PP24. Roundabouts!!

Monday, 7th November,  2,011.



       The sun goes around a spiral arm of the group of stars it is in. Every 26,000 years.  But our closed stellar cluster(discovered by me) is going around the galaxy, our Milky-Way Galaxy,  once every 26,000,000 years.(These figures are rough.) THIS is the great colossal rare event that we are NOW caught up in!

        Not only are we JUST completing a trip around our stellar cluster,but a trip around the ENTIRE GALAXY as well!!

        Because I mapped the cosmos,having worked out how to get the PROPER, and correct, DISTANCES to ALL astronomical objects, I found out that Sol our sun is one star among many in a closed cluster of stars. It is NOT solo.(Now Orthodox Astronomy does not know this. But I do!!)

      From my maps and charts,etc. I was able to see this VERY easily! And discovered MANY other KEY things as well.(For example: The velocity of light,etc. electro-magnetic radiation is infinite! It is only REGISTERED at c(300,000 ks.per second)!)

     Thus we see everything where it IS, not where it was!

     True, you have only my word for that, but I can ASSURE YOU ALL - that it is so. It IS right!! Alas I have lost all my maps,etc. THE LOT.(Moving around)

     However, I can remember the main features.

     During a cycle of the galaxy, all cycles terminate too, and new ones commence.

     Because various astronomical objects come so close to the sun(AND us on Earth, because so close to the sun), we suffer huge gravity, magnetic and electric,etc. TIDAL forces.

     These forces do tremendous damage. ENORMOUS!!

     However, what we are experiencing just now, currently, is merely the centrifugal force created by the sun going around its spiral arm of the stellar cluster it is in. Though of course solar planets Phaeton and Nibiru will ALSO take increasing effect from now on!(All the fuss is about two SOLAR planets!!)(Not anything extraneous to the solar system!!)

     In addition to forces shooting up to us from the centre of the galaxy during The Great Alignment with The Dark Rift in the centre of our Milky-Way galaxy. By an aligned Sun and Earth on December 21st, 2,012.A.D.(I purposely go by the old nomenclature.)

     Each one of these things produces a super-duper colossal CATACLYSM each time it comes around!!

     All of this is spread over the next 3.5 years!

     So our farmers(The Annunaki HUMANOID aliens who modified our genes long ago.)(They modified our genes to create a race SUITABLE to mine gold for them! (To particularize and shoot into space to increase the heat and light from the sun  which they get a long way from!) are not gathering in vain above. But to evacuate us out in good time! Those deemed worthy that is...

     Evidently the orthodox astronomers, NASA,etc. are trying to fool us Earthmen that these two approaching solar planets are asteroids or comets!! In the hope that we will not panic,etc!!

     Where the asteroids now are there once circled The Planet PHAETON. But it had its surface blown off, and became a wreck  which now has an irregular orbit around the sun, which brings it close to The Earth. This is now bearing down upon us.

     In addition to Phaeton, The Fifth Planet, approaching us, we also have Planet NIBIRU, Planet X(now ninth)  along with its satellites and THEIR satellites,etc. approaching us. It will pass us at 1 million miles!(A whisker by astronomical standards.) It is almost FOUR TIMES the size of Jupiter!!(Phaeton(what is left of it) is slightly smaller than Mars.)

     With a solar planet that size SO CLOSE, it is going to be a most FRIGHTFUL sight in the sky! Looking like a large red ugly moon. Something like a dragon.(It, and Phaeton, is due to appear SOON. And must terrify many.)

      Not a brown dwarf, NOR is it Nemesis our INNER twin sun. Just another planet of our solar system, also(apparently) knocked long ago onto a VERY elliptical orbit.

      Sun circles spiral arm once every 6,500 years. Nibiru comes around every 3,600 years.(Phaeton is a capture seemingly, as it too comes around every 3,600 years.)

      All these cycles are CO-INCIDING this time.

      Delivering us FOUR monster CATACLYSMS over the space of the NEXT 3.5 years!

      Very little will survive.

      We begin to see now, I hope, the reasons for the growing disasters,etc. They should peak about 14 months hence(December 21st, 2,012.A.D.) But these next 14 months should see an HYPERBOLIC increase in the RATE of the growing disasters. That means that a VERY sharp JUMP UPWARDS in RATE will occur - starting within the next about 6 months!!(Until then the usual slow increase.)

