PP5 Spelling it out. DOOM!!


Wednesday, 12th October, 2,011










Spelling it out. DOOM!!








I am very old. Preparing for my exit.


I don’t know how old you are. But probably not preparing for your exit!


Unfortunately I can only reach a TINY few. As many as I can. But am being opposed by those who prefer not to know.


I sent the music – for the same reason I sent The Meditation videos! To try to calm your nerves!




You may smile. Or WHATEVER!!


YOU are just ONE of a most PITIFUL FEW I am able to reach. I do not know WHAT you think of what I am saying. But for your sake I KEEP ON telling you. Prepare!


We are ALL on Death Row. Awaiting our execution! A SUDDEN, MOST TERRIBLE one. AT ANY TIME from now on! Maybe three months. Maybe 3 years, most probably ONE, if that! Or even as much as about 7 years.




I am NOT joking!


NOR am I mistaken, as many no doubt so fondly hope!!






We remember 1999. And what a fizzer that was. The end that did not come! YFK(?) and all that. But nothing happened. Right?




WRONG!! It has YET to come!




1999 is just a date that APPROXIMATES 2,012.A.D!




The ACTUAL date of DOOM is unknown. No one knows – exactly.




2,012.A.D.(December 21st, 2,012.A.D.) is simply the date of the end of The Mayan LONG COUNT calendar.


When wonderful things happen as all our cycles end. And new ones begin. But TERRIBLE things will happen too!!


Because Nature and Man DO NOT like what is said to be coming. AND IT IS COMING!! At ANY TIME from NOW on!!




I am but one of a VERY SMALL number who know what is coming. And are trying desperately to warn the rest of you. Humans,etc. on this planet.(Coming to other solar planets,too.)


I have the VERY dubious honour of being one of the MOST TINY few IN THE KNOW!! And I think I know better than anyone AS TO WHAT EXACTLY IS COMING!!




Yes, Nibiru(The tenth planet out from the sun.) pops to mind.


But THAT is NOT the reason for what is JUST STARTING to happen RIGHT NOW!!


What became noticeable September 1st, 2,010 and especially March of this year, 2,011.


POLAR SHIFT, – to put it succinctly!(They start VERY slowly, but speed up…)




We are overdue for one! Brothers, the time is NOW!! And it has BEGUN!!




Our sun, Sol, goes AROUND the spiral arm of a small group of stars it is in, every 6,500 years. Our closed local stellar cluster.(Discovered by me – when I mapped the entire universe!!)




Going around its spiral arm produces Centrifugal Force. Like what you get on a roundabout when you stand on the edge as it spins faster and faster. You cling on hard to avoid being thrown off.




And THAT gentlemen,et al, IS PRECISELY what is happening RIGHT NOW – to our entire solar system!!


We accompany the sun as it goes AROUND!!


So WE TOO experience this CENTRIFUGAL FORCE.








Seen Wall of Death motor bike and car drivers as they drive top speed around a circular wall?! Well, it is like THAT!!








I know. We are told by most of those in the know that it is the planet Nibiru(Planet X) with its colossal gravity-magnetic-electric-etc. tides as it speeds closer.(It is now between the sun and us!)(As has Phaeton been for years!(Also approaching us.) Now Phaeton is slightly smaller than Mars. Nibiru is about 4 times the size of JUPITER!!)




So the powers that be have chosen NOT to tell us!! Same as they have decided not to tell us about aliens,ETC!!(Lots of incredible things!!)




Ostensibly to avoid panic. Mass panic.




Yes, I suppose there would be a few gasps going up around the world as they heard the news!


How does it feel to be on Death’s Row? Well NOW you know!!


BELIEVE ME, please!! As I speak VERY true!!






Yes, Nibiru and Phaeton, both planets of our own solar system are shooting towards us. MAY even hit us!! But VERY unlikely. However, we can expect them to come VERY CLOSE. And look TERRIFYING in the sky.


They are not ACTUALLY coming towards us. Like comets, they are simply rounding the sun. But as we are so close to the sun, it means a VERY CLOSE approach to US!!


