PP23. When YOU are a ghost! A spirit.

Sunday, 6th November,  2,011.



When YOU ARE one!!

         There are mortals, and there are spirits. There are humans, and there are ALIENS!! And there are MANY other kinds of strange creatures that dwell on other planes.

         Some reports are phoney. But genuine cases DO exist!!

         My main point here is that the time will come when YOU are a ghost!

         But YOU won't see it that way. As ghosts will  look real(SOME will, those on YOUR plane.) to you. Whilst mortals will seem to be(and are!) THE GHOSTS.

         Naturally you may wish to continue living as you usually have done. And there is nothing to stop you!

         However, it is not good for you to hang about in the astral original of the physical world! Best to climb up(5d) into The Spirit World PROPER!!

         Yes, you CAN stick around HERE, as a spirit, and MAY be seen as a ghost.

         I have found out MANY things, after a life time of close study. I speak as I find.(In addition to PERSONAL experiences.)

        My purpose is to make it easier for the rest of you to live. And so I share, pass on, what I have learned.

        After you "die", after your PHYSICAL VEHICLE(or body) dies, then you will find yourself STILL in existence. Which may come as a surprise to you. Even a shock.(And often(usually)to those you left behind!!)

        Your physical vehicle is DEAD. As a door nail!

        Forget it! Adjust to your new mode.

        You will STILL have a vehicle(or body). But it will be the next GLOVE or garment or shell 5d higher. A much FINER vehicle.  I mean less dense. And, so,  much lighter in weight.

        At first, many tend to haunt their old favourite places. Be these chairs, beds, gardens, places you like to visit, and so on.

        As a rule no one will be any the wiser. And will consider you now to be just a corpse in a grave somewhere. Or ASHES if cremated.

       You will KNOW otherwise.

       You may wish to contact the living to tell them of their grave error! Unfortunately, they will not be able to see you or hear you,etc. But they can RECEIVE your THOUGHTS!! And emotions. Just direct them to the person concerned - and BEAM them in. The thoughts will be heard as if spoken words IF send strongly enough. Though the recipient will often think that it is their imagination or sub-concious mind.(Allow for that understandable error.)

       A small few WILL be able to see you,etc. Mediums will, for example.

       You may be tempted to go to a seance and try to pass a message on to some loved one. And you can do this.(IF the person you wish to contact can be persuaded to attend! Which can be difficult.)  But by and large it is best for the living to forget all about you!

       To let you go on to the new super country you have entered. 

       So you can proceed to the next stage of your existence. Which normally is a good rest, if only mental on the next plane of existence UP.(5d up, AND 3d up.)

      Most of us, when we die, have "had enough of it". And need a good VACATION!!

      Naturally you may wish to inform loved ones that you STILL exist, and are all right. Though some times you may not be.(Perhaps being earthbound, in purgatory or limbo. Or Hades. Or some-such.)

      Deliver your message, and I advise - don't hang about!

      You CAN do all of the things (In The Spirit World PROPER) that you did in the physical. And so VERY MUCH more!!)

      UNLESS you get trapped Earthbound, in Purgatory, in Limbo, or some such. (Purgatory is that state where you are trapped at the astral plane level of the physical, but cannot indulge your desires.(Because unable to make contact with the object or objective desired.)(Which is torment.) Like eating for example. Or whatever.)(You don't NEED to eat. But you may THINK that you do.  Or you might just like eating!)

      You can do anything once in The Spirit World PROPER, but avoid indulging the lower desires.

      Life there will depend upon how you treat others. Once you start indulging, then OTHER SPIRITS can come along and TARGET YOU! So WATCH what you are doing!

      During life our mode of transport is usually(when not in some machine, like a car or plane) walking.

      In The Spirit World it BECOMES flying. You will be able to FLY. I mean unaided.

      You CAN still walk, and many do. But you can just take off too! And whizz about. As a rule.

      You may encounter aliens, and other strange life forms. Be VERY careful with these!

      Yes, sprites(fairies,etc.) exist. And you may see some.

      Also elementals. Which are Nature Spirits.  These are very weird. And can be terrifying. Monsters,etc.

      Learn the ropes, and venture slowly! As dangers DO exist THERE.

      You will be able to travel in space, in time  and also on other vibrations.

      Of course, you may disbelieve what I am telling you.

     A ghost is simply the partially perceived spirit vehicle of an ex mortal whose vibrations are temporarily lowered, thus enabling mortals to SEE them(Etc.) sometimes.(And thus mortals become ghosts TO the spirits!)(So REALLY ghosts are no big deal!)(Just unusual and disturbing.)(Disturbing often due to numerous STRANGE extranea accompanying DUE to the nature of the DIFFICULT perception. NOT that they may actually BE like that IN THEIR OWN DOMAIN!!(Viewing from one plane to another has to be across quite a GAP. And all sorts of extranea can get into that gap. So make allowances!!)(When viewing fish down from the surface of the water(through a glass), they will appear bent, because light rays gets bent as they pass from air to water. Similarly BUT ON A MUCH GRANDER SCALE, when viewing from one plane to another. So the perceived ghosts OR WHATEVER may not look,etc. SO grotesque on their OWN planes!!

    There is the case of a perceived spirit(ghost) who suffered badly from gout before he died.  He loved baking cakes.

    He died 400 years BEFORE the time of the viewing mortal.  And when he sent the mortal(they(ghost and mortal) became friends) a cake, it was received as a STONE.

    Remember that the spirit was STILL living IN THE PAST. So his cakes became STONES!!(After jumping the 400 years!) He didn't know that though.

   They could even touch each other!!

   We live in a universe that is not only stranger than we imagine, but stranger than many CAN imagine!!

   And THERE you are...

    All for now.


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