PP2 Cracks forming in ground!


Sunday, 9th October, 2,011.










Cracks forming in Earth!




I can explain why!










In at least six countries, lately, the ground has been rising cracking open, preceded by a BOOM.


No earthquake. No volcanic eruption.


What is causing it??


I think I know why!




A decade or two back, I worked out how to get the CORRECT AND exact(two different things!) distances to the heavenly bodies and fields.


By so doing I discovered that our solar system, basically Sol our sun, is one of a group of many stars!(A closed stellar cluster.)(Because I was able to plot, with the aid of a student mathematician, all the astronomical fields: Stars, Stellar Clusters, Galaxies and Radio Sources,etc. Including The Quasars. Thus MAPPING, and in 3d, the ENTIRE universe!!)




So I KNOW that our sun is among many stars in a Closed Stellar Cluster!


This stellar cluster has two spiral arms.(Do not confuse with the GALACTIC spiral arms of The Milky Way!)(Ours is one of many stellar clusters in our galaxy.)


Every 6,500 years, our sun, Sol, along with its solar system retinue, swings AROUND the one of these spiral arms it is upon.


Doing so produces Centrifugal Force, in sun – and ALL objects in our solar system.




Now no other cause is known.




This solar swing around is speeding up PARABOLICALLY, and should peak December 21st, 2,012.


This centrifuge which we are in is heaving the magma up against the tectonic plates – causing our growing disasters!


It MAY also be causing the sink holes.




I submit that it is also producing 1. The Polar Shift and 2. The cracks in The Earth! And possibly the sink holes,too. Along with other curiousities no doubt.


Centrifugal force is a force caused by something doing a circular movement.(Centripedal force produces a much smaller INWARD force, creating a core.)


Our sun, a star, is simply orbitting the original and base point it has on its spiral arm. Which we, and all the other residents of the solar system MUST follow.


Currently(as it does every 6,500 years) it is ALMOST back to where it starts this huge periodic orbit.






In other words this growing C.F.(Centrifugal force)will peak on December 21st; 2,012.A.D.


I think that these tools like Haarp,etc. are IN PART designed to make us think that the fact that the disasters caused by our sun rounding its STELLAR spiral arm is caused by Haarp,etc! They are TRYING to hide from us all the GIGANTIC DISASTER – which is just starting up. It will be spread over several years. A super duper colossal disaster which is actually about FIVE differently caused super duper cataclysms.(Namely Phaeton, Nibiru Complex, The line up with The Great Dark Rift at The Centre of our galaxy, the sun rounding its STELLAR spiral arm, the arrival of The Annunaki aliens, and Earth’d conventional disasters like world wars,etc.Along with economic and financial crises.)




I INSIST that our only way of escape(since we cannot prevent this cluster of MONSTER cataclyms) – is to flee down The North Geographical Pole(Or the south, but north much easier)! In order to enter The Great Within – where those living creatures there get protected from much of what is happening on top.(The Earth, like all heavenly bodies and fields and large objects(bolides) is hollow. And that there are TWO(at each end of Earth) one thousand mile wide tubular entrances leading down, YET NOT UNDER-GROUND!!)(The Earth’s surface is a double reverse helix. That is has a rounded surface which DOUBLES BACK upon itself. So inner and outer surface are BACK TO BACK. Down there is a huge ocean and land, VERY lush, with a temperate climate. ALMOST as much sea and land as the outer surface has!(It is ONE CONTINUOUS surface. Like a doubled back SANDWICH!!)(So that by pushing on over The Geographical Pole(either one), you MUST unknowingly end up(after hundreds of miles) on the INNER SURFACE!!(Which is NOT underground!!))




Note that what we call the magnetic poles are in fact THE RIMS or edges of these over a thousand mile wide tubular entrances. THEY in THEMSELVES do not move, but the observer, where-ever, THINKS that the magnetic poles is a simple point! When it is actually a 3,500 mile long circumference! And thus it appears to be moving, when in fact it is the observer that is moving!(What is moving is the tilt of The Earth!!)(Growing parabolically!!)




