PP14 WHEN is THE END?? Watch those sink holes,etc!!

Thursday, 20th October, 2,011.


How long have we got?

The people I write are a small group with a great knowledge – IF they listen to me.

This knowledge confers great power. Which comes from knowing what is coming.

I think I know what is coming. What I am unsure of – is WHEN.

I am reduced to a choice between two alternatives: 1. Doom(In re-action by Nature and Man to a boom.) within 6 months. 1. Doom(In re-action by Nature and Man to a boom(I mean a spiritual boom.).) within 3 years and 6 months.

I am no longer sure about the 3 years.(I think that the preacher who says that the world will end on October 21st, 2,011 – is only wrong about the date, and the extent of “the end”. (He may be right!)(WHO KNOWS that he isn’t?!).)

I expect an end to an AGE, not THE WORLD.(Though The Earth(and more) COULD perish.

I think he is 6 months premature. Even 3 years and 6 months – premature.

I believe we have 3.5 years POSSIBLY 4.5 years to the end of this age. This set of cycles. So it can be said that it should be a VERY different Earth WITHIN about 5 years!

It MAY be Within 2.5 only years.

What happened you see was that I satisfied myself that the 3 years too advanced Julian calendar had been corrected. Thus putting us only within 6 months of the end.(A 6 months maximum I think now is 6 weeks!)(So the preacher may not be so far out at all!!)

My geometric binomial sequence law which I found and with such fantastic probability ALSO points to end within 6 WEEKS!

As against that though, however, too many prophecies remain unfulfilled – which I think need about another 3 years!

So I have a HARD choice!

Have we got 6 weeks to go(or less!). OR, is it 3 YEARS and 6 weeks(or less) more like it.

Now I ask you to look at THE INDICATORS:-

The solar system is going around the spiral arm of the group of stars it is in(found by me when I mapped the cosmos).

A group of stars that looks like a small SPIRAL galaxy. These spiral(everything goes in spirals) formations have TWO spiral arms. Our sun, a star, is based on one. And it ROUNDS this base every 6,500 years.

The point is this: 6,500 years ago there occurred an event called Poseidon(WRONGLY named Atlantis). This happened to the great island continent of Poseidon in The North Atlantic.

All that remains now are The Azores,etc!

With Bimini under water.

It WAS an island occupying nearly THE ENTIRE North Atlantic!!

It sank into sea and magma during a gigantic cataclysm. Producing, I believe, Noah’s Flood.(Which may have been The Flood of Gilgamesh.)(Israel having stolen from earlier cultures.)

Solon, a priest in Egypt, told Plato. From where we get the story. This Poseidon disaster has WRONGLY been called Atlantis – from The Bimini underwater ruins.

The POSEIDON disaster occurred 6,500 years ago. ATLANTIS went down(into sea and magma) 13,000 years ago, and is now the continent island of Antarctica.(Which is what is left of Atlantis, inverted and covered in ice.)(Originally existed off India in The Indian Ocean.)

(Why is it upside down? Were Poseidon and Atlantis contemporary?! (If an inversion occurs every 6,500 years, shouldn’t Atlantis be the right way up again,now?!)(I suspect contemperaneous!)(Unless Mu was Atlantis!!)(Thouh if Atlantis and Poseidon happened together, then it explains a lot.)

The Earth PHYSICALLY inverted, the geographical poles switching ends.

An enormous crustal displacement ALSO occurred – which carried the now upside down Atlantis – to The South Pole.(Where it got covered by two miles of ice.) After being SMASHED and sunk into sea and magma(PARTIALLY).

My point is this: These gigantic cataclysms occur every 6,500 years. Going back in 6,500 year steps, we have Poseidon, Atlantis, Lemuria Mu…

WHY 6,500 year steps? Because FOUR super cataclysms occur at regular intervals over every 26,000 year zodiacal or precessional period.

This is due to the huge wobble of The Earth. It rocks back and fore TWICE. Each back and fore covers 6,500 years.

