PP10 A reprieve??

Friday, 14th October, 2,011






A reprieve??




I have given out a lot of bad news lately. But actually, instead of 10 weeks to doom, it may be 3 years and 10 weeks!(10 weeks minimum addition, but up to about 6 months.)

Yes, that is my estimate.

The cracks almost certainly are not sink holes.


I have now checked the positions of the sink holes. And they too form a rough circumference. This tells me that BOTH cracks and sink holes are caused by our sun going around its stellar spiral arm(Via having a common cause.).(To distinguish from GALACTIC spiral arm.)


I plotted the cracks on a flat map of the world. And these come out in a rough straight line. Across the middle of the world.

As do the sink holes.

They would do of course from a circular plot on the globe.




All this is highly significant.

The odds against such line-ups, with sink holes AND cracks, is very high.(By chance I mean.)


Not only CIRCULAR patterns, AND around about the half way mark on the globe; but THE EXPECTED result from our sun(taking us with it) going around the stellar spiral arm!


Now this is EXTREMELY important. So we do not waste time trying to link gravity,etc. ex Nibiru affecting The Earth, but INSTEAD accept that it is CENTRIFUGAL FORCE from ONE side of Earth(and all the other solar planets,etc.) AND from one side of the sun!!(Though gravity,etc. ex Nibiru Complex will LATER affect The Earth,etc!))



Otherwise we are not going to make any sense of gravity,etc.tides from Nibiru Complex!(Because it ISN’T THEM!!)



Cracks and sink holes have the same cause,then! Centrifugal Force!


Cracks appearing more and more and growing ones are simply the result of Earth’s CENTRIFUGALLY(from one side of The Earth) HEAVED UP double crust STRETCHING the surface of The Earth – causing it to moan and groan, and to start splitting apart!(In SOME cases, there will be sole local causes no doubt, but IN GENERAL,though LOCAL causes will ALSO be invoked in many cases, the ROOT cause is THE CENTRIFUGE!!


Don’t expect them to grow into sink holes.


But we can expect them to proliferate and grow longer, wider and deeper.



I would think that they could have as much as 3.5 years before reaching maximum.

People along the ring of cracks(and sink holes)need to be on the look out. Including Australia!



We have four phenomena. Cracks. Sink holes. Moaning and groaning sound coming from The Earth(Due to the stress from stretch rock,etc.). And what appears to be the PRECURSOR to a Pole Shift!!



I think now that we are in a PRE Pole Shift, not YET a Pole Shift as such. Other than magnetic.



Big trouble lies ahead, though MAYBE a little further ahead than 10 weeks!(Or as much as about 6 months.)




This, I think, MAY apply economically and financially too.



I am thinking that this HAS TO BE. To provide more time to give the children(the spiritually unevolved)a chance to back the long term winner. And to allow time for many unfulfilled prophecies yet to occur.(Ten weeks just isn’t long enough. 3 years and ten weeks or 3.5 years might be.)


ARE YOU on that line running Chile, New Zealand, Indonesia, The Phillipines, Vietnam(and China), India, Pakistan, Oman, Egypt, Croatia, Spain, Iceland, Canada, U.S., Mexico And South America – taking us back to Chile again.All countries in Western South America. But Brazil and Venezuela too.(You plot these on a globe or even a flat map of The Earth.(Mercador Projection I think they call it.)


Australia is on it.


I said not the ring of fire. But I see that the ring of fire places are also on the ring of cracks and sink holes. Which makes sense, when adding a few fire places not on the ring! Because earthquakes and volcanic eruptions,etc. can be EXPECTED from the stressed sites! So it all fits. And adds up.



We have ufo’s MASSING over-head. SOMETHING awfully big is imminent!!

They are there as farmers ready to save their cattle(US!!).




This is why ufo’s and crop circles,etc. have been increasing.

Aliens TRYING to warn us.



One snowflake may not make a winter. But a BLIZZARD of them does!



We NEED to HEED the increasing warning signs!!




NASA has already told its personnel to PREPARE!!


Underground chambers being built.


Seeds,etc. gotten inside mountains,etc.


