PP4. The Earth is moaning.

October 11, 2011




Tuesday, 11th October, 2,011.










The Earth is moaning.








There is a sound of moaning, groaning and humming coming from below.


It is the cry of The Earth from stress as it gets heave stretched upwards.






By centrifugal force from the sun going around the spiral arm of the closed stellar cluster of stars it is in. Possibly Nibiru Complex and/or Phaeton as well.


The situation is EXTREMELY serious and grave.


We have anything from between now and about 7 years hence before a terrible and horrible death.


Four horrific things are happening. Been starting up in earnest since September 1st, 2,010. And especially since March 2,011.


1. Growing disasters. 2. Polar Shift. 3. Sink holes. And now 4. Cracks opening up in the ground.


Four people have been killed. A whole family. – When its house got swallowed up. Digging their bodies out of the mud now.


(Moaning and groaning sound from below is due to the stress caused by the heave upwards from the centrifugal force.)




A Queensland beach was SEEN disappearing.


And Quebec had a very serious problem.




Due to subsidence of buildings.






I am studying the videos of these things.




I urge you all to do the same!




Punch in cracks growing in the ground videos on your browsers!




Just about all life forms on planet have had it within next about 7 years. But probably a lot sooner.






Best get down The North Geographical Pole.






And wear my special Faraday Cage protected FACE MASKS. To keep out masses of electrons, two red dusts and hydrogen cyanides.








We NEED to get(aliens will evacuate the best half of humanity)ALL groups(powers that be are trying to cover all this up and are playing it down, giving false explanations,etc.) to ORGANIZE THE EVACUATION OF BEST SPECIMENS of EVERYTHING, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!



















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