The MARKED poles(North and South) are PHONEY! They are NOT at the geographical poles!!(The actual geo poles are about 500 miles PAST the MARKED poles, and are 400 miles up in SPACE!!)(So, because of the tubeway, there is no land to contain iron,etc. Which is WHY the magnetic pole is not where the geographical pole is! NOTHING there but air and space!!)




Many humans and animals and plants “down” there. They are twice the height of surface creatures!!




So go there, but TAKE ARMS!!


Though there is a friendly race of giant humans down there. Along with Neanderthals, pre-historic monsters – including Dinosaurs! And wild natives and dwarfs,etc. Plus a Nazi base. And, MAYBE, a very aged Adolf Hitler!! A huge volcano and ufo base there too.




Though this centrifuge we are in(Like if you are in a car tearing around a sharp corner, – you will find it hard not to continue in the original direction. And so it is with Earth and all other planets,etc.NOW!! EVERYTHING is trying to get flung OUTWARDS!!)






So these cracks opening up in the ground are the physical result of (increasing outwards!) the centrifuge HEAVING the ground upwards! Creating a BOOM as the rock,etc. underground tears apart.(Spin a top or anything, and any fluid within gets HURLED to the sides!)


The Nibiru Complex and Phaeton,etc. are still too far away to be the cause of this HEAVING upwards in everything, and I can think of no other so necessary major cause for the disasters, the polar shift, the cracks in the ground and the sink holes(maybe),etc.




So gentlemen, et al. We are in THE GRIP of a HUGE CENTRIFUGE embracing the entire solar system. It is THIS, I do aver, which is producing the parabolically increasing disasters, polar shift, sink holes,etc. AND now the cracks opening up in the ground.


Our best, and perhaps ONLY hope – is DOWN that North Geographical Pole!!(Though I expect cracks,etc. to appear in the lower(of the sandwich)(The meat in between is of course the double crust of The Earth)surface,too!






Now because our sun does not reach half way around its closing spiral until December 21st, 2,012; AND is increasing speed PARABOLICALLY, we are facing grim disasters over the next(It is now October 9th, 2,011.A.D.) 15 months!!(Parabolically increasing as the sun speeds up approaching its base, AND tightens it curl in as it goes around the spiral arm!)




THIS, not Nibiru,etc. is what is causing our PRESENT increasing big stuff(disasters,etc.). Nibiru,et al. and Phaeton,etc. are STILL, as yet, too far away to be responsible.(But later on they can be expected to hurt Earth,too!!)


So I see THREE months until it gets unbearable(due to Earth inversion speeding up). 3 years and 3 months to Phaeton and The Nibiru Complex. Including those cracks in the ground!! ETC. Due to gravity, magnetic, electric,etc. influences from Nibiru complex and Phaeton,etc.






We NEED(or die terribly and horribly!) to get those with money and means,etc. to ORGANIZE an exodus DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE. Of The best specimens of everything!! Or it will be the END of life here!!




I think going underground or inside mountains, and MAYBE caves will be fatal!! Though it may be even worse out on top – due to debris(boulders,etc.) falling from the sky out of the tail of Phaeton, AND Nibiru,etc. Etc.










I am enclosing some videos, especially on those cracks in the ground, which I urge you to study very carefully!!














You ARE being warned.


Right now. By me.


AND advised what to do.






There are about six or seven DIFFERENT major events occurring RIGHT NOW, simultaneously.


Which is very confusing.










I am TELLING you what is happening AS BEST I CAN.









I am an amateur scientist. Who is USUALLY right in his pronouncements!!



Get near to food and water, but above all SHELTER!! With first aid, and tools and batteries,etc. For computer,et al!(And, above all, PROTECTION against animals AND HUMANS!!)










All the very best to YOU ALL!!








We is gonna NEED it!!






Meanwhile grapple as best you all can with the economic and financial debacle AT HAND!!








The VERY minimum we can expect is permanent loss of satellites,GPS,etc. Electricity and all Electronics, plus all dependent upon these things, and electricity!!(Due to the increasing solar storms at hand!!)As solar sub-cycle 24 proceeds.(Back to oil lamps soon I fear!!)








It is the end POSSIBLY of the entire solar system!!




This IS a once in every 26 MILLION(sic!) years’ event!! With SUCH a CONFLUENCE of gigantic disasters!!





































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