This happens every few THOUSAND years. As we KNOW from the geological records. Being hastily hidden by most scientists.




What is happening is that a CONFLUENCE of COLOSSAL events is occurring RIGHT NOW to us. A once in every 26,000,000 years event. Called THE EVENT. That so many of us actually got born at this very time TO WITNESS!!




Some are familiar with 2,012, Nibiru(Planet X) (few know about Phaeton). But about ONLY I know about the sun going around the spiral arm of the group of stars that it is in! I found that group of stars. And speculated that our sun, a STAR, MUST go around one of the two spiral arms(it is LIKE a small Milky Way Galaxy)it is upon. Every so often.




Because HUGE disasters would occur each time it does so, I checked the year dates of all disasters that have hit us. Going back THOUSANDS of years. I found a DEFINITE GEOMETRIC BINOMIAL SEQUENCE. That ALMOST exactly fitted the dates of EVERY major disaster to hit Earth over the past 6,500 years! Now THAT is an ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE chance occurrence. So I calculated when to expect the NEXT one. And that date is 2,012! So I PROVED and CONFIRMED(Via the dates of the worst disasters in history!) this FACT!!


I was assisted by a student mathematician. Being too poor at figures ON MY OWN.




First I did this manually.


And then years later, I did it on a computer, with my assistant!






I actually MAPPED our local closed stellar cluster, and MUCH else. Unfortunately I lost all these maps and charts,reports,etc!


But I remember MOST of it. And now relate it to you all!!






We have FOUND The Tenth Planet(out from the sun). Planet X. It is Nibiru. Known as Wormwood in The Christian Bible. And many other names,too.




Nibiru is the next planet out past Neptune. NOT Pluto with Charon. They are merely SATELLITES of Neptune!






So, of course, the obvious explanation for the increasing disasters is Nibiru! But WRONGLY so!!




No.They are TOO FAR away, AS YET!!




The cause is centrifugal force from our sun as it rounds its STELLAR CLUSTER’S spiral arm!






This heaves magma up against the tectonic plates, causing increasing volcanic eruptions and earth-quakes.




(Centrifugal Force is what makes the heavenly bodies, Earth included, HOLLOW!!)(AND creates GIGANTIC tubuar entrances to The Great Within at each end of the globe!)




But THAT C.F.(Centrifugal Force) was born of ROTATION. as the early molten Earth solidified.






THIS centrifugal force is due to the entire solar system going around this spiral arm I am telling you about! NOT the galactic spiral arm! Just the LOCAL closed stellar cluster spiral arm! But similar in appearance.




The RESULT of this C.F. is to push EVERYTHING upwards and outwards. Which, of course,(no, not expanding earth!) increases the area of SURFACE. And because cohesion resists such STRETCHING, great holes began to appear all over The Earth!! SINK HOLES they are called.




These huge CRACKS now opening up ALL OVER THE EARTH are simply THE EDGES of GIGANTIC sink holes to come!






Now I am worried. If, as I make cocoa, a crack appears beween my feet, – WHICH WAY do I jump? Left, or right??!!






You get my drift?!






We have another ALMOST 15 months to go BEFORE the sun is half way AROUND its spiral arm!


And ALL that time, these SINK HOLES will be forming – ALL over the planet!




First a crack, then a SINK HOLE!!








The Earth’s surface HAS TO accommodate the greater area! And it can ONLY do so, by forming these great holes! As it simply cannot STRETCH to the new area being created as the ground gets HEAVED(by centrifugal force) UPWARDS!!




Now I DO emphasize this point to you all. Because people are asking all over the planet WHAT IS CAUSING these CRACKS??


And, of course, our scientists are suggesting collapsing caves, mine shafts, and the like – to explain such.


Oil wells, and things like that.




In other words, THEY DO NOT KNOW!!






But I DO!! And am FRANTICALLY TRYING to tell you all. Hence my now ALMOST DAILY newsletter!!




In the HOPE that you will persuade those with means and money to ORGANIZE an EXODUS of the best specimens of everything TO GET DOWN THE NORTH(because it is far easier than the south!)GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!




