PP21 Evil is currently winning.

Saturday, 5th November,  2,011.


Evil is CURRENTLY winning.

         I suppose many realize that evil is winning, hands down, on Earth, in the physical. As usual.And with such ease!(Those of you who think that GOOD is winning are obviously wicked!!(Tongue in cheek!))    A really hopeless situation which hardly anyone can end. They invariably do win down here in the physical. And how!! Being so canny, smart, quick and wicked. This is because the heavy dull vibrations on Physical Earth favour the destructive outcome. Material and mental. Physical and spiritual. This is to permit the children(the unevolved) to complete their lives,successfully(in THEIR terms),too. It is not what Man is(iniquitous throughout, so extremely), but what he will become - that is so important!

         It is so easy for the wicked to win in the physical, without even having to to "get physical".

         It is like penguins and seals,etc.  on land   compared to penguins and seals,etc.  in the water!(So clumsy on land, they can do very little to get anywhere. But once in water, they perform so well!)

         In The Spirit World, it is the good people who win. Because THERE the lighter(in weight and more illuminated) conditions apply, and the powers of CONSTRUCTION win.  So that the more evolved can regain lost ground - and advance.

         FORTUNATELY the good folk DO regain all that they lost, and gain more, in The Spirit World. Because THERE, once they rise to their homelands(more or less where they were before birth), they easily defeat the wicked.   Turning the tables via reversing everything.(WHO is being most destructive in the world just now??!!  Think HARD now!!)(The West is driven to become increasingly evil to survive!!)

         This is why it is so VERY important not to get hooked on low material desires. But to cleave to SPIRITUAL desires.

         Once you pass on, once you learn how, it is easy to gratify your low desires.(For example gluttons can possess some human and drive them to eat and eat! The possessing spirit getting all the sensations that the possessee is getting!!)(But then losing the higher desires.)(The price you pay for gratifying the lower desires - is the loss of the higher desires!)(The lower supplanting the higher.)

         Possessing is what happens to mediums. Some spirit wishing to contact a loved one in the physical - to tell them they are all right - possesses the medium's body, and then is able to use it as their own. And speak.(This is in trance mediumship.)

         Materialization mediums are endowed with much ectoplasm.  The possessing spirit exits the medium(after entering) again but with lots of ectoplasm. Which they use to materialize their spirit vehicles!

         Thus, in due season, both the backward destructive types  AND the more advanced CONSTRUCTIVE people, make progress.(As anyone can be made into a medium.)(I mean that any spirit can IN THEORY enter the physical body of another!!)

         On land(analogue of the physical) the land animals outmatch the seals and penguins,etc. But once in the sea(analogue of spirit world), things are reversed.

         So why not stay in The Spirit World?(Pleasanter and more amenable.)  Because despite the inability to win in the physical, one gains immensely in POTENTIAL abilities to win.)

           It is almost impossible on physical Earth  to do much if any good. Because the evil ones know EVERY MOVE being made. And counters mentally so quickly and efficiently!! Good folk have about zero chance.  EVERYTHING is given to the wicked.(Fortunately this set-up and situation is reversed completely in The Spirit World.)

         WHY does God allow this? Because evil doing is only the current behaviour of about half of humanity. They eventually learn to behave.(The hard way if necessary!)

           I am PRESUMING a lot here though.  So take what I say carefully!!(We have all died many times before, exiting numerous physical bodies we used temporarily.  However, I(as do many) have FORGOTTEN my entry into this current physical vehicle, and so calculate what happens. We forget, you see, our prevailing  conditions that existed before we left The Spirit World last time.  Both birth and death causing really bad AMNESIA!!(On top of that many parents so foolishly drive their children to snap out of that "nonsense"(spoken by many a child, who is often speaking TRUE).)(And so we forget, plus get those so important memories of previous lives and interregnums(lives in spirit world) wiped out!!)

           Births are actually deaths. And deaths, births!!

