PP17 Tips. Ascension.

Wednesday, 26th October, 2,011.



Ascension by Christmas!

Doom within a few years.

So this gives us a breather. This news.

Ascension INCLUDES evacuation of the best half of humanity by aliens. To save them from Doom.

So get ready folks. And better be on best behaviour!!(Or get overlooked and have to face doom alone and unassisted!!)

Non-violence URGENTLY needed now.

And dropping of all(ALL) low desires.(Things like sex, excessive dining, drugs, especially alcohol and smoking. Plus elimination of as much dope(pharmaceutical drugs) as possible! Our natural functions are being murdered by drugs and dope.) NO violence! Live and let live. No hoarding. Yes, spread the wealth.

This is advisory(for your future welfare), not commanding.

Ascension also includes the raising of the vibrations of The Earth, and those of humans,etc.

There will now be time for all prophecies to be fulfilled.

Sink holes and cracks in the ground,etc. should continue, but slowly for a while. EVENTUALLY speeding up AND UP…(In some parts of the circle of woes.)(The Ring of fire,etc.)

Meanwhile economic and financial woes engulf us.

We MUST learn to live within our means, need not greed.

And get and keep out of debt and deficit. Individually as well as nationally.

Expect the weather etc. to continue to deteriorate. For the next 14 months, at least.

A sort of reprieve, but one that needs to be taken advantage of!!

Humanity needs to get its mind off trivia and excessive LOW pleasure. And on to the worsening conditions facing us.



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