      The last time the sun went around its stellar spiral arm we had Poseidon(Wrongly called Atlantis.), a huge(it was)island(Only The Azores left now.)(And with Bimini in The Caribbean and The Canary Islands off Spain.) in The North Atlantic Ocean.(It sank down into magma and sea.) Poseidon was in a huge cataclysm. Which blasted through the gates of The Pillars of Hercules, off Gibraltar,and created The Mediterranean Sea, and then through The Bosphorous created  The Black Sea - which was a large fresh water lake.(THIS may have been Noah's Flood.)(But huge cataclysms are periodic.) 

     Contrary to the hopes and beliefs of the many, we are shortly in for THE WORST EVENT EVER(FUTURE INCLUDED)  TO HIT MAN ON EARTH!!

     The ASCENSION(A great jump in vibrations for Earth and its inhabitants.) should occur within the next about six months.

     The four great cataclysms may be expected over the following 3 years. So about 3.5 years to go.

     This should give us time for all the prophecies to be fulfilled.

      I hesitate to say "Stock up and grow your own" - for TWO reasons:  1. It will be SO severe and savage - that just about no precaution will suffice.(Other humans are going to steal your garden produce, and home invade to steal ALL that you have.(This in every home.)(So that they who were wise and prepared shall have to hand EVERYTHING over to those who did not prepare, but instead rely upon THEFT of every place - to survive a bit longer themselves!!

      It is not going to be a one day event. Though it will be CENTRED upon that one day of December 21st, 2,012.A.D.  But, instead, be spread over the 3 years following The Ascension(and Evacuation by humanoid aliens, and transition of NEARLY ALL).

      May 21st, 2,012 seems to be a big day. Maybe that is when The Polar Shift gets going.(What we had recently was apparently just a sort of prelude.)

      November, 2,011 also seems to be important.(THIS month!!) Perhaps Ascension and Evacuation month. I don't know. But that ARMADA of UFO's NOW massed above our heads - is not, I think, on a mere observational frenzy!!

        We have three choices, barring suicide or euthanasia(assisted suicide)(Which I do NOT advise!!),:-

         1.  We can go it alone, and hope to be members of The Next Stone Age.(But first comes The Next Ice Age - following hard on the heels of an ice era - ex a Maunder Minimum - following the paucity of sun-spots' spell in recent years.(Sun spots' paucity precedes an ice era.) A few million may survive the four cataclysms.  But how much better to have died!!(The surface of The Earth will be COMPLETE DEVASTATION!!)(With old continents become oceans, and oceans become new continents!!)

        2.  We can hope to strike lucky with the aliens, and get evacuated. To another planet circling another star. Until Earth is inhabitable again. - About a thousand years hence!

       3.    We can accept the dreadful coming terrible horrific END to just about every living creature on Earth. And just wait for a boulder to land on head. Or some lavic fountain, sink hole or crack to open between your feet.

       4.  Or get a job on a submarine or submersible and ride it out beneath the waves until all four cataclysms are over. But that means several years underwater.  Then row ashore to unutterable DEVASTATION. In a world with little breathable air, hardly any drinking water, and so little viable food,etc. Along with crazed BESERK armed gangs, destroying EVERYTHING they meet!! Plus packs of MADDENED animals.

        Visualize just about EVERYTHING levelled. Buildings and vegetable plants. With continents and oceans largely INTER-CHANGED!!

        I mean that many continents will have plunged to the bottom of the sea. And  subterranean land masses raised up.

       All words will fail!!

       AND into an ICE AGE!!

      Global warming exists, but so does global cooling!!(G.W. in The Troposphere and G.C. in The Stratosphere.  But rising air forces down the colder stratosphere periodically, in places.)

     Roving bands will find buried super-markets,etc. and live in them.  Little hope for those outside!

     Roads will be impassable. Few vehicles will survive anyway!

     As I say, the most reliable option is 5.  Go down The North Geographical Pole, meanwhile wearing my SPECIAL HELMETS.

     And GET INTO The Great Within!

     Though even the inner surface of The Earth(Which is a double reverse helix.) will be devastated.(But you escape the falling boulders down there!)

     The Earth's surface is DOUBLE. It bends back upon itself. Thus creating an inner one,too. One almost as large as the outer, and with an ocean and continents, temperate, lush, inhabited.

      There is an entrance at or near each geographical pole. Over a thousand miles wide.

       Funnel tunnels hundreds of miles long.

       No ice or snow down there!!

      And it WILL get cold on top!!

      Oh,yes, global warming exists(along with global cooling). But its cause is Nibiru plus the heat coming from the force-field at the surface of The Earth, along with increasing heat from the magma rising below!!

      Hardly ANY AT ALL global warming is ex Nature and Man.

      THAT is a scam LIE.

      Along with many others put out by those who rule us.

      From now on it should start to get REALLY bad.

      Things have only been teasing us  a trifle THUS FAR!!

     All the best!




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