But DURING these rocks, the sun ALSO goes around the STELLAR spiral arm of the spiral closed stellar cluster that it is in.

Stars go around their bases periodically. Maybe every 6,500 years. Sol does.

The fits are too clear to be denied.

Every 6,500 we get a gigantic cataclysm.(THIS time we are getting FOUR super duper cataclysms!)(Because NATURE is attacking us in FOUR great waves. 1. Via The revolution of our sun, Sol, about its STELLAR spiral arm(producing centrifugal force in itself AND THE ENTIRE solar system(including Earth)) which IS the reason for THE SET of woes now happening on Earth,etc.(I refer to the increasing disasters, seismic and meteorological,etc., The Pre-cursor to The Polar Shift, The Moaning and Groaning of The Earth, The dying disoriented animals, birds and fish,too; The Sink Holes AND NOW the cracks opening up in the ground,etc!)

I am sorry, but it is VERY difficult to express so complex a mouthful in an easy to understand article!

Nature is on the attack in four, even five, GREAT WAVES: Man is attacking everything including Man, PARA PASSU with these FOUR GREAT NATURE ONSLAUGHTS.

The Second Wave is Phaeton, the FIFTH planet; (A once every 3,600 years’ event)

The Third is The Nibiru Complex.(A once every 3,600 years event.)(Nibiru has apparently captured Phaeton, so now both have a 3,600 year period.)

And The Fourth is The Great Rift Alignment.(A once in 26 thousand year event.)

WHAT is happening THIS TIME – is due to the confluence of ALL these things, a once in every 26 MILLION years’ event.

THIS time we are due to suffer(the solar system is, along with the sun) THE WORST event in Earth Man’s history.

The difficulty arises from my need to spell all this complexity out in one mouthful!

Hence the complication/s.


I said, but DIGRESSED!! – WATCH The INDICATORS(Of, IN PARTICULAR, the 6,500 years period one of the sun.)

I live in Australia, and Australia is ON the circumference of countries affected by The Centrifugal Spray out through The Earth, centred on The Hawaiian Islands!

To put this lot neatly is almost impossible. So please understand.

I have given THE THEORY of this 6,500 year periodicity.(Basically because the sun goes around its STELLAR spiral arm once every 6,500 years.)(Producing THE CENTRIFUGE(Centrifugal Force) – which EXPLAINS EVERYTHING(in this particular cycle)!!

You know what centrifugal force is? At least you know its RESULTS(Though the REASON for the force(along with the centripedal) is much deeper than is generally understood from centrifugal force!)

Centrifuges HEAVE everything TO THE SIDE, and ALONG(along in the direction of the prime mover, in this case, THE SUN(and its contents, Earth being one of the contents!))

It is for this(CENTRIFUGE) reason that our Earth,ETC. is hollow(A centrifuge born of rotation and centrifugal force from Earth’s centre) and so on. Fluid molten earth congealed, solidified WITH its contents heaved to the side!(It is solid Earth,ETC. – which is stupid!)(PHYSICS necessitates HOLLOW globes(bolides).)(But the centrifufal force born of The Sun going around the stellar spiral arm is in a spray from The Hawaiian Islands. One side of The Earth. And similarly with the sun and all the rest of the solar system! Do not confuse THIS centrifuge with the one that caused The Earth to be hollow. And similarly with the sun and the other solar planets,etc.)

NOW! The consequences of this HEAVE to the SIDE, and AROUND, in the direction of the prime mover, in our case, Sol, our sun is as follows:-

Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions, Polar Shift(!), Earth moaning and groaning, Sink holes, cracks in the ground, and animals dying en masses(ALONG WITH animals AND humans being INCREASINGLY bombarded by the MASSES of ELECTRONS which flow with increasing density DOWN the sides of these spiral arms.(THIS is why so many humans and animals are going mad and bad at this time!!)(It is due to these MASSES of ELECTRONS AGGRAVATING the ALREADY weak unevolved human(and animal) NATURE!!)

