PP7 Quite a neat circumference(of plots)(of cracks!!)


Wednesday, 12th October, 2,011.










A perfect circumference of sites!










I just plotted on my globe of the world, using Blue Tack(that sticky plastic stuff) all the countries showing cracks in the ground. Fifteen I did plot.




And they formed a perfect CIRCUMFERENCE!


Pity I don’t know exact locations and times when cracks appeared!


However to get FIFTEEN plots on my globe of the world in a VERY good circumference SPEAKS VOLUMES!!





YOU tell me!!:-



You see, the places where the cracks appear are the results of heave-ups by the centrifugal force from The Centre of Planet Earth.


Which, being part of The Solar System, apes very well what track the sun is following around its spiral arm!






Now THAT SHOULD BE circular!


And The Earth should ROUGHLY ape that!









This tells me, via high probability, that my notion that the sun is going around the stellar spiral arm of the cluster of stars it is in – is correct!

By the laws of chance, one should expect that plotting the fifteen countries where these cracks have appeared – would be scattered all over the place! Wouldn’t you?!


However, as said, they form a remarkably neat CIRCUMFERENCE!




Which, if my theory were correct, IS what I should get!


The Earth is not the sun of course, but should APE what the sun is doing quite closely!




The odds against getting such a good circumference must be EXTREMELY HIGH!!



To get the dates and the exact positions of those cracks appearing will be too hard for me to obtain.

However, even working via ROUGH positions, I got this amazing circumference!


PRECISELY the shape I SHOULD expect!(Nudge, nudge!!)


Do you follow? As the sun circles the spiral arm, taking us and all the other planets with it, then THE PATH that the sun takes in its revolution(about the stellar spiral arm) SHOULD be ROUGHLY aped by The Earth.(And all ther other planets.)




Due to the vagaries of Earth’s path compared to that of the sun, one would EXPECT some variance from what the sun does!




DO you see what I mean??




So get your eyes off Nibiru guys, and on to the sun circling the stellar spiral arm!


Because this route is THE ONLY way to produce the necessary circular path ALONG WITH Earth’s ACCOMPANYING(the sun’s) centrifuge that WOULD PUNCH OUT THE CRACKS AT THESE VERY PLACES!!






I need someone(or more!) to e mail me and say Yep, you are right!(vicon2000@gmail.com). But ONLY if you SEE what I am alluding to!(Of course.)


And THEN when we see how hopeless it is to do anything(other than GET DOWN The North Geographical Pole!), OR contact your local alien, then we shall KNOW not to waste time on gravity,etc.calculations, but INSTEAD concentrate upon Centrifugal Force calculations!




Could I have some VOICES, please?!




So we can save life on this planet!!




Or are you all sold on Nibiru being the cause(of these cracks,etc)?! OR a non-believer.








I have my globe of the world with these blue tacks in a surprisingly neat circumference(surface of a circle)!


AS to be EXPECTED!!!!








I have already proved(and confirmed) 2,012.




Can I claim to have proved the cause,too??












Psst! That means YOU wondering there!(I send these out to a very small few.)(I NEED a little support, chaps!)


ANY takers??


We are talking about saving ALL LIFE upon this planet!! Its FUTURE life-forms!


ANYONE interested??


We are talking about YOU and ME on THIS PLANET,EARTH!!


I got the answers PROVED!!


Doesn’t matter??




Don’t you care??














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