PP18 Big tips.

Friday, 28th October, 2,011



Big tips!!

I have spent a lot of time telling you about Doom. Because this aspect of the coming Great Change to Earth is physical and so acute to us. Though the main import is spiritual – with the raising of Earth’s vibrations, and that of its inhabitants, including humans. Particularly in regard to The Ascension and the evacuation of about half of humanity from The Earth. To save many from a terrible and horrible death soon.

Very few will believe that doom is coming, and still less the spiritual things, however they ARE coming, and very soon. Imminent!!

Government and media have decided not to tell us. So the extremely few people like me are doing it! Believing that it is better for you to know than not to! ESPECIALLY if you can get the authorities to organize escape down The North Geographical Pole.(And the wearing of my special helmets!) Failing that take your chances(50 – 50)(Or, better still, a best behaviour competition, the better ones being evacuated at being chosen by the aliens.)

This being so, and with death being so much on the cards, it is extremely important TO YOU to know a few things:-(My qualification is long thoughtful study of the subjects concerned.)

1. Too many people think that we ARE our physical bodies, and that we shall not survive death.

That is simply NOT TRUE. Not only do we quite definitely survive death, but we shall never cease to exist! We re-incarnate alternating male female for ever. After a sojourn in The Spirit World for about 50 years. Which time there passes VERY quickly for those in the upper half, but VERY slowly for those in the lower. Heaven and Hell if you like. More precisely, – Paradise and Hades.

Did you not know this, you might (after death) think that you were still alive – when you weren’t!

The evidence for survival of physical death is simply too overwhelming to ignore!(Except to those most obstinate.)

Immediately you know that you are (physically only) dead, head for the WHITE light, as fast as you can.(As some spirits will try to take you down to the unpleasant nether regions!)

AT The WHITE light you will learn what to do.

Go UP, not down!

Alive in the physical we are on one set of material vibrations. But there exist other sets(of vibrations). Death is like awakening from a dream. A bad dream. A return Home.

We are currently between two eternities. Currently in exile. We are here into the physical perhaps because we CHOSE to come here. Possibly in order to evolve spiritually the faster. As the lessons we learn on the physical Earth are so sharp.

The Spirit World is the next set of vibrations materially higher. A finer world. The physical is heavy, hard to move around. So it will be MATERIALLY easier there. But SPIRITUALLY harder(to make progress).

The great goal is to evolve to perfection. A journey without end. But we can keep improving.

You will go UP if your good deeds exceed your bad.(And to that degree.) Down if your bad deeds exceed the good. Higher is pleasanter. Lower is increasingly unpleasant.

You will judge yourself, mentally. But material judgement is done automatically by The Great Spiritual Law(Called The LORD.)(It never errs!)(But takes you RIGHT where you belong. Where you have qualified for in life.)

With an early death almost certain it is good to know these things.

You will not go out of existence. ONLY out of PHYSICAL existence!

You fall into a deep sleep for two to three days, but will awaken from that. You may attend your own funeral if you wish.

After SO CALLED death you may meet again those loved ones who have preceded you. And this includes animals. Pets, for example.

You may stay in The Spirit World for as long as you like. But it would be like staying at home all day. You make little or no progress.

The environment there is very different to here. Though at first you will be able to see the physical plane.

You will be able to see(etc.) people and things. But people(as a rule) will not be aware of YOU.

They will however hear your THOUGHTS directed at them! So don’t waste time shouting at someone who knows you well. They WON’T hear you!(You no longer exist to them!)(They CANNOT see you!)(They THINK you are underground or dust now.) But direct your THOUGHTS to them, and they will hear those! But they maybe think that it is their imagination.

If that fails, the only hope is through a medium or psychic. Or at a seance or some-such.

There IS a danger with trying to contact those who have passed on. Other less friendly spirits may latch on to you, and bother you. So be aware of that risk. Their contacts will be of the supernatural kind.

You may not go STRAIGHT to Paradise(or where-ever you are going). But MAY find yourself what is called Earth-bound.

This means that you will be trapped for a while HERE in this physical world, but not be able to make contact. This can be for a short while – or a long. Some get trapped for hundreds of years.

If you get trapped, you may find that you can MANIFEST yourself to some degree. Becoming what is called a GHOST. Perhaps be able to move objects.