I suggest cruise ships preceded by ICE BREAKERS!!








I send you meditation tapes and music occasionally TO TRY TO CALM YOUR NERVES – as you increasingly realize that we are ALL ON DEATH ROW!!




I also occasionally send you videos of the GROWING cracks. To try to convince you that THEY ARE HAPPENING. – And all over the Earth. And INCREASINGLY SO!!






I think it will be safer BELOW.(Though the inner surface must surely crack,too!!)(It is LUSH down there, NOT unbearably hot!!)(NOT underground!!)








And I think it will be BETTER that you KNOW what is coming. Rather than not be told!




Though I realize FEW INDEED will make it to The North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!(Which is NOT the MARKED pole!)(The TRUE GEOGRAPHICAL NORTH POLE is about 500 miles farther north than the marked one!)(No good you pointing on a globe to the spot farthest north. That AIN’T where The North Pole IS!! And similarly DOWN SOUTH!!






The ACTUAL north pole is about 400 miles up in space!






I been studying these things many years now.






I think I KNOW a BIT about what I am talking about!!




We are being lied to you see. By those in authority!!(A LOT to be said for it, as the masses JUST would not understand!!)




Understandably, they fear mass panic and UTTER MAYHEM, as people would COMPLETE the TOTAL DESTRUCTION that Nature is JUST STARTING to do! And humans SURE KNOW how to DESTROY!!








Yes! These CRACKS are going to get worse, ….AND WORSE….






Until we ALL fall down one!




IF we live that long!




Because SINK HOLES is NOT our only problem!!






I ain’t doing this for nothing you know!!






We DO have a hope, though!


Yes. Those black sun glasses chaps! The ALIENS!!






They are going to rescue the best of us!






And transport us to a planet around another star, far away.(Exciting, eh?!)






So, Scottie, in “sunglasses” is gonna BEAM US UP AND ABOARD – any time SOON!!






Some of us will get heart failure – of course.






Some will be transported to another TIME(as well as space) – UNTIL the surface of The Earth is re-shaped, and The ICE AGE(sic) ends!!(After a THOUSAND years!!)








So don’t be TOO surprised if you find yourself back in 1860, albeit on Earth, so you can SURVIVE!!(Hope you been watching Back to the Future!!)




Oil lamps – and all that!!




But may be better than DEATH, huh??!!










Besides, 1860 wasn’t so bad!! Just no computers AND THINGS!!(Now THAT will depress more than a few people,…)










So THERE YOU HAVE it you guys.








WHAT you do with it – shall be YOUR affair. My job is to TELL YA.








These sink holes will be miles deep.




Not a pleasant prospect – falling DOWN there!!










One man has already gone. Did he JUMP??(Suicide?!) That was in Guatemala city.


Anyway, he got VERY near to the edge. And SUDDENLY whoosh, – and he was gone. Poor chap!!








Was he trying to see how close to the edge he could get – without falling in?








Anyway, THAT is our fate ANY TIME from NOW on!






UNLESS you have an alien friend??….








THIS is why I send you my terrible reports, so long and so frequently!


Videos of such sometimes. And meditation and music tapes TO TRY TO SOOTHE THE NERVES!!








It is almost INCOMPREHENSIBLE – isn’t it!!






We have been so deliriously happy, gliding on, upon our computers, watching our tv’s and so on. THINKING that things will KEEP ON being like that, and better!!…






Sorry chaps, ya got it all wrong!!








We had our genes modified by The Annunaki aliens,WAY back, to make us good gold miners FOR THEM.


Presumably they STILL need more gold. And they are coming for us!






No,chaps. I am NOT mad. I am telling you the RAW SIMPLE truth!!








Now these aliens are a BIT different to us.








So will ya all start taking me seriously!








I been studying these things for YEARS.








And I(a born again Christian) am NOT given to JOKES!!








I am EXTREMELY concerned FOR ALL OF US!!










Other than take our chances BELOW, then we MUST get beamed aboard(Scottie!!)!!!!


Unless we are FORTUNATE enough to DIE before things get unbearable!!