           When we "die", we  get BORN into a much vaster realm of much finer matter and energy, where we(on the average) sojourn almost as long as we lived in the physical.

           Then when(via re-incarnation) we DIE into denser matter WHEN WE GET PHYSICALLY BORN again. It is a DEATH to The Spirit.

           And now, here in life, SO MANY have FORGOTTEN the true 
situation, and what it was like prior to birth!!

           Physical life is the true GRAVE!!

           We THINK we are alive.  No!  We are in DEATH, now!!

           We are in a (comparatively) DREAM, a bad dream, right now.

           When we die, we wake up!

            Though that is not STRICTLY correct.  When we PHYSICALLY die, we fall into an UNUSUALLY deep sleep and have dreams. Then after about 2 to 3 days, we wake up and find ourselves in our spirit bodies. Astral vehicles.(Which we had ALL ALONG.  It is merely that we do not become cognizant of our spirit vehicles UNTIL we shed our physical ones - which of course we do at SO CALLED DEATH!!)

            We may think that this is yet another dream, but,no, we have TRULY awakened. Not just from sleep. But from THE PHYSICAL plane!

            Awakening from SLEEP, is merely exiting our AURAS!(Where our dream images,etc. are embedded.)(Which we do nightly(or whenever).) Awakening from THE PHYSICAL PLANE, we are exiting our PHYSICAL BODIES!!(When we wake up from sleep, we exit out AURAS(where our dream images are)and naturally - having shed our outermost shell(or hand glove)are like a proverbial lobster which has just shed its shell, only in OUR case, we have seven(or eight) 3D SHELLS! What we call dying is shedding the outermost SHELL!!  How many lobsters(and anthropods) break their hearts? Not many.   And how many humans do their nuts whenever some physical body dies?! Well those who don't, at least FEIGN loss!  A lot of HOOEY!!   How we PRETEND - in order to placate FOOLS!!  Mind you, it IS a big loss to those that were closely associated with that particular being.  But they have ONLY gone to another country! Albeit a SUPER country!!  I am not saying Don't miss them!  I am SAYING keep a sense of PROPORTION. They have gone ahead of us for a while.(They have not gone out of existence!) KEEP your cool!   You will catch up with them later!  (Provided they want to see you of course.(LOL!))

           We have got it wrong you see. We are not bits of clay suspended between womb and tomb for a while!   But units of conciousness, parts of God's conciousness, between two eternities(and infinities), with unlimited power. Learning to unleash our vast potential by being constrained temporarily in a physical body. Which we THINK we ARE!!

            If you want to think that you ARE the car you are driving, that is your pre-rogative.  But I know that I am going to exit this car one day...  ONE DAY!!(Or Night!!)

            (By the way:  Did you know that you can time travel by simply raising your vibrations?  With the aid of a machine, an electrical Jacob's Ladder or an electrical Generator. Great energy raises your vibrations, then you go down the cosmic radial to some extent, from where you can shoot back up and out onto the time, space and any other group dimensions!(Each group dimension has four dimensions.) Anywhere!!  A million years hence. Or on the other side of the cosmos!  Or even into some weird PARALLEL universe!!  And so on, and on.)


