PP16 A few more points. On Doom,etc.

Saturday, 22nd October, 2,011.


A few more points. On Doom,etc.

Another anomaly: Honey bees are vanishing. Some are.

Yet another INDICATOR!(Of an impending WIPE-OUT.)

ALMOST total. A few million(humans) should survive it. And flee into caves. As the next Ice Age begins!!

Whales and dolphins beach their selves. Birds dropped from sky. Masses of fish died. And crabs. (A change in the vector of Magnetic North Orientation is the trouble with all these creatures.)(What was their problem? Too much of a change in the position of The North Magnetic Pole. This disrupted their built-in electro-magnetic guidance systems. So they got lost. And eventually died.)

Maybe the leading birds,etc. did the navigating. The others followed them.

I am trying to understand why so many in each species died at the same moment.(Some species being more vulnerable to loss of North magnetic pole orientation. These would succomb first.)

Why would so many drop at the SAME moment?!

Animals like these travel in GROUPS.

Which acts like ONE UNIT.

What happens to one – happens to the whole lot!

I don’t know. Perhaps they(the whole group) struggled on as one. And eventually, when one died, they ALL died.(All in THAT group.) Dying of shock, perhaps. I don’t know. It is a puzzle.

It is very strange that they ALL (in the group concerned) should pass out

at EXACTLY the same moment. Then crash to the ground, after death.(They were dead before they hit the ground.)

It does seem then that they REALLY ARE one entity, albeit of physically separate members.

There are a number of INDICATORS.

I spoke of a pole shift. But think now that it was only a preliminary rock- over motion. And that the pole shift has YET to come!

It was ONLY the fact that I had mapped the cosmos with the CORRECT AND ACCURATE distances that enabled me to plot(first manually, and later by computer) stars, stellar clusters, galaxies, and quasars,etc. – That enabled me to spot that Sol, our sun, a star, was one of a group of many. And that this closed stellar cluster was like a mini spiral galaxy – with two spiral arms.(Note that the orthodox distances used by astronomers may be accurate enough, but are not the CORRECT, PROPER, distances! I found out what the correct PROPER distances were by spending years grappling with the problem.)

I also reasoned that each star(or whatever, for the other groups(including galaxies and quasars, radio sources,etc.))would circle its position upon the spiral arm(and not stay still). In the case of our solar system, doing a complete orbit of the spiral arm every 6,500 years.

(I found out MANY amazing things from my maps,etc. That the velocity of light,etc.electro-magnetic radiation is instantaneous, not “c”!(It is only REGISTERED at “c”.) That Arcturus is Sol’s twin. That The Andromeda Galaxy is The Milky-Way’s twin. That everything goes in identical twin pairs. Two kinds: Ones that stay close together, and those that separate. There is NO big bang or expansion. There was a tiny plop and then a LINEAR slow proceeding outwards, NOT a 3d voluminar expansion!

I meet all out resistance to getting my finds made known. From mortal humans as well as spirits.)

This fitted my knowing that immense catastrophes occurred every few thousand years. Like Lemuria Mu, Atlantis and Poseidon.(Antarctica was Atlantis! Now upside down. Though this puzzles me, because Atlantis was TWO cataclysms back and SHOULD NOW be restored to an upright Earth again!)

Poseidon, WRONGLY called Atlantis, was a huge island in The North Atlantic. Occupying nearly the entire North Atlantic.

Atlantis was a huge island off India.(Because of a colossal crustal displacement – it ended up where it is now, around The South Pole. – Antarctica. But upside down!(Atlantis sinking occurred 13,000 years ago, Poseidon was 6,500 years back. WHY is Atlantis(Now Antarctica covered by up to two miles of ice.))upside down? If two cataclyms back, it should have returned to upright again,now!))(Note that termite mounds in Australia face south(away from the sun)(Though termites, like most other life-forms, need the sun. So would face it. The answer of course is that they are OLD termite mounds, and that The Earth has inverted!)(Note: It was the cataclysm BEFORE the last one that seems to have had a double inversion. And the last cataclysm, Poseidon, inverted just 180 degrees.)

(Lemuria was a gigantic island about twice the size of Australia in The Pacific.)

The Solar System inverts EVERY 6,500 years, PHYSICALLY, GEOGRAPHICALLY, GEOLOGICALLY. Not JUST the magnetic poles.(The actual PHYSICAL poles SWITCH ENDS!!)

Note too that neither Nibiru,nor Phaeton, are the cause of our present woes.(Sink holes, cracks in the ground, the precursor to a polar shift, growing disasters, moaning noise from below,etc.)

WHY is Antarctica(if it was Atlantis) upside down? It should be right way up!(Because two cataclysms back = two inversions = right way up again!)

Did it go around twice?! – Did the poles switch ends twice??!!

There is little doubt about the fact that an upside-down Antarctica is almost identical to Atlantis! The odds are just too great in its favour! A somewhat altered(slightly) coast line would be expected after an immense disaster!

The ice would naturally go on to it.

Antarctica is a desert. Hardly any ice deposited annually. How long would it take then to accumulate an average one mile of ice?

Even at about an inch per year, that is about 5 inches per year. Which seems excessive for a desert!

I am trying to work out how long Antarctica has been receiving ice. To find out how long it has been there.

To have been there 13,000 years, we need 5 inches per year.(Of ice)

Antarctica is not likely to have been wetter(meaning more snowfall) in the past.

1. Since The Earth inverts every 6,500 years, WHY is Antarctica(equals Atlantis) now upside down – after two(6,500 years x 2 = the 13,000 years since Atlantis.)inversions?!

2. If Antarctica is a desert(which it is), receiving hardly any ice per year, how could it build up an average one mile of ice in 13,000 years?!

The situation is complicated by the fact that people think that the last cataclysm, Poseidon(A huge island in The North Atlantic.), was Atlantis. – So don’t confuse the two cataclysms!

Remember that Atlantis was an island(On The Admiral Reis map.) somewhere south of India in The Indian Ocean. Which, via a crustal displacement, moved to around The South Pole.

The sea has fallen. Far below the level it was at. Changing into ice. After much sea water froze on Atlantis. Though ice formed from sea water all over The Earth.

Could a lot of that ice(On Antarctica/Atlantis) have been fast frozen water, sea water?

Picture the scene: A rapid crustal displacement moves Atlantis to around The South Pole. Much water, sea water, would have been over Atlantis at the time. Making most of that ice frozen sea water. Only SOME overlay of fresh water ice following. A possible explanation.(There was an axial reversal plus two crustal displacements!!)

That might solve question 2.

And a double inversion might solve question 1.

Normally there is one inversion, 180 degrees.

Supposing a fast axial swivel had ,kept going because of fast momentum. Then it could go around ANOTHER 180 degrees. Making a FULL rotation – instead of the usual half one.

Neither of these two solutions to the two questions is too unlikely.


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