Maybe many will die from heat stroke, or cold-freeze(freeze to death), or die of thirst or starve to death. Whatever you MAY prefer to going back to 1860(or some such) OR going to another planet, far FAR away,…(Gosh, I just hope they got bacon and eggs on board. Better still, ham and eggs!!)






Yes, Global Warming EXISTS. It is CAUSING global COOLING!!








The cause is NOT Fossil Fuel burning by Man!




It is NOT due to CO2, nor even Methane,etc!(Nor water vapour and clouds.)






Nope! It is NOT that old guy down the road with his new compressor! Nothing like that.








The cause is Polar Shift! Begat by centrifuge ex the sun rounding the spiral arm of the stellar cluster it is upon!




But Nibiru Complex and Phaeton will add to the list of woes now JUST STARTING to beset us!!








Along with The Great Dark Rift…










I tell you so you can pray, prepare mentally, ET AL, for WHAT IS IMMINENTLY to come!!


FORGET the ball game – for a bit!






Get ready for NATURE’S ball game!! YUK!!




WE shall be the balls!!(Dropped down SLOTS in the ground!!)








When you SEE those cracks(on videos) you SHOULD start to take me seriously ALL RIGHT!!








They are happening more and more ALL OVER THE EARTH!!




The very EDGES of SINK HOLES to come!!




GIGANTIC things, MANY miles deep. Yawning for YOU. And for me…










So when I watch TV, as I so often do, when I see so many APPARENTLY deliriously happy on adverts and news reports, I get more than a little PEEVED!!




‘Cos THEY are in for SOME shock!! ANY TIME, now!!








Are you beginning to dig??(no,not the ground…)












I don’t do this for FUN!!










Though I do enjoy telling you the news. It is in the DESPERATE hope that you will get a launch pad set up in your back yard,…(So you can get beamed aboard EASIER!!)(Aboard a flying saucer. Yep!!)






Oh, it’s right, ALL RIGHT!!








Get crack concious(NOT the drug!), and watch between your feet,…(Do YOU watch between your feet? Not many do…)










NOW can I have a little attention. Please!




NOT for my ego to bask in adulation. Nothing like that!!






Just so we can ORGANIZE a few VERY serious things,…






The point is I know what to expect. And I know how best to proceed.(Bar with stocking up,etc.)(Down that North Geographical Pole!)(Plus wear my special Faraday-caged FACE MASKS!!)










The bottom line is that there is nothing much we can do.




These cracks won’t be EVERYWHERE, but they WILL BE all over!!






What I mean is that the EDGE of YOUR sink hole, may be many miles away. With US in the middle!! Waiting TO GO DOWN!!






AS OUR LOCAL PLUG goes down its plug hole!!






You follow? Horrible, isn’t it!!








So will ya start studying those old Star Trek Movies!!






To be READY for BEAM ABOARD, OR WHOOSH down sink hole!!




That be QUITE a prospect, – isn’t it!!






No good going underground. Ya’ll be GOING THERE!!






Contact your LOCAL alien!












Yes, you can grow your own. Stock up on food, water, emergency kits, batteries AND SO ON, AND ON…




But you won’t need them on the Saucer.(I DON’T THINK!!) Though do not know if we’ll like THEIR food!






And you won’t need much supply on the way down to the bottom of your sink hole!! Pitch dark WHAM into solid rock!! Or fire.




No good my mincing words. Is it!!


So I put it to you STRAIGHT…










We are IN a Pole Shift. CAUSED, along with increasing disasters, including gw global warming and gc global cooling; BY OUR SUN ROUNDING its STELLAR CLUSTER’S spiral arm!







The authorities are not telling us! But are telling us THE OPPOSITE. All sorts of rubbish!!


To keep CONTROL of us!!






They LIKE controlling us!!






Nibiru and or Phaeton should NAKED EYE appear …soon…








NOW do you understand me a BIT better??!!




If I stop, it will mean I’ve gone, NOT the peril!!






My sink hole is currently about two inches across…






How about YOURS??!!
























Getting the picture a BIT better, now FELLAHS????












Vic.(NO. I am NOT kidding!!)


















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