PP11 It is only 2,008.A.D!

October 14, 2011


Saturday, 15th October, 2,011.










It is only 2,008.A.D!


I crack the year!!(My final and crowning achievement?)








You need to be reading all these articles. For what I am saying each time to make sense!


Catholic Church tampering with The Gregorian Calendar put it out an unknown number of years. Peebles reckons 3 years too advanced.


I found that The Egyptian-Syrian earthquake of 1,199 A.D. put at 1,202 A.D. , being 3 years(wrongly) advanced in date – provided my unwanted 3 years – via fitting Peeble’s 3 years too advanced claim for The Gregorian Calendar.


Which MEANS, that it is now only 2,008 A.D!


Not 2,011.A.D. as is generally thought!




This gives us an extra 3 years(on top of my 10 week to 6 months or so to go) to Doom.


Which provides more time for the children(those spiritually unevolved) and many still unfulfilled prophecies to occur!




My found binomial geometric sequence law is now exact, because I got 13 out of 13 worst disaster year dates SPOT ON.(Odds against this by chance are FANTASTIC! Not just astronomical!)


I didn’t predict the dates, The Binomial Law does.






So we NOW KNOW what year it is – via knowing how many years too advanced our Gregorian Calendar is!


And,thus, we know how long we have got to the commencement of the next Mayan Long Count cycle. And many other cycles. And to the sending back to The Stone Age, humanity on Planet Earth.


About 98 to 99 per cent of all humans on Earth can expect to perish. As just about NO THING will be able to withstand the colossal impact of what is to come.


Plus animals and structures,etc.






A tiny few may survive life in icy caves – to launch the next Stone Age.(This happens every 6,500 years, you see.)(But the difference THIS time is that instead of just the 6,500 year quarter solar cycle ending, all cycles applicable to The Solar System, will now end.)






It is just a happenstance of Nature. But involves our sun circling its stellar spiral arm, amongst a number of other huge astronomical events.






Earth rotates upon its axis.(Once a day.) Moon goes around The Earth.(Once a month.) Earth goes around The Sun.(Once a year.)




And the sun goes around its stellar spiral arm(Once every 6,500 years!).




What is unusual THIS time is that Planet V, the fifth planet Phaeton, should pass close to the sun as well.


Plus Planet Nibiru(and its retinue), erstwhile Planet X will pass close to The Earth very soon.


AND also Earth, Sun and The Great Dark Rift at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy, at The Northern Winter Solstice WILL ALSO get in to alignment.






All four great events occurring about simultaneously is a once in every 26 MILLION years’ event!!!!




It is called THE EVENT.




THIS is what Jesus and many other great sources have been referring to.




We are observing(in cracks, sink holes, precursor to The Pole Shift, increasing disasters, groaning and moaning noise from below, disturbed sun and planets,etc.) the VERY VERY beginnings of the FIRST of the FOUR super duper GIGANTIC CATACLYSMS.




Expect EACH ONE to be a MONSTER.








We are looking at events like Atlantis and Noah’s Flood, Lemuria Mu and Poseidon when great sinkings of the surface of The Earth occurred, going down into sea and magma.







The magnitudes of each catastrophic super duper CATACLYSM will completely and utterly DEFY all description. And BEGGAR all belief!!

Things are going to BUILD UP to this.




All concentrated into the next 3 or 4 years or so.








Though wolf has been cried many times and no wolf materialized – SOME times it WILL appear.












The orthodox scientists are wrong!


And the deniers are making a huge mistake.






It is true that very often some people will get fooled by what seems to be a big disaster coming.


Our warning may SUPERFICIALLY resemble these foolish false threats, but what is being said THIS time is NOT one of those phoney menaces!




I have spent MANY years studying this very closely.


For me to have been wrong all these years is simply LUDICROUS!!




All of my life I have made very sound statements. And been right.




I am NOT wrong THIS time, either, …chaps.










































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