            (The trouble with indulging in sex and drugs, in the psychedelics, in food and drink,  (gluttony, I mean),  and so on(ESPECIALLY in indulging in alcohol and nicotonic smoking), is that we lose our abilities to gain the REAL joys and pleasures that lie in the HIGHER gratifications!! We need(as Jesus has bid us)to DENY OURSELVES daily.(Sex, that leading temptation, IS Man's downfall!!(Masturbation and all forms of self-abuse - is self sex, and thus ALSO fatal to the higher joys and pleasures. Just get OFF orgasms(and on to DIVINE ECSTACIES!!   and the like!!)(It is like going to a great banquet, but dropping in at McDonald's on the way - for a few hamburgers and cokes. You aren't going to enjoy that banquet at all well!!)(So it isn't that God hates us to enjoy ourselves, and have joys, pleasures, fun and play, etc. BUT,... that God SO desires us to ENJOY FULLY The Great Banquet of FAR superior delights than this physical plane affords! And is merely ADVISING us NOT to stuff ourselves on junk food and drink on the way!! KNOWING that our stomachs will have difficulty(being so full already)in enjoying the FAR FAR  greater things,  LATER ON!!(We have SO greatly misunderstood, you SEE!!)(Hamburgers,etc. may be fine. But NOT if you are going to a great FREE BANQUET!!)(GOD is no kill-joy, MUCH, VERY MUCH, the reverse!!)(SHORT sighted over-critical fools have spoiled the picture!! In their HASTY misinterpretation!!)

           THAT is how I see it,anyway. MAYBE wishful thinking on MY part. But I truly believe that GOD will actually ENJOY US enjoying these things, THROUGH us!!  And so I spread a bigger and better canvas which I hope will not be gainsaid!!

           God simply wants us to USE OUR HEADS!! And not fill our stomachs with JUNK, at great expense, when by delaying things a while  - we can have A FREE HUGE SPLURGE!!(Yes, I know it takes a lot of faith to abstain from all these attractions whilst alive, for the sake of a much better BINGE or SPLURGE after we die! - But do you all see a truer picture now??)

           He who denies his self TO THE END, shall be saved!(Saved from the hell of not being able to enjoy a MUCH better feast afterwards!!)(Not I HOPE(is MEANT!!)(Be nice to be saved from Hell, but there are worse things than body indulgence!! We NEED saving from that(soul pollution) too.)(When ALL shells shed, we put down a new personality from the soul! And so on...) saved from endless maximum FIRE(HELL!!) for not obeying the boss!! I mean out of vengeful SPITE(I can picture some human fathers being like that! But,...)) at our disobedience.(No!  God is not saying OBEY ME, or I'll burn you MAXIMALLY in indestructible bodies for EVER!!   But,rather, as A GOOD FATHER, advising us not to be stupid and spend our money RUINING our ability to enjoy THE FREE BANQUET FEAST later!!)(If the whole purpose lies in INSTRUCTION, what gain is there in subjecting(OUT OF SUCH LOVE!!) his CHILDREN to SUCH endless AGONY - when with no time left to be good, how can we possibly LEARN(to do better)??!!)(Would not make sense!) 

           But how FEW of us - succeed!!(In enduring unto the end. I take end to be end of life. Hopefully not the end of TIME!!)(So many of us go for those NIBBLES on the way!!)

            Am I making sense??

            Don't spoil your appetite!!

            Yes, of course, there is MUCH more to it than loss of a banquet!!



            Jesus beat them though.  He died, but his soul bounded to godhood!

          The way to win is to let GOD work through you.

          DID the good folk NOT recapture their lost ground, then soon there would be no good folk(Nor any at all.). But there are. So evidently they do win back what they lost.

          Apparently this back and fore struggle goes on indefinitely.

          So once you are back in the physical - you are on a loser.

         The wicked do not like The Spirit World.  Of course not. It favours the good.  So they are SO glad to return to the physical - to prosper again, while the good rot. They would therefore favour re-incarnation. In the meantime their best hope is to dwell in Hades.(The unpleasant nether regions. DESPITE  the unpleasant conditions there.)

         Low types would therefore try to possess the living, in order to continue physical living THROUGH them. But then this stunts their evolution. There is also the danger of getting TRAPPED in the possessed vehicles.(Unable to get out again.) Plus the penalty for possessing others without their permission.

        Sorry, I put it badly last time.  When dying we retreat FROM the extremities(of course), which then go cold and numb  as we retreat and shrink back to pea size, prepatory to leaving the physical body.

        All of what I am saying(all along) is logical deduction from knowledge gained.




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