PP9 Cracks may not be sink holes.


Thursday, 13th October, 2,011.










Cracks may not be sink hole edges. Probably not.










I do not now think that the cracks are the edges of sink holes starting to form.


However, things are happening. Doom has definitely begun! But remember that basically this all is a good thing. I do not mean that the disasters etc. are good, except from the point of view of shoving EVERYTHING into the trash, and starting again is concerned! Humanity has failed to make the grade. But what is happening is rather all cycles happening simultaneously than a judgement!


Australia, please take note. You are RIGHT IN the line of the ring of crack openings. Being between New Zealand and Indonesia.




Get globes of the world. And plot in for YOURSELVES the fifteen countries I mentioned earlier. SEE for yourselves the amazing ring of cracks half way around the planet! So I am right!!




No crack openings reported yet in Australia. But I expect them!


However, I repeat, I do not now THINK that they are the beginnings of sink holes. Not finally decided yet. Be awfully HUGE sink holes if they are.


It will be VERY interesting to follow the progress of these cracks opening up all around the ring!(Not the ring of fire, the ring of cracks.)




Keep absolutely calm now. Do NOT panic. It could be months yet before it gets unbearable. Maybe until Christmas-New Year time. This year! But certainly by early next(2,012.) But the question IS: WHAT year is it, really??(Calendar is I think 3,4, 6 or even more years TOO ADVANCED!!)(But sink holes and cracks advance regardless of what the year actually is!!)


So I think we have BOTH sink holes AND cracks.


Though I say again: NO THING yet found in Australia, sink holes or cracks. Not related to the sun going around the closing spiral of the stellar cluster it is in, anyway. AS YET!!




I have REPEATEDLY told you what is happening, and the best way to deal with it.


You have a choice: Get DOWN The North Geographical Pole, meanwhile wearing my SPECIAL FARADAY-CAGED HELMETS.

OR, HOPE you get evacuated by aliens!

Failing either, then we face sudden terrible horrible death between now and seven years hence. Be more likely months!

I am thinking that within The Hollow Earth, there are going to be cracks in the surface,too. But down there we would be proteced from hail of boulders,ETC.crashing down from above.



Yes, good idea to grow your own. And/or stock up on food, drinkable water, medical supplies, batteries,etc. Though there will be plenty around who will STEAL these FORCIBLY without hesitation! Off you! But we do need to TRY. And take our chances from there.

Declared emergencies, and martial law would come of course.


Possibly rationing.


And jailed for the least infringement. Especially under this IDIOTIC government(In Australia).

I am in Queensland, Australia, and forget that some of you are in U.S.,etc.


Obama is Muslim. U.S. needs Republicans in. But hey how many of us will live long enough to see another election?!



The world authorities are dwelling on trivial items disguised as news. Which is fatal for us all.


Things are the very opposite of what we are being told, you see!!




It is the end of the world as we know it. THAT IS for sure!!

The biggest danger will lie in MASS PANDEMONIUM!!



What is horrifying is to see so many people deliriously happy. COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS to what is IMMINENT. Probably even within months. As I say, I see Christmas as THE END!!



We are ALL going to need each other,now.

And CERTAINLY we shall need GOD above!

Do not forget mass prayer, meditation, beautiful music, – and Yoga,etc.


I have done my level best to warn you all. But VERY FEW comment!!



I hesitate now to send you videos of the cracks opening up. Not wishing to scare you into panic,etc.

VERY DEFINITELY the end of the world, fellahs. Make no mistake about that!

BEST way to describe it!


Though ACTUALLY only the end of many ages(cycles)!!


Earth will PROBABLY survive. But its surface will be changed OUT OF ALL RECOGNITION!!

VERY SOON there will be hardly any life forms alive.

Nor structures standing.


Do NOT commit suicide. Nor turn to Euthanasia.

There IS a penalty. Which you will pay in The Spirit World! Where we all go(everything) after we die. No thing EVER dies!


Understand! LIFE will not end. For after a vacation in The Spirit World in a finer vehicle(body)(Physical will die and rot away to nothing, of course.)

No creature EVER comes to a final end! But does RE-INCARNATE!! Male,female alternating.



Do NOT do evil! Do the VERY MAXIMUM good that you possibly can. Because of Karma. What you do will come back upon you – MULTIPLIED!!





I have chosen to speak out. Though have been MOST STRONGLY resisted.


People don’t want to know. But that is stupid. Because soon there will be NO THING we can do about it!!

Always better to know what is coming, NO MATTER WHAT. THEN we have a CHANCE to take action!!


The powers that be put CONTROL of us as TOP PRIORITY!!


And little, if anything we can do about that.



If you flee into the countryside. Go bush, or however you wish to call it, it would be a tough, very tough( especially in an ending world) life!!





It is all unbelievable, isn’t it. Not long back we had it so good. Yet there was continual complaining!


What use leaving a will? WHO is going to execute it?

Nature will be executing just about the LOT of us!! ALMOST all!!


It basically depends upon how fast those cracks develop. And whether they do turn into sink holes or not.(But I think not,now.)(However, –


Death will come in all shapes and sizes now. Fast.)


I am pleased to be informing you. That you might plan and prepare.


First came the SINK HOLES.




These now remove ALL DOUBT – as to WHAT is happening.





We are, right now, entering the VERY START of THE END OF THESE CURRENT CYCLES.(NOW we understand the increasing disasters,etc. And strange events. Unusual things. This will now rapidly increase.)


Less than 15 months to go to December 21st, 2,012.A.D. The LAST DAY.



However, because of Roman Catholic priest Peebles, we learn that our Gregorian Calendar is OUT, too advanced, by 3,4 or even 6 years!

Which MEANS, that when you say December 21st, 2,012.A.D. is the end. WHICH year?! Are we looking at an extra 3,4 or 6 or even more years??

So remember that.

However, these sink holes and cracks are MOST OMINOUS.



THEY have NO respect for years and calendars!!

They MEAN that THE END has already begun!!






Now PLEASE remember that the cause of this FIRST super duper cataclysm(There are four on the cards!)(Within the next few years.) is not Phaeton or Nibiru Complex(Planet X,etc.) – BUT Our sun rounding its spiral arm of the group of stars that it is in!

GREAT RIFT alignment accompanying.





So chaps, there IT IS!!



And VERY SOON, we will be NOT!!(Not PHYSICALLY. But soon in our finer bodies!)(IN THE SPIRIT WORLD!!)(Though EVEN THAT is threatened by the four super duper CATACLYSMS.)


People got disturbed by a tsunami of four inches.

Expect UP TO thousands of feet high soon!!







I KNOW that I bring TERRIBLE news.

But only terrible and HORRIFI really because of Nature and Man’s RE-ACTION to the incoming set of NEW CYCLES. Which ACTUALLY bring A TREMENDOUS spiritual improvement for ALL LIFE upon this planet and other planets in the solar system.


WATCH those cracks and sink holes!!



And remember that the authorities will be trying to minimize the threat!







And there you HAVE IT!!




THANK YOU for reading, IF you did!!















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