P22b Four big things coming.

Sunday, 6th November,  2,011.


Four big things coming.

         Something is very definitely wrong. But the world does not seem to know - or care!!  So it will just slam into us!!(Scientist are seeing asteroids and comets instead of the fifth and ninth planets now approaching us!! That way they hope many fools will see little danger!!)(Our OWN planets Phaeton and Nibiru are bearing down for near passes of us!!)

       The four big things coming, are:  1. Ascension. 2. Evacuation. 3. Transition. And 4. DOOM!!!!(In block capitals so it will hit your eye!)

        Ascension is a spiritual thing. How many will qualify????

        Evacuation will be of best half of humanity. Who will THEY be????

        Transition.  DEATH for those unfamiliar with the word transition. A VERY high percentage of humanity is going to pass on. - Into The Spirit World.

        When??  Well I see about 6 months. MAXIMUM!! So, WITHIN that time!!

        What is wrong?  Nothing is ACTUALLY wrong. It is just that a number of astronomical cycles are ending, - and new ones starting up!!

        So WHAT is happening??  

        A lot of things. Which  should be raising questions, but IN GENERAL, are not!!

        The sun is getting very active. (Has gotten!) The moon seems to have changed its orbit(very slightly).(The main causes are HUGE astronomical events. But aggravated by Haarp and The Giant Hadron Particle Accelerators,ETC.(Contrails,etc.)

        The outer gas giants planets of our solar system have had their orbits around the sun PERTURBED.

        There is an increasing amount of FLOODING going on.  Remember how Noah tried to warn the people of a coming DELUGE? Thousands of years back. They laughed him to scorn. But he and his family escaped in The Ark.  Riding out a GIGANTIC flood. Which submerged much of the land GLOBALLY.(The flood was actually but one of many horrors that occurred as Polar Shift,etc. hit us.)

         Disasters on Earth AND elsewhere in The Solar System - continue to increase. All kinds of disasters. Including SOCIAL, economic and financial.

         UFO's increase in number. ENORMOUS number, some HUGE, now over our heads!

         Crop circles continue.

         Now all these things should at least raise an eyebrow!  But governments and the media are STRANGELY silent.  And so the people IN GENERAL are. Trusting the authorities they continue to live as before. In increasing misery.  Though I notice SOME seem to be deliriously happy.  As in adverts on Television and the TV news presenters, especially on Channel TV 7 in Australia.(But IS laughing at everything the cure??)(Instead of gravity try LEVITY?  I don't think that will work either!!)

          The financial markets are increasingly volatile.

          Rebels camp out at strategic sites in protest at corporate greed. But this will largely only add to problems. Goldman Sachs seems to be the root problem.

          Increasing numbers of masses of ELECTRONS are hitting human and animal brains - sending them increasingly mad and bad.

          We seem to have a problem. Denied or ignored by MOST.  Yet all are feeling the growing pinch.

          FOUR ominous things are occurring: 1. The solar system is rounding the STELLAR spiral arm of the closed stellar cluster that it is in. The centrifugal force from this is heaving magma and ground upwards. Rising magma producing more and bigger volcanic eruptions. And earthquakes.

          Plus increasing SINK HOLES and CRACKS in the ground. Also a MOANING Earth. Protesting the strain on the separating rocks.

          I keep trying to tell as many as I can reach.(A MOST PITIFUL FEW.) In the desperate hope that they(we) can get The Authorities to go down The North Geographical Pole! Because NEAR there is a THOUSAND MILE wide entrance to The Great Within.(Yes. The Earth is hollow. All the heavenly globes and fields are! Ex the ORIGINAL(don't confuse with CURRENT centrifuge ex sun going around its stellar spiral arm!) initiating centrifugal force! They HAVE to be. Simple laws of physics!!)(But nearly all STILL BUY solid Earth!)

          2. The planet Nibiru(and its retinue) approaches Earth(heading for the sun).  It is ALMOST four times the size of Jupiter. So many will have a shock when it appears soon.(It will look(when closest)like a big second moon, like an ugly red dragon in the sky!)(Nibiru is being blamed for the increasing disturbances. But the cause is our sun rounding its stellar spiral arm!)(Though Nibiru,etc. will add to the turmoil.)(Causing MASSIVE trouble to Earth, via gravity and magnetic tides.)(Plus electric disturbances.)

          3.   Phaeton, another solar planet is also heading towards us, as it shoots for the sun.( Causing trouble to Earth via gravity and magnetic tides.)(Plus electric disturbances.)

          4.   The Great Alignment with The Dark Rift at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy peaks 21/22nd December, 2,012.

