PP12 The Final Denouement!


Sunday, 16th October, 2,011








Eureka. I have done it!








No one knew how far out our Calendar was.(Due to Catholic Church tampering.) But because I plotted the universe, found the geometric binomial sequence law, and by the simple fact that I was 3 years out from the historians’ date for The Egyptian-Syrian earthquake of 1,199 A.D.,(Turks originally put it at 1,202.A.D. ) Which was 3 years later than what the binomial law said.


It looks as if it was The Julian Calendar that was altered. Totally ending up 3 years advanced. This apparently occurred between 387.A.D. and 1,199.A.D.(No one knows exactly how much the days week and months of the year have been altered either! So how can we know when the TRUE December 21st date is?!)


However, it is something to pick when 3 years had been added(To The Julian Calendar.). It means that the calendar year after the alteration will show up 3 years advanced.




I checked the dates of my found binomial geometric sequencer, but ONLY The Egyptian-Syrian earthquake was 3 years too advanced in the date given by the historians!


So I think now that The Catholic Church had added 3 years to the date, but then the astronomical dates would show up 3 years too advanced – exposing them. They THEN corrected the anomaly. Which is why 3 years difference in The Turkish date doesn’t show up in EVERY biggest disaster since then!(As it would otherwise have done.)(Because the law I discovered utilizes the ACTUAL dates, and not the chronological ones.)




Not only would astronomical events be happening 3 years too late, but my binomial geometric sequencer would also be showing a 3 year deficiency!




But WHY 3 years(lets call it 3)?


I saw that The Mayan Calendar is 3 years ahead of The Christianone.




Now The Vatican is not behind in Astronomy, and wasn’t then!




I am inclined to think now that what they REALLY were trying to do – was get The Christian Calendar into line with the true year.(Perhaps they saw that The Mayan Calendar was the accurate one.) Rather than simply trying to confuse the populace.(Though they MAY have tried to agree with The Mayan Calendar as a good reason to confuse the populace!)






They tried to make the CORRECT switch – but once the astronomical dates showed up 3 years ahead of the OLD Christian(The Roman) calendar, they desisted – fearing exposure(though they were correct!)!(Roman came first, then Julian – and now we are on The Gregorian calendar.)






It might have proved too difficult to explain to the populace that The Mayan Calendar was more accurate. And so they just went back to the old WRONG Christian one.




This now explains why The Turks got the year of The Egyptian-Syrian earthquake different to what The Christian calendar got! Islam reverted to The Christian Calendar about then.(Iberian Muslims began converting to Christianity in the 11th century A.D. Would have begun adopting The in error Christian Calendar about then. Which fits, being not much earlier than that earthquake with the disputed dates!) But The Turks were wiser! And,so, got the year of the earthquake 3 years later than The Christian date!




That is why I was 3 years in front of The Christian date.(It is The Christian Calendar that is wrong.)










So it IS 2,011.A.D. And not 2,008.(Because The Catholic Church relented in their attempts to put the calendar REALLY right.(The Mayans having the right date!)


Maybe some sections of the public SAW it as WRONG tampering. But while it WAS tampering, such alteration WOULD have put The Christian Calendar right!




I suspect that feeling against The Mayan Calendar at the time would have been too intense for The Catholic Church to bear. So they dare not press their point! Not because they were wrong(they were right!), but because it was both too hard and too controversial to convince the people that the alteration was justified!






I am trying to explain why the geometric law I found(in solar system events) was APPARENTLY 3 years out on that ONE particular occasion(that of The Egyptian-Syrian earthquake).






The answer is that the law is right, but that The Christian Church had not got around to the correct year at that point. And so The Muslim world – which adopted The Christian Calendar(they were obliged to)about then would have LOOKED wrong by 3 years WHEN THEY WEREN’T.






Though The Turks were on to it!








The law I discovered was DEAD RIGHT to the YEAR, 12 times out of 13.(Which is astronomical odds against by chance!)(It only SEEMED TO HAVE failed for the earthquake in question.)




Therefore SOMEONE wasn’t going by Hoyle!








Now because it is FANTASTICALLY unlikely that that LAW was wrong, the party not going by Hoyle was The Catholic Church. Though they tried to get into line with Astronomy.(Being so good in that direction.)


(Which is WHY they tried to instal The Mayan Calendar year.) Evidently the populace would not tolerate it. So Christendom had to bow to expediency, and though right, put up with a calendar 3 years behind!








I hope you followed all that!








However, we STILL have about at least 3.5 years to the end of things as we know them.(Things being the end of time – meaning the end of this age. Not of the world, though maybe(POSSIBLY) of The Earth – and a few other places in The Solar System.






Which indicates that all the weird events now happening(increasing disasters, sink holes, cracks opening up in the ground, moaning and groaning from The Earth, strange happenings) can be expected to proceed slowly – but increasingly fast for at least the next (about) 3.5 years.




Thus giving more time for the spiritually backward, and the unfulfilled prophecies, before the gong sounds!!








Nature needs more time TO GET INTO STRIDE!!








And so does MAN.










So it looks like business as usual folks, though worsening faster and faster – until that gong sounds.








Ten weeks just wasn’t long enough.










Eureka. I have done it!






But something more profound than I originally thought.




































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