PP6 The cracks ARE the sink holes! Just starting to form!!


Wednesday, 12th October, 2,011.










The cracks ARE the sink holes!!(Just starting to form!!)










Unless you know about Nibiru,etc. you are not going to find a good reason for the cracks in the ground! Happening at so many places – all over the world! And certainly if you do not know about our sun going around a STELLAR spiral arm, you are not likely to hit the real reason!




Cave collapses, mine shaft fall-ins and the like simply do not happen so often and at so many places at the same time. Hardly at all.




So who is going to explain it?!




I am able to because I mapped the cosmos and found out that Sol is IN a closed stellar spiral cluster. And it was not that hard to guess from there that our sun was rounding the spiral arm it is upon and producing the centrifugal force capable of pushing up the surface of the entire Earth.(I needed to explain a 6,500 year sequence of super disasters! I KNEW that a quarter solar cycle was 6,500 years, so I figured that our sun rounding its STELLAR spiral arm was the reason, and not Nibiru complex’s 3,600 year disasters! The only thing that would(so I reasoned) produce the 6,500 year series of disasters was if the sun was ROUNDING ITS STELLAR SPIRAL-ARM!!(Which is WHY I proposed THAT as the reason!)(And not Nibiru,etc.))








Now the circumference of the The Earth is longest at the point farthest from the centre of The Earth. Which is at the ground, surface.


Which is WHY you get the cracks starting UP THERE!! Because MOST strain will be there.




They then proceed downwards. For up to 400 miles!!






Keep WELL away from the edges of SINK HOLES!! DON’T be foolish!!


They might also STILL be expanding outwards!








The occurrence of TWO very unusual things(sink holes AND cracks) in so many places at about the same time SUGGESTS that they may be one and the same thing.


A crack is a sink hole BEGINNING to form!(So keep well away from them!!)(They can increase size suddenly AT ANY TIME!!)


Since some of these cracks are VERY straight, just consider how big the final sink hole is going to be!






There simply is no known explanation – other than some very rare astronomical event!


A tiny few knew about Nibiru,etc.


ONLY I know(or knew) about the sun going around its spiral arm!






RIM, Nibiru and Phaeton have been too far away to cause sink holes.






Although it is true Nibiru has recently come over the top of the sun!(Phaeton came over much earlier!)






But it is STILL a long way off. Too far I am thinking to be creating sink holes and cracks in the ground!!




In any case, gravity etc. is not likely to be exerting a force ONLY upwards in the victim body. Nibiru is going to be very much to the side of The Earth, rather than up above it.


Besides, The Earth is basically round, how strange that the force’s centre is ANYWHERE but at the centre of The Earth!(Because ground upheavals are occurring ALL over The Earth!)


An EXTERNAL force would hardly produce sink holes all pointing straight up!


To locate the centre of such a force, we need to extrapolate vectors from all the sink holes – and see where they meet.(It would be at the centre of The Earth!)


Now WHAT force could do that? And the answer is ONLY Centrifugal Force could do it!


And WHAT event could produce C.F. in The Earth, and SO strongly?!






The answer is ONLY if The Earth were whirling around!(I don’t mean spinning. I mean GOING AROUND SOME THING!!


And, since the countries affected follow a general line from South West to North East, same as Pole Shift vector AND roughly Chile, New Zealand, Japan earthquakes(S.E. to N.W.). Reversed because seismic,etc. occurrences need not follow the line of countries(which I obtained from The Internet in no set order!). That the disaster events on Earth are keeping in step spatially and timeally with the sun as it rounds the closing spiral! Now THAT is VERY significant!!


In other words, as the sun rounds the spiral arm, the disasters NATURALLY follow suit as HEAVE- UP fits the sun’s curve path around the spiral arm! As the vector of HEAVE would logically follow that path!


Following this law, the next seismic disasters could come in The Arctic – and then Siberia. We shall see.






Can you follow that?




The HEAVE from Centrifugal Force as the sun rounds its spiral arm, is going to be outwards from The Earth’s centre. NATURALLY hitting countries along the corresponding geographical line on The Earth!


I would EXPECT that. Wouldn’t you?!






IF I am right about The Centrifuge created by our sun.






Picture the sun(With The Earth,etc.) coming up around BELOW The Spiral Arm. The HEAVE being outwards from The Earth’s centre. Then a S.E. to N.W. line gets followed.




This THEN tilts The Earth over towards Siberia. Which is where The North Magnetic Pole is moving towards!




It all fits!!








I noticed this vector of line whilst studying The New Zealand and Japan quakes. But Chile which occurred before these three came first.


WHY would Chile come first?


Until I looked closely at a globe of the world I did not notice that Chile is in line too, and not far from New Zealand! AND would of course come first!








Note that with the recent sink holes, there were no accompanying earthquakes or volcanic eruptions!!


That would leave only an astronomical event as a possible cause!








The sun Sol going around its spiral arm!








All that I can get from the earthquakes and magnetic pole vector – is the LINE of disasters, not their timeal or spatial sequence direction.




But the timeal and spatial sequence FITS this line going from S.E. to N.W.




I don’t know the space and time vector of the sink holes and cracks.






It would be interesting to find out!!










My point here is to think that cracks and sink holes are the same thing!!










However, if I can link the vector of disasters with the sun going around its stellar spiral arm, then I not only explain the reason for the sink holes and the cracks, but correctly explain the reason for them as being the sun(going around the stellar spiral arm!).




Everyone is so hot on the cause being Nibiru!




I think you are wrong.





































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