          Perhaps THE GREAT TRIBULATION prophesied in The Bible of Christendom IS this great astronomical CONFLUENCE of FOUR gigantic COLOSSAL CATACLYSMIC EVENTS.  It speaks of a period of about 3.5 years,preceded by a 1.5 year spell,  which seems to be starting up NOW.


          I seek to alert you so that you might PREPARE. If only your minds.

          I see February 6th, 2,012.(Or is it Feb.26th?) as the date of Doom,etc. Or perhaps May 21st, 2,012.A.D.

          My geometric binomial sequence law indicates at ENORMOUS probability odds - that 2,012 A.D. is INDEED the year!

          MANY other great indicators also point to 2,012.A.D.

          Although there is a great expectation focus upon November, 2,011.A.D.(This month.)

          That preacher who named October 21st, this year, will not be very far out I do not think!!

           Some are predicting a JOLT, which will level many big cities. Being felt all around the globe.

           Wise perhaps to flee to RURAL areas now! As jolts do not disturb trees,etc. so much!

            Why would we experience a jolt in the rotation of The Earth?(Basically in The Earth itself, independent of rotation!)

            As the sun rounds its stellar spiral arm, it is approaching where it will be under most stress. Causing a peaking HEAVE UP(a sort of jolt). That is due December 21st, 2,012.

            As the solar system rounds the stellar spiral arm, the SUN will be affected FIRST. And the planets,etc. being more loose, should experience varying effects, later.  In any case the sun eventually passes on what it is suffering.

            A kind of jolt then is not too far out!

           We are still nearly 14 months from the main event.(Though some say 2,011 A.D. ends Mayan calendar, not 2,012.)

           Expect a polar shift. Geographic, PHYSICAL.

            Stocking up and planting your own MAY help. Though the forceful will soon deprive the many of their plans!!

            The indicators of growing woes are too clear and numerous to ignore.

            All the best!

            We are all going to NEED it.

             We need to help one another now! More than ever.

             Especially as The Spirit World will sort us ALL out after death!! Sending some down, and others up.

             Some will end up on a better planet. And some on a worse one.

             The Great CLEANSING is on.

             And the sheep are being sorted from the goats.

             The wheat from the tares.

             Humans and animals are going to re-act VERY badly!!

             That and panic leading to PANDEMONIUM will be among the biggest menaces!!(Led by the growing number of rebels.)

              Things will get SO severe and SAVAGE - as to beggar ALL belief!!

               The lucky ones will be those who die quickly!!

                I expect a gradual, but speeding up, descent into these horrors and terrors.

                We are STILL in the good times!!

                 Though the rebels clearly don't think so!

                  Go BACK in time and put things right! It can be done.

                   I find that Meditation, Prayer, SPIRITUAL yoga and saying The Lord's Prayer repeatedly, even if only in your mind, to be helpful.

                   GOOD music,etc. helps.(The kind of music more popular some decades back.)(Humanity has forgotten what ART is.)

                   Do NOT commit suicide! Nor seek Euthanasia help to do so!!

                   Penalties in The Spirit World.

                   Aliens may rescue you yet!

                   EXPECT COLLOSAL economic and financial TURMOIL,too!!

                   The Feds via Bernanke seem to have found the answer. Create MORE fiat(legal paper) money! As much as the pressing banks demand!!

                    People certainly have great faith in bank notes!(It certainly helps us to give and receive via TOKENS!!)

                    Europe teeters.

                    On the brink.

                     U.S. is being squeezed.

                     I don't rate our future!!

                     Bad times now? THESE ARE the good times!!

                     Danger of banks,etc. BLOCKING access to our money!!

                     AND of gold, AND silver, getting confiscated.

                     Those WITH it, taken off the public, will go for the rest,too!!

                      Many will go mad.

                      And SUICIDE become QUITE fashionable!!

                      CERTAINLY many will go BAD!!

                     That WAS the good news!!

                     Cheer up! You will SURVIVE DEATH!!

                      The question is WHERE??

                      Heaven or Hell??

                      And the answer to that depends upon our behaviour NOW!!!!

                       Don't drain super market shelves! PLEASE!!

                      Human race, please, not RAT,etc. race. Dog fight and all the rest of it.

                      But we can for SURE expect the WORST!!

                      In a submarine or submersible good place!!

                      Or underground(fatal there!).

                      Say SIX FEET down?!

                      You want the truth? Well just take the OPPOSITE of what The Media says on the important matters.

                      And you'll be about right.