Plus growing heat(and cold) ex the rising magma, along with heat produced in the troposphere via a force field created at the surface of The Earth from FRICTION between the lithosphere and asthenosphere, the two crusts of The Earth! Which is producing our heat! NOT this scam FOLLY of fossil fuel, carbon dioxide producing Man RUBBISH!!

The MAIN and basic reason for our growing HEAT is from Nibiru, which is very hot!

Nibiru is our tenth planet! It is four times the size of Jupiter. It almost ignited into a star, so it is a failed mini star! But not a brown dwarf.

Nibiru is a seething mass of volcanoes.(Our founding – via genetic alteration – Annunaki humanoid aliens are on Homeward, their satellite planet, but they use Nibiru as a war vessel.

However, Nibiru is not THE CURRENT cause of our growing woes. Nibiru Complex(What is ACCOMPANYING Nibiru.). Our sun, Sol, is . As it creates Centrifugal Force from its round of its STELLAR spiral arm!

As magma is being HEAVED up against the tectonic plates, you can grasp the seismic(earthquakes,etc.) and volcanic disturbances, along with increasing heat.

Extra heat is also pouring in to The Troposphere from one of the poles of The Earth, The Core of The Earth.(Cold is coming into The Stratosphere from The other pole of The Earth, The Magnetosphere!)

SOME cold is coming from the increased eccentricity of Earth’s orbit around the sun.(But mainly from The Maunder Minium now starting up ex the paucity of sun spots,etc. a few years back!)

The centrifuge is also rocking The Earth, creating The Precursor to a Pole Shift!!

Now, as THE GROUND gets HEAVED UP, naturally a greater circumference(greatest at the surface of The Earth) requires(DEMANDS!!) LESS material fill an increased area!!

THAT is why we are getting SINK HOLES(As the surface gets stretched, strain being greatest of course the farther out, we get this moaning and groaning, sink holes from collapsing volumes of the interior, growing downward, and NOW cracks opening up in the ground!)

Australia is ON that sprayed out circumference.

We had a sink hole at that beach recently!

At Inskip Beach, near Tin Can Bay, off Fraser Island. In Queensland, Australia.

The whole beach collapsed into a sink hole.

The moaning and groaning is the sound the rocks make as they get stretched.

These are some of THE INDICATORS produced by The Centrifuge!

We can expect the FIRST of the four SUPER DUPER CATACLYSMS to occur any time from now until about 3.5 years hence.

The sun has another 14 months to go, about, before it reaches MAXIMUM centrifuge.

But note that the centrifuge is increasing PARABOLICALLY!!

That is an extremely rapid increase AFTER a VERY deceptive SLOW start!!

So keep a close eye on these indicators, folks!

Because we simply do not know how long it will be before that PARABOLIC SHARP INCREASE occurs!

I only know that it will be SUDDEN and UNEXPECTED!!

What destroyed Poseidon(wrongly called Atlantis) was the CULMINATION of these INDICATORS!!

Which will also destroy US!!

The question is WHEN??

How soon will it be before the SHARP turn up in THE PARABOLA occurs??

ANY TIME, from now on!

We are for THE CHOP!!


So when The Preacher speaks of The End of The World occurring on Friday(October 21st). Tomorrow!!

PLEASE don’t laugh TOO broadly!!


Would NOT surprise me!

Is it going to be any time within the next 6 weeks? Or THREE YEARS and six months?? ??

THAT is the question.

Don’t get complacent! The end of Poseidon came VERY suddenly.

Catching all un-prepared!!

I expect it to be the same WITH US!!

The deliriously happy grins will turn to HORROR…

And UTTERMOST TERROR WILL grip The Populace!!

God is looking at his watch, and is ABOUT TO CALL

TIME is up!!

I continue to STRIVE to warn you all…

PLEASE spread the news.

It MAY be 3.5 years hence.

Or perhaps RIGHT NOW!!

Thank you for listening…


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