Russia is building many underground shelters!


Those in the know are taking precautions!




We MAY have more than 3 years and ten weeks or up to 6 months(plus the 3 years).


HOW MUCH more is the king question!



Many eyes are on 2,012.A.D.(Though actually that is simply the end of The Mayan Calendar. Doom should come about a year BEFORE that!)




The KEY question is: HOW MANY years did Catholic Church tampering with The Gregorian Calendar throw it out?

The original Church did this to keep themselves in power. Confusing the year was one way to do this.

Now Peebles, a Roman Catholic priest SHOULD KNOW. He seems to favour 3 years too advanced.


So when focussing on 2,012.A.D. we need to know WHICH 2,012 is that?


Because if it is now only 2,008.A.D. or even 2,007, then 2,012 is that much farther off!!

DO you see what I mean?

The Gregorian Calendar HAS BEEN TAMPERED WITH.

So that no one now knows the correct year that it is!!




On the other hand, my geometric binomial sequence law(I noticed it about ten years back.) ends in 2,012 giving biggest disaster dates(years) which all fit the year they ACTUALLY occurred NEARLY every time!(Please see my article number L.7.)

Now if our calendar is out then, since it is only a few hundred years old, WHY would I score so well IF the calendar was out?!

You see my point??



This suggests that the calendar is correct!

Of course, if the people who recorded the DATES of the biggest disasters were using the TAMPERED dates. They would FIT my discovered law if I (as I am!) am working backwards from a TAMPERED 2,012.A.D. date!


If tampering began SAY(do not know when!) 1500.A.D. then both historians AND myself are going to be using tampered dates(years)! Up until THEN(whenever it was).

Then BEFORE tampering began, both historians AND MYSELF would be using untampered years!


But then that would spoil my law at some point. And binomialism would break down.


UNLESS the disaster immediately BEFORE tampering began was 3 or 4 years out!


And there is one big disaster which IS 3 to 4 years OUT!



Which of course WOULD accommodate for a break of 3 to 4 years in my binomial sequencing law!


The Egyptian-Syrian earthquake was recorded by (I predicted 1199.A.D.)(My geometric binomial sequencer showed 1199.A.D.) historians as having occurred originally 1,202 and 1,203 A.D. Later amended to 1,201.A.D. By The Turkish authorities, I believe.(Who could have been wrong. And that the actual date was 1,202.A.D.(They may have been wrong with 1,203.A.D. But better though still not right with 1,202.A.D!)

This would put the disaster as having ACTUALLY occurred in 1,199 A.D. But CLAIMED by historians first as at 1,203, but later amended to 1,202.A.D. 3 years advanced.

Now I am suggesting that Peebles is right. And that The Gregorian Calendar is showing a date 3 years wrongly advanced!(Thanks to Catholic Church altering.)(Which was deliberate.)

So The Egyptian-Syrians used the tampered date. But The Turks, perhaps having better chronological data changed 1,203(as the date of the earthquake).A.D. to 1,202.A.D.(But they too were wrong.)

Making it only 3 years too advanced.

Now Peebles indicates 3 years too advanced. POSSIBLY four.

I think he is pointing to 3 years too advanced.


Which then puts 1,199 A.D. as being the actual date of The Egypt-Syria earthquake.



Per disasters, 1,909 A.D. fits the great Chinese Plague epidemic. Perhaps rather than the 1,911.A.D. Yangste River flood in China. Because 1.5 million people died.


This then put ALL 13 of my predictions(from the geometric law)RIGHT.


It is most unlikely that the LAW will fail and be wrong.




Note that if tampering by The Catholic Church began between 1,203.A.D. and 1,605.A.D. then if they added 3 years to historical dates, then this 3 year(POSSIBLY 4) difference(In the predicted date of 1,199 A.D. and the historians’ date of 1,203 or 4 A.D.(For The Egyptian-Syrian earthquake) – is explained!!



That period,too, is plausible for when tampering occurred!!






The upshot is, that with 3 more years PLUS up to about 6 months still left ot go(before doom), then we have a breathing space to fit in some likely things!!




Got it??
























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