THINK what you are doing. As you may cause great terror and horror.

Most ghosts are simply the spirits of humans who have died physically but not YET been able to rise to their true station in The Spirit World. People usually hang around their haunts for some time after death. Their homes and the places they visit.

So AS SOON AS YOU REALIZE that you have physically died, get GOING!! UPWARDS!! As FAST as you can! When I say upwards, I don’t necessarily mean 3d wise, but 5d wise. Vibrationally that is. RAISE your vibrations. By prayer, GOOD music,etc. You may not NEED to ascend 3d wise. The important thing is 5d wise. That is VIBRATIONALLY. In mind, at least.

You are supposed to MOVE ON to where-ever you belong, your home in The Spirit World. So don’t hang about HERE!!

Naturally you may wish to continue your old pursuits. But remember that your life is OVER,now. And the great need is to move ON to the next state. Death may not AUTOMATICALLY confer that!(Though it MIGHT.)

Hanging about, you may only frighten people.

Keep AWAY, WELL AWAY, from your corpse!

So DON’T go anywhere near to your grave! Keep OUT of it!!

The danger is very simple, but terrible.

In life, we have what is called a life or etheric double. This energizes us whilst alive. Keeps us going.

When we die this leaves first, and keeps near to the corpse. Though if it spots you, in your spirit body, it may come over and try to merge with you! If it succeeds you will find yourself in a fog, anything from mist to pitch blackness. So keep AWAY from your ghost! Normally it will join the corpse and disintegrate with it.

But if you in your spirit body get near to it, it will almost certainly shoot for you!

Heeding these things I am telling you may save you an AWFUL lot of trouble!!

Naturally you may wish to tell those you knew in life that you are all right(meaning not gone out of existence!), but best to get up and out of it AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!!

YOU are not dead. But your physical body IS!!(And will soon be underground or dust.)

There exists a carbon copy of the physical world, the ORIGINAL of this world. THAT is where many go, at first, after SO CALLED death.

AND, for those who materialize to any extent, you can even RE-ENTER the physical ITSELF!!

The familiar world you may see after death will not be the physical, but the ORIGINAL of it! So you will probably be in there, and not the ACTUAL physical you have just left! So, very few can see you,etc!

A sort of half way house.

THAT is not the spirit world proper.

You will need to get into the spirit world PROPER!!

A matter of increasing your material vibrations until you arrive in it. Done by prayer, meditation, yoga,etc. Until your vibrations materially rise taking you into The Spirit World PROPER!!

Usually someone will come to meet you. A loved one perhaps.(Who has passed on before you.)

They will take you to where you belong.

In The Spirit World PROPER, the environment will be SIMILAR to that of physical Earth. Trees, houses,flowers, etc.

Get to The Re-habilitation Centre there. So that you go through the required procedures all right.

Things will be remarkably normal like.

You will get shown the ropes.

Some loved one you know from those who have passed on – may come to collect you, and take you to their home, and then to a home for you.

Nothing to worry about. Things will be quite home like.

You will see again long lost loved ones, and pets. Those you may have thought gone out of existence!

You will live in The Spirit World for about 50 years. And then when you are ready, if ever, you can re-incarnate. One usually does. As EVENTUALLY you feel the need to evolve. You may come back in the other gender next time. Usually you do.

You then choose your next parents, and dive into a foeutus in the woman’s uterus there. At what is called THE QUICKENING.(Some time between conception and birth.)

Usually different parents each time.

We usually forget our stay in The Spirit World after birth.

This is what invariably happens when you PHYSICALLY die.

THIS time,however, we are undergoing a once in 26 MILLION years’ event.

We might find ourselves on a planet around another star! Human, I hope, not humanoid!

The point is this coming group of four gigantic cataclysms gets followed by an ICE AGE taking over from the ice era preceding.

The ice age proceeds for about a thousand years before conditions on Earth are suitable to be re-born into.

So after THIS LOT(of four colossal super cataclysms), expect either to find yourself in a new Stone Age, or upon a new planet, some new Earth around another star.

Hopefully The Spirit World will survive!

With an imminent death, I thought it best to apprise you of these few very important things.

No, government and media are not likely to inform you of these things, seeking only control and to avoid panic.

So don’t let even death faze you!



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