PP15 What to expect! All aboard??

October 20, 2011

Friday, 21st October, 2,011.


What we can expect!

This is what I didn’t get around to saying in my previous article, PP14.

The ground is heaving up(Please read all my articles – to stay with the flow.), but this rising ground motion is too slow for us to notice.

As the ground rises ex centrifugal force, increasing gaps get torn in the ground down below from the separating rock,etc. So sink holes form, and cracks open up.

The rise-up is not felt, but the fall down to come SHOULD BE!!

We can expect to fall suddenly down one of these holes for hundreds of feet, and get killed of course. Though subsidence may occur first. If it does, GET OUT – FAST, and AWAY from that area!(One house somewhere already knows about that!)(This is what those left behind(not evacuated)can expect!)

Sink holes and cracks should proliferate, grow and speed up. Prepare for a sudden acceleration of the process as we get into exponential(yes,that is the word!) STRIDE.(Because the rate of growth of woes is harmonic(the old geometric) with its DECEPTIVELY slow start followed by a SUDDEN enormous increase in the growth rate(of woes).(Simply draw an hyperbola and you should see what I mean!)(We are in the almost straight line lower part of the curve. It is about to SHOOT for the sky!!)(Meaning that our woes will SUDDENLY go EXPONENTIAL in increase of rate!!)

In Australia that beach(Inskip Beach, Tin Can Bay, Off Fraser Island.) was the first indicator to appear here in Australia.(As Australia is ON the ring of woe.)(A beach suddenly disappeared down a sink hole.)

We are in Wave One of Nature’s Onslaught. We need to become VERY cracks in the ground and sink holes concious!(This is the physical aspect of course. The ACTUAL EVENT is spiritual!)(Earth and inhabitants to be raised up in vibration. Some will become very angelic. Others very demonic! Watch your neighbour!!)

This is just the VERY VERY beginning of the results of a centrifuge caused expanding Earth!

An expansion(A slight swelling up.) due to the ground being HEAVED up.

No, you won’t hear much about these things in The Media. Because The Authorities want to keep it all secret!(But UNLESS The Authorities take action we have NO CHANCE!(We NEED to get down The North Geographical Pole(To escape the coming bombardment from space!)(Down WITHIN we at least escape THAT lot!!)(Though the inner surface ground must be getting stretched too!!))

The Authorities want to keep it all secret, to keep CONTROL of us! (AND to avoid panic and pandemonium.)

My guess is that the end will come within the next 3.5 years, possibly 4.5 years. Certainly within the next 5 years.(One very good reason impels me to say that: Too many religious prophecies still unfulfilled. But The fact that my binomial geometric sequence law expires in 2,012 makes me think that WE ONLY HAVE ABOUT A YEAR TO GO!!(At most.)(More likely about 3 months or so!)(And THEN things should start to go REALLY haywire!!)

As I say, it shouldn’t be a ONE DAY affair. But spread over several years.

My binomial geometric sequence law is about infallible.

PLUS there is the fact that I found the excess 3 years!(That Peebles spoke of.)

So what about those religious prophecies??

They need at least 3 years!

The Great Tribulation hasn’t occurred yet. Unless what is imminent is Ascension. With Doom taking 3 or 4 years AFTER that!

For example: If the humanoid aliens evacuate the better half of humanity in an Ascension,over the next few months, then Doom can follow over the next 3,4 years or so!

THAT is all I can think.

In The Bible it says “One shall be taken, and one left(from the fields,etc.)”. Presumably the good ones taken by the aliens. In other words, the nice people.

The rough stuff starts with them gone. Because THEY kept things bearable!

O.K. You guys. Be on your best behaviour now! To best hope to be evacuated.

Better get used to the idea of being strapped down on a couch inside a flying saucer!

I expect a MASS LANDING by an ENORMOUS UFO Fleet. Aliens coming out and beaming us(well, the nice ones!) aboard The Massive ARMADA.

The on-going inspection by aliens(abductions) may have been to check on the doubtful cases. I don’t know.

Put your vacations on hold fellahs.(AND your Super!)

I am hoping for The Outer Pleades, myself!

That should be quite a trip.

Just hope I am not on the same saucer as that Gillard woman!(Joking…)(No! I am serious!!)

I wonder what their food is like!

Anyway, chaps, if you want to know how Doom is progressing, just study how those sink holes and cracks in the ground are progressing!!

Glad you came,now?!

But it won’t all happen on ONE day! It should be spread out over a few years.

It is just STARTING to happen NOW.

As the indicators reveal! The Pre-cursor to a Polar Shift. Accelerating disasters. Increasing moaning and groaning from underground.(As the ground gets STRETCHED.)(No! NOT earthquakes!(Some people have been trying to palm these off as quiet earthquakes!) SIMPLY the result(via centrifugal force) of the ground having to accommodate a greater area of SURFACE!) Sink holes and the ground cracking open.

Apparently Comet Elenin was an alien space craft. Did it dim its lights?

It seems it was only rumoured to have broken up.

Now will you PLEASE inform the right people! As our ONLY CHANCE is to get The Authorities to ACT. By getting best specimens of everything down The North Geographical Pole!

I can only reach a very tiny few. Which is ludicrously NOT ENOUGH!!

If I fail it means no early future life on Earth!

All we can expect if I fail is that a very small number of creatures will survive in icy caves, and re-commence life very slowly up through a new Stone Age,etc.

Normally that is what happens. But THIS TIME, with FOUR colossal cataclysms to come, altogether, I am unclear as to WHAT EXACTLY may happen!!

The red dust that is falling increasingly is ex the tail of the planet Phaeton,its TAIL now passing us.

There is also hydrogen cyanide. Which is deadly for our lungs!

Some people are I think accepting what I am saying, but few, if any, are being too SERIOUS about it. It being so ENORMOUS!!(That we just cannot CANNOT TAKE IT IN!!)

It is not every day that the sun completes ITS orbit!!

Which is just ONE of the cycles now being completed.

WATCH for the cracks in the ground,etc!!

I say again that the reason for humans and animals acting increasingly badly is due to THE MASSES OF ELECTRONS that we are passing through! Which is due to our sun approaching its stellar closing spiral, down the side of which flows a stream of electrons. This stream gets THICKER(denser) towards the middle. And so we are encountering INCREASING MASSES OF ELECTRONS.

These electrons pass through the brains of humans and animals, driving them more and more mad and bad!!

Ya gotta??(You follow?)

So I think I have got the picture better now:-

The Ascension(the raise in vibrations,etc.) happens within the next year or so, probably within a few months.

But the heavy part, Doom,etc. occurs AFTER the good guys have gone,…

And takes about 3 to 4 years…

Why do we have to have HUMANOIDS??(Though they are very advanced.)

I have this weakness for humans!!

So what shall it be? A pleasant humanoid(if so!), OR an unpleasant human!!

Don’t believe me, yet??!!


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