                      Declared emergencies, martial law, police state, and curfews will be the order of the day!!!! Control and censorship of The Internet,too!!

                      Get READY!


                    Things should worsen acceleratingly towards Christmas and The New Year.

                   You ARE being told.

                   You are being WARNED...

                    Watch out for Nibiru!!

                    But remember that the chief cause of our woes is still centrifugal force from the solar system rounding its STELLAR spiral arm.

                    Though Nibiru complex and Phaeton will take over more and more as time passes.

                    Conjoint with that great line- up with the centre of The Milky

                     After 21/22nd December, 2,012 A.D. we are into The Age of Aquarius.(Better vibrations than with Pisces! Which of course the dominant humans and animals WILL NOT like!! And will RE-ACT VERY badly to!!)(You have seen how the rebels go on...)

                      U.S. is leading the action against(now with Libya pocketed!) Syria and Yemen.   Then on to IRAN!!(Which will NOT stop making nuclear weapons!)

                       We have reached the point - where either The West(probably Israel will do it) attacks Iran, or IRAN will attack The West!!(Face a stronger Iran later?)

                       Bush junior funked it because of Iranian torpedo boats threat to the aircraft carriers(now floating DEATH TRAPS).

                       What is coming is the domino sequence: Israel, in desperation, attacks Iran.(But no good without U.S.(Which is exhausted.) and U.S. backs them up.  Iran strikes left right and centre, closing Straits of Horuz, sinking U.S. carriers, oblitering many bases. ETC.   Reducing world to CHAOS.

                       Simultaneously, North Korea attacks South.(U.S. helpless.)AND The U.S.(tries to, at least) via their missiles.

                       Then RED China(taking advantage) invades Taiwan, taking it at last.

                       World War 111 has begun.

                       Israel on the block.

                       West, at bay.

                       Political East rises.

                        But NATO may attack and demolish the resurgent Iran.

                        Trouble is China backs North Korea. And Russia backs Iran!!

                        Shia Islam sweeping world.

                        And Leftism still holds the reins.

                        Pakistan will become the ROOT problem.(Along with IRAN.)(U.S. attacking Pakistan will apparently trigger domino chain.)

                        Nucler holocaust. Biological warfare.

                        Meanwhile in a desperate bid to reduce the world's population(Now 7 billion), CONTRAILS of deadly poisons are being dropped onto crops. To bring about mass starvation.

                        It seems Tubercolosis(especially Galloping and anti-biotic resistant) and not Influenza  did the mass killing in 1918,etc.

                       9/11 was evidently an inside job. U.S. with the aid of Al Quaeda and The Taliban,etc.(To get an excuse to attack Iraq and Afghanistan!!)

                       Iran is main root of Terrorism.

                       But West AS USUAL is delaying dealing with the problem. As with Adolf Hitler in Europe in the late 30's, so now against Ahmad, The Iranian leader, in these last days.(A very apt term!)

                        This time West loses.(But is being obliged to defend itself(try to)NOW.)

                        Big rise against Whites and Anglo-Saxons.

                        Revenge for colonial years.

                        Racism? Yes!  But it is Reverse Racism. Coloureds against whites!!(Who outnumber them by 6 to 1!)

                        We need to unite to flee Nibiru,etc! Not fight each other!!

                        West going into eclipse to The Political East.

                        U.S. is going down.

                        U.S. dollar too.

                        God favours ALL.

                        (Then there is the failing anti-biotics.)

                        CHRIST returns, subdues the lot, takes his own out.(After Asia rises and defeats Europe.)

                         We have HAD IT, chums.

                          Count our blessings!

                           And just hope we don't go TOO far down into HELL.(After death.)

                           And that life on a new planet around some distant star is an improvement!!(With a Spirit World hopefully!)

                           The meek shall inherit The Earth.

                           A FLATTENED one!!

                          Confusion shall reign.

                          Into a New Stone Age.

                          But an Ice Age, first!! A THOUSAND years long.

                          Why are so many so COMPLACENT??!!


                           What use denial against a falling boulder, or a sink hole opening up between the feet!!

                            Many scores shall be settled.

                            And blood mixed with what LOOKS like blood(but is fallen red dust mixed with water) shall run freely.

                            Yes, good to be positive.

                            But I think we need to put REALISM first!!

                             We have never had it so good MATERIALLY.

                             Nor so bad SPIRITUALLY!!

                              The rebels will of course deprive ALL of their possessions. With the most MURDEROUS abandon!!

                              I will spare you the BAD news!!

                              Vic.(STUBBORN DENIAL is fuelling the market rises!!)

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