone else?!

       On the other hand I am sure enough.

       Are YOU able to sit down and talk about the details of some-one's WEDDING DRESS??!! Knowing what is coming upon us????

       So I plug away.

      In the hope that SOME OTHERS are interested in saving this VERY LOST  world!!  Or at least TRYING to!!

       Come on world, the future life of this planet IS at stake!!

       It is NO GOOD being distracted by PETTY things!!

       Come along,now.

      VERY SOON it will be